Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lazy Saturdays...

  Even the dogs slept in.  All three of them are in here with me now, sleeping around my feet. This is my Caylee girl, who now has somebody (Bella) to boss around, and is exhausted by it all. She is ecstatic to have a playmate again, since Lucy has been gone she has been just lost.

  Bella is a big galoot. Her paws are already bigger than Caylee's and she is at least as tall. At 4 months old, I suspect she's gonna maybe be around 65-70 pounds eventually. She is acclimating well and loving having Caylee to play with. She is doing better on the housebreaking issue, but not perfect. Part of that, of course, is these two old humans trying to learn to read her. But, it's better already, after being here only a week.

  We went to dinner last night at our favorite Chinese place, and I ordered the wrong thing and didn't like it at all. And the place was packed and the service was not as good as usual, and I was cranky. We had plans that got changed at the last minute, so we just ate and came back home to watch a movie a friend had lent us. Called "Inception" with Leo de Caprio...a movie so action packed and frenetic I could barely keep up with it. When it was finally (over 2 hours!!)  over, I was exhausted. It was good, but so fast paced this old woman could barely keep up. Towards the end, even Bella was sitting up beside the Irishman barking at the television. After it was over and we had even closed up the cabinet, she still barked at it.  LOL

  It's 10 AM already and I haven't even fed the chickens. They always have food out, but mornings I throw scratch and crumbles down for them and we have our little daily get-together. Then I stroll through the gardens with my coffee cup in hand and exclaim over the progress or demise of things. Today I am lazy.

  Our local Sierra Club is having a workshop on Ethical Eating the end of the month. The Irishman is on the committee and so I shall go along. They will have interesting information and then a local vendor exhibit, complete with samples. It will; be at the Jacoby Arts Center, a lovely venue. All about local eating and organics and surely some vegetarianism thrown in for good measure.  Also about feeding the hungry and becoming more active in your own community in this area.

  I still have to finish the booklets I am preparing for my canning workshop and get them off to the CSA for publishing. I have been lazy about that too. I have started them though, and the workshop is not until October. Still...I have procrastinated something ridiculous.

  I need to rearrange my pantries and start getting canned beans and such put away. Rotating last years harvest (what's left of it) and putting this years stuff in the back. Cleaning out anything old enough to go away. Dusting and wiping and straightening. I have 2 big pantries and then a big 3 shelf cabinet in my kitchen as well.

  Okay. Nothing gets done when I am sitting here now, does it ?  So, I am off into my day, having a limited amount of time before I head down to MissB's house for my usual Saturday event. She timidly asked me if I had any fresh real tomatoes yet last I was I shall gift her with one today. Thought I might also take some green beans (cooked) because it's one of the few vegetables she remembers growing herself, back in the day.  Apparently she and the mister used to grow some ferocious gardens back in the day, and she loves to tell me stories of growing up in the country and how her mother grew such magnificent vegetable gardens, and her father raised chickens and pigs and they always had a milk cow.  It was a good life, albeit hard at times. She was born in 1929...

  The heat wave is on its way back here (we had a couple of days of respite) and we haven't seen a drop of rain in almost 2 weeks. Things are looking a little raggedy out there, in spite of our attempts to keep things watered. You almost cannot water enough when the temps are nearly a hundred degrees...leaves are burning up, things are starting to crackel.

  Off I go.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Judi said...

It is always good to have a pal to boss around.

The Ethical Eating and canning workshop sound interesting. Maybe you can share the highlights.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Rita said...

I'm still chuckling at Bella barking at Inception! That was a really good movie but, you're so right, you had to pay really close attention and it moved very fast. I can't imagine trying to stay focused if I was exhausted--LOL!

Caylee has her paws full--speaking of exhaustion. ;)

The Ethical Eating program sounds very interesting. And your having a canning workshop! So good of you to teach others some of those magic kitchen skills. :)

Sorry your Chinese meal wasn't good. I hope you get lots of sleep and feel better tomorrow. And I hope you get a great big smile from MissB when she sees the tomato and green beans! :):)

DJan said...

You needed a break from your usual frenetic pace. Glad to hear your took one, sort of... L0L

the wild magnolia said...

Everyone deserves a lazy day.

It must have been some movie, to have Bella barking.

Ethical eating, wish I were there, to participate.

Sounds like Miss B will have good stories to share. She has seen a lot of changes in the old world.

Thank you, for sharing.

Happy Sunday.