Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Quiet Sunday Morning...

 Yesterday, however...not so much.

 LOL  Yesterday was salsa morning.  I chopped and peeled and seeded my way to over 11 pints of beautiful salsa...2 of them extra hot for my boyo. During the bottling process, I added all the extra jalapeno seeds to his 2 jars.  Bahahahahahaha....every year I make a few jars just for him, and always with the seeds in, but he says (every time) "Good, but not THAT hot."  Well, we'll just see, Mister...  lol 

  I'll be putting my recipe on my other blog, DragonWoman'sKitchen...complete with pictures.

   The Irishman was out back, watering the poor garden when I got up this morning. Yes, boys and girls....he got the outside water hooked up yesterday! Quite ingeniously, I might add, by drilling  a hole through the back wall of the house where my kitchen sink is, putting a special pipe that attaches to the kitchen plumbing through the wall (where almost all of the pipe stays located inside the house--no freezing pipes!) and comes right out the outside wall.  His friend came over to help and then they went

   SO, now I have an outside faucet for doing whatever I need water for out there. Yippee!!  It only took 6 years!!!

   I was reading about a lovely curry dish that Kathleen had posted over at Hill Country Mysteries...and shared about eating goat at a Jamaican place in NC that I loved and in the middle of my salsa endeavors yesterday  the phone rang, and it was someone wanting to give me a bunch of goat meat from her freezer because she had just picked up a half side of beef and needed the room!!! She wondered if I might like it, and I said Hell yes!  So now, I have probably 45 or 50 pounds of ribs and chops in my freezer. Talk about answers from the Universe...after reading and posting on her blog, I sat around thinking about where I might be able to find some goat around these  Ask, and it will be given. I like that. 

  I got home from MissB's last night and the puppy had shredded a newspaper all over the living room floor. I would have boxed her ears, but she looked so pleased with herself, and she and one of the other dogs were sitting on it all like a nest. Sigh...this morning I had to clean up pee again in 2 places..puppies.  Puppies and their charm. Puppies and their mischief.  Puppies and their walnut sized bladders.

  Cooling down just a tiny bit today, only 95 as compared to 100./..still high heat index of around 104, but a 40% chance of thunderstorms today. We can only hope.

  MissB had turned off her AC yesterday and when I got there it was 85 degrees in the house. It couldn't have been off very long, but it was so hot that it couldn't catch back up. When I finally left at 8PM, it was only down to 81. I was exhausted and yucky and drove home with my car's air going full blast. 

  For some reason, my left leg is swollen. Noticed it after I got home last night. I had an ace bandage on my knee yesterday and thought maybe it was from that. I sat with my leg up last night, but this morning it's still swollen. Last night I thought it was just my feet had swollen from the heat until I noticed it was only the left. Then this morning I see that it isn't just the foot, it's my whole leg.  Damn. Guess this will be the thing that finally makes me get to a new doctor...I've been stalling because it's always repairs, property taxes coming due...something. But I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and go. I've neglected myself for too long. I desperately need to get to the chiropractor too. And the dentist. Sigh....

  I have been reading a bit, and seeing the bewilderment and pain of people trying to make sense of the tragedy in Norway.  There are things that have no making sense of. I want to believe that somehow all this seeming madness around us must be part of the evolutionary catalyst that is bring a quantum change to our universal psyches. It is obvious that tragedy has a way of uniting people, and maybe it's as simple as that. Maybe these souls have agreed to make themselves the target of these situations so that the greater good of drawing people together (and in the day of the internet, quicker than ever before possible) can be achieved. In Norway, in Haiti, in New Orleans, in Joplin, in Japan...if the Christ consciousness ( loving and giving up one's life for his brother) exists in everyone of us, then why couldn't that be the "sense" of things like this? In a grand cosmic global playground...we are learning compassion, love and generosity of spirit every time we are touched by these disasters. In the age of the internet, we cannot turn a blind eye to things that happen, even if it's on the other side of the world. We are marked by our reactions to things that happen to our fellows, whether we know them or not. We are touched by the pain of another, whether we like it or not. No longer can we choose to be callous and unaffected by the pain of another human being. Surely-this is an evolutionary leap.

  In the meantime, I have beans to pick and berries to gather and a check to be mailed off to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis. "To do whatever small thing I can...."

  Have a magnificent Sunday, and remember that we are all children of let's ACT like it.



Kristin H. said...

Let's act like it, indeed! I am trying my best to act Christ-like this weekend. The ridiculously hot weather, however, wears on my nerves and makes me short tempered and hard to be around. I'm trying...

the wild magnolia said...

Your life is not boring, rather busy and constant.

Homemade salsa. Yummy!

We are in the puppy housebreaking stage, it is going pretty well.

Happy Sunday to you, stay cool. You have a lot of time outside tending your garden and flowers.

DJan said...

I do hope this is an evolutionary leap and not just the madness and craziness manifesting itself. Do get that leg looked at, now I've got one more thing to worry about! :-)

Rita said...

So glad you have water outside!! Yippee!!

I hope the Irishman's eyes water--LOL!!

That was magical about the goat meat! Don't you just love it when you send something out to the Universe and it comes back to you so quickly?!

Puppy pee and MissB with no AC, not as delightful, of course. But I am worried about your leg. I avoid doctors, myself, but this sounds like a visit is in immediate order. Please let us know.

I see we think a lot alike about life and disasters and why we are here and all that good stuff. I'd volunteer to die if it could help humanity lift themselves up! We need to treasure how precious and beautiful we are. The only way we are going to believe that we are all in this together is when we realize how small the world is. We are learning that. The hard way, but we always seem to learn the hard way. :)

Have an excellent week--and let us know about your leg, please.