Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday night...

This is Ms. Molly McGee... in her favorite spot, on the couch, on the Irishman's lap, getting her tummy rubbed.  And the whole time, he is babbling to her in babytalk and she is loving him with a fierceness that is unmatched by anything I know.  She is a Jack Russell terrorist, and would take down dragons to protect him.  lol

  All the dogs have been in the house most of the hot out there. Tonight though, they were outside raising hell and going completely berserk until I made them come in. Must have been deer passing through the yard and gardens again. Hopefully the racket from the dogs kept them moving right along.

I made a simple chicken cacciatore tonight for supper...some chicken that needed cooking from the freezer and lots of tomatoes, summer squash and onions. It was seasoned with just a little oregano and salt and pepper and filled the bill over rice for supper. Especially since the rice was already cooked. lol

I have not felt quite right all day, and tonight doesn't seem much better. A little nauseous, a little poopy and a whole lot tired. I did manage to get to MissB's today, and as a result, I will be going in 3 hours early tomorrow. No rest for the wicked, I guess. (In all honesty, I offered to do I can't complain too much). A last minute "situation".  I don't really feel sick, just a little off.

Didn't accomplish much of anything today, except the cacciatore. And straightened the house a little and picked up dog hair. And of course, did dishes. And then did them again after I got home. And now, for a few hours, my sink is shiny and my dishes are done. Once he gets up for work in the morning and I get up later, there will be dishes again. Some days I feel like the maid. Especially when I'm a little "off".  lol

I ordered some Crocs online this morning...2 pair. One pair of sandals to replace the Columbia sandals the dog ate and one pair of winter time polar fleece lined ones that were on sale. 2 pairs of shoes and shipping for about 45 dollars. Not bad. The pair of slide on sandals that I bought at Payless shoes are already coming apart, a big tear across the footpad in the leather or whatever it is. They're still wearable, but it bugs me, 'cause I can feel it on the bottom of my foot.  I seem to be doing more and more online shopping these days. I have a set of wool dryer balls in transit, even as we speak. I'm pretty excited about them...20 bucks and the set should last for about a year. Anyone who doesn't know what they are...they are an eco-groovy fabric softener for your dryer. I'll come back and post a link to them in a bit...I think it's called Stoney Mountain Farms, in North Carolina.

  Anyways, you should know something about me. I am NOT a shopper. I prefer to buy anything I need secondhand if at all possible, and Goodwill and Salvation Army and mom and pop thrift stores are my favorites.  My entire house  (almost) is furnished in Early American Garage Sale. I have a few pieces that were bought new, but only on great SALE and as a last resort. But I have to tell you,. online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread.

Alrighty then, I need to get some rest, so I'd better be finishing up here and getting on to bed. Morning comes mighty early around these parts and I am tired.



DJan said...

I'm not much of a shopper, either. I bought a bathing suit on line a few months ago and it fit perfectly. But usually I have to try on shoes and other clothes before buying them.

I was a little "off" last week, too, but feeling fine today. Hope you feel better soon!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Ms Molly M has a blessed life! :) Isn't it amazing what cute sweet (terrorists) like her can do to grown men?

Rita said...

Ms Molly McGee looks sooooo happy! The devotion is obvious. ;)

Sorry you've been feeling off. You still got a lot done!

Online shopping is fantastic! I was already an online shopper before I was housebound. I could find art and craft supplies, books, etc, that I couldn't find in town. Now I'd be lost without it. :)

Please let us know what you think of the wool dryer balls and how they work. I am really intrigued by them. My DIL and I use the plastic dryer balls, but these sound even more environmentally friendly--and quieter. But I'm wondering how well they hold together.

I hope you got some rest and feel better today. :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You and I both are becoming sisters I think, I love to look at things, antiques, fun Goodwill stores, used stores, and stores that are fun to peruse, like book stores, but I mostly dig just buying things used or gently used. So I get this...and I love the Lula is the same way, fierce as all get out, but loves to be loved.

the wild magnolia said...

Rest a bit.

Anonymous said...

Angel Wings adopts exactly the same position and even if she is standing on my knees she will lift one leg up to give me better access to scratch her tummy!!!!!!! They all have a lot of personality and can be hilarious at times!!!!!!!

Wendy xx