Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wicked Good Wednesday

Blazer and Merlin...taking a break.

Had an interesting day today and will keep this short and sweet. Kittens had the devil in them, puppies were racing around in high gear most of the day, and I had a frustrating moment or two. But the good news is this:

*Never once thought about drinking
*Felt especially blessed several times throughout the day
*Made a doctors appointment about my knee
*Got to chat with several sober drunks
*Got to help with a 4th step
*Ate some more Good&Plentys :)
*Got to read for awhile this afternoon with my leg propped up on 2 pillows
*Got to be used by God to reunite a mother and her youngest son...even if only for a couple of days

Life is good.



Prayer Girl said...

How in the world can you keep all those cats and kitties straight? I guess you can. I remember when I was there, every time I looked a different direction, there was another feline. :)

Knees can be such a problem. I've had my share of knee pain in the past. Hope you find some relief.

Prayer Girl

Carol said...

Very nice.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a great and yet busy day for you with dogs, cats and kind...I hope that your knee is feeling better and that you are enjoying some summer weather.

Steve E. said...

That knee still bothering? How many years now?

I could have done some major surgery while we were there. Your hubby could have lent us his best fish knife. Well second-best?

Hope you get some relief soon, one way or the other.