Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Tuesday in June

Today is my baby brothers birthday. He's old now. LOL

This is the kid that was always my favorite. I was 9, I guess, when he was born. I was the little mama that crried him around and fed him and bathed him and changed his poopy diapers. I cried when he got his first haircut. I taught him how to ride a bicycle and how to fish and how to play hopscotch. He will always be my favorite and there's nothing that can be done about it. lol (I feel safe enough saying this here since none of my family reads my blogs. lol)

It's storming to beat the band here , since late afternoon. I'll probably lose my signal at some point's been iffy and I've had the old 'puter unplugged most of the day. It was 87 degrees and humid and hot as H-E-Double Hockeysticks this afternoon. Suddenly it clouded up and started raining and then temperature dropped to about 70 and it started hailing...that only lasted for a minute, but man, was it pouring !

Had a scarey experience with my car today. Took it for an oil change and apparently they overfilled it somehow and after I had driven less than a mile from the place it started bogging down and losing power and white smoke was billowing out the back of it! I thought my engine was blowing up! I pulled over on the side of the road and called the Speed Lube guys and told them and they said--Stay put. Don't turn the engine off. We'll be right there.

They showed up topute suite! Looked at it and said-Did the oil light come on? No. Did it overheat? No. They follwed me back to the shop and put it on the thingy and finally let some oil out of it. Looked at my owners manual. Explained to me that they'ree not sure how this happened, but too much oil causes a sensor to initiate a major power reduction. The smoke must have been the oil leaking out frojm overflow and hitting the hot crankcase (or something like that). They then drove my little red car down the road and made sure it was okay. It was. They promptly apologized and refunded my money and even put a free bottle of fuel injector cleaner in, in case this had fouled the plugs or injectors.

Now THAT is customer service.

And that is why I keep going to same place to have my oil changed for 4 years now.

Well, it's thundering again and starting to lightning so I guess

Wednesday morning.

LOL The power went out and I'm grateful for the saving mode on these blog sites! lol

It made for an evening of reading an Iris Johansson novel by lamplight. It's all good.

Blessed to be able to post and use the computer again this morning.



Ginnie said...

Hi: It was so nice to get your comment on my blog. I love it when someone new appears! I can tell that we are both good friends of Bill W. Isn't that a blessing? I will visit you often.

Andrew said...

Little red car?? My, we do have some catching up to do. See you in 8 days!!

Love to you always.

Zanejabbers said...

Hi, Rosalie is 9 years my senior and she is my favorite sister. I loved the special hook on spelling hell.