Monday, June 22, 2009

Middlin' Monday

It was one of THOSE days around the old homestead. Up at 5 to whisk that darling boy off to work so I could keep the car. I needed to get some groceries, veggies mainly, for juicing. And critter chow. I got home and did a few little things outside while it was still cool enough to breathe. (It was already 80 degrees by 8 AM !!!) You could feel the humidity rising. Then I hustled myself indoors and started on some things like my grocery list, the laundry, the catboxes, the food bowls 2 for dogs, water and food...and 2 for cats water and food... and read some emails and the like while I waited for it to be late enough for the store to open. Then I was off to Edwardsville, where the fun places like Aldi's and Home Depot and Culvers are found. Because I was out of juice for my normal breakfast (hence having to get the veggies), I just had coffee. BY the time I was out of the grocery store, I was starving and feeling a little goofy, so I decided a nice Culver's Butterburger was just the ticket. There just happened to be one right by the Home Depot. (Are you following my logic here??...sheesh....) I have been doing rather well at cleaning up this toxic waste dump of a life of mine, and so I'm going to have a freaking BUTTERBURGER for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, was it ever good. We don't eat red meat at home anymore, but do occasionally have a burger or a nice steak out...rarely more than once every couple of months though. I polished that baby off (in my defense I did get the small regular burger...) and felt so good I went to Home Depot and bought some gorgeous coneflowers , 2 pink ones and 2 white ones. I'm trying to decide the best place to plant them...have some ideas and I'll photograph them tomorrow so y'all can have a look see...

Anyway, then I came home and finished the laundry, made about 7 quarts of juice, cleaned up all that mess and started supper. Before I could click my heels 3 times, it was time to get that darling boy from work. We had a lovely supper of apple glazed pork (ribs) . It's a great recipe I got from a low carb cookbook, and I jazz it up some and it's to die for. Add a little corn on the cob and some greens and VOILA! it's a meal.

Tonight we went through a box of old cassettes that has been in the garage forever (every garage we've had!) lol There are lots of speaker tapes and the Big Book on tape, as well as lots of music, some wonderful (Uncle Bonsai. Romanovsky and Phillips.) Some classic (Ray Charles, Tina Turner) Some awesome (Natalie Merchant. Indigo Girls). We played some of the more fun stuff (Uncle Bonsai). If you have never heard them, you need to find them and listen...they're freaking hysterical and wayyyy talented.

Now, everyone's asleep and the dishes are done and the lunch is made and the catboxes are cleaned[again] and the critters are watered and fed. The kittens have been hell on wheels all day today, so it's a nice change for them to be sleeping, so cute and innocent.

All's well in the world...I have a box of Good&Plenty to keep me company through the long night. (Black Licorice is my downfall...I love this stuff. I especially like the kookaburra soft black licorice and I can't find it anywhere anymore. Good&Plenty is the second best. Don't try to tell me anything about red licorice--Pfffftttt! ) LOL

A good productive day. Wearing a brace on my knee and cannot decide if it's helping or not. The pain is getting bad, and I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and make a doctors appointment. Fell down the stairs 10 years ago and had an arthroscopy to repair the torn miniscus. They said it would be good for 10 years...and here we are. Sigh...I'm just getting the colonoscopy paid off!! :~0

Alrighty then...back to my emails and readings. My whole day was a study in gratitude....'Nuff said!



Steve E. said...

By gosh, Annie, you write JUST like you talk, just like you ARE!

Don't we ALL?


Andrew said...

Butterburger? Good&Plenty? Never heard of them in Canada. Now double salted licorice, that's the ticket!

And I haven't heard Uncle Bonsai in ages. Must look them up tonight.

Have an easy does it day.

Prayer Girl said...

Oh how great it is to be able to visualize everything you write about. I see you in your kitchen, out in the garden, the kittens, dogs, all of it. That is the beauty of meeting a blogger face-to-face.

My son is crazy about Good-n-Plenty. I always give him some for Christmas and birthdays.

Love you and I don't know what a Butterburger is, but it sure does sound wonderful.


Zanejabbers said...

What the hell is a BUTTERBURGER. Hope it is not BUTTER and Buns. Oh Licorice. I love SWITZER licorice bars, but can only find the damned vines. Not even close. Always enjoy your post.