Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heavens!!!! It's Tuesday!

LOL...I feel like a cartoon character in a time warp!

I have decided to start writing this blog earlier in the day from now on. I have been so tired I keep falling asleep in front of the computer and not blogging here!!!

We had our family reunion over the weekend. We hold it every year down at Rend Lake, which is a very nice Army Corp of Engineers creation about 2 hours south of us. My immediate branch of the family goes down on Thursday late or Friday and camps every year for the weekend. Most of our family (my dads side) all live down that way, so they all come on Sunday for a big potluck/reunion at noon. Some of them will filter in and out throughout the weekend and sit around campfires and go fishing and stuff. It's always a delightful time, no matter what. All the years I lived away from here, I really missed it. I made it once or twice, but rarely. The funny part is, I was the one who started it all up again, having everyone out to my house at the farm. It always was my grandma who pulled these things together, and when she died (I was 12) it all stopped happening. So, when I was about 19, I had the brilliant idea that we should all get back in the habit of getting together once a year at least. I got the ball rolling, and then I moved to California. lol

When I was a small kid, everyone would converge on my grandmother at least a couple of Sundays a month. She was always tickled to death (I think) to have all the grandkids there...about 17 or so of us at the time. The adults would sit around on the porch-men in their shirtsleeves, women in summer dresses-smoking cigarrettes and drinking iced tea, while the kids ran and played with cousins and wreaked holy havoc. Hiding under the giant gooseberry bushes behind the house, locking the younger ones in the old outhouse. Just having fun. And grandma would cook and cook and cook. Of course, all the daughter-in-laws would be in there helping her, while her own daughters would sit around laughing and smoking. (Some things never change). lol Fried chicken and rabbit and squirrel, and biscuits (with sweet butter) and gigantic bowls of mashed potatoes and the requisite gravy, and green beans. Cole slaw and corn on the cob that she would make the kids pick from her garden and husk out by the fence. Cherry and peach and strawberry rhubarb pies. When everything was almost ready, the men would set up sawhorses with a couple of old doors on them. She would cover them with tablecloths and everyone would carry out all the chairs in the house. And we'd have the feast of a lifetime. She was the best cook I have ever met...or at least it seemed like it to this gangly little kid who could eat more than 3 firemen. lol Everything tasted better at Grandmas House.

So anyway, the reunion was a bit smaller this year. We lost 2 relatives the past year, and there was a wedding in that same family, so most of them didn't make it. Next year though, there will be at least one new addition to the family, and is the poor girl can take the pressure, she'll become part of the madness in no time. lol But it was a good time, and my brother from Georgia was there with his new motorhome and wife and her mother and youngest son. His 3 boys from his first marriage were also there, one with his wife and 3 kids. His new wife is an old southern cook from way back, and runs a restraunt, and she put on a feast Saturday night that almost killed me. A low country boil (which, of course most of my family had never heard of) and must have fried about 30 pounds of fish and hushpuppies as well. It was all spectacular.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful crazy dysfunctional family. They are always there if anyone needs anything. They are funny and loving and I am just so blessed that they are mine. Haven't always thought so...sometimes they were annoying [to me] and sometimes they were too crazy [for me] and sometimes I just flat didn't want to be bothered with them. I am not particularly proud of myself, but that's what being a drunk does to me. Since I got sober (19 years ago this coming Friday), I have made my amends and am living amends and am loving them all with everything I've got. And today, I am one lucky duck.

I have lawns to mow today, because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. The grass is getting high. One of my sponsees and her SO are coming tomorrow afternoon to help me with some stuff...he offered to mow, but I just looked at the weather report. So instead I have plenty of other things I can find for him to do. They are so funny and he is an absolute doll. (With carpentry skills!--How good is God? lol My husband is his sponsor!)

She is going to court this morning, clearing up wreckage. I'm saying a little prayer for her and hoping that all turns out exactly the way it is supposed to. I went to their house yesterday and we talked about it a long time. I reminded her that, one way or another, after today this won't be hanging over her head anymore. It will be taken care of,. and she can get on with her life.

Hoping for a call immediately afterwards. I'll be glad it's done too. :)

Here I go...looking at the world through my blessings colored glasses. Hope your day is touched by grace and guided by goodness.



Andrew said...

If I remember right, your natal birthday is close to your sobriety anniversary, is it not?

Akannie said...

Nope. It's January 6th. But Patrick and I did get married on my AA anniversary. (So I could remember the date--shush! Don't tell him!) lol

Tick Tock...tick tock...

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Thanks for the reminder of my own grandmother's baked chicken on Sundays!

Zanejabbers said...

I've never had a family reunion. My family has too many splits to be uniting. It's very sad, I's cost us all. You are blessed indeed.

Prayer Girl said...

Tick tock....Tick tock. This clock is counting its way down to a lot of celebrating.

Hubby and I married smack dab between his birthday on the 25th and mine on the 29th (of May) so no way we can ever forget. I think it's a very smart move. Saves a lot of grief...no one forgets.

See ya,
Prayer Girl

Ginnie said...

Congratulations on 19 sober years. We have something in common (besides the big family!) I will pick up a 20 year chip on the 29th of this month. Isn't life great when we can see what's going on???