Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Sultry Saturday....


Aha....It's a sultry and hot Saturday...this weather tries to let up some, but can't quite manage. Tonight there is sheet lightning in the distance, but the chance of rain is only about 30%. Not enough...and I suppose I'll have to be out in the early morning, carrying a bucket and watering my incredibly thirsty flowers. Checked on the garden this evening...most of the bigger veggies are doing well, but some of the smaller ones are feeling the dry...

Thought I'd write in blue. Just because I can. lol The dishes are done and the animals are fed and the doggies are outside for their final rush before bedtime. I think I'd maybe like a larger font though. Not that any of this really matters in the Great Cosmic Scheme of Things. The miracle is that I'm writing at all.

I have been incredibly busy the past few days. And I am exhausted and trying to catch up on my rest, futile an act though it is. I heard 2-- 4th and 5th Steps in 2 days. That was emotionally exhausting for me, for some reason. I had a young woman and her 13 year old son here for 2 days. I have had planting to do and holes to dig. And it has been outrageously hot here, with threatening heat indexes. And then there is, of course, the housekeeping and the animals and the rest of my lovely tangled life as well.

I remain, naturally, especially blessed to have a full and frantic life...complete with lots of people and animals and stuff to do all the time. I am suffering with this knee...I have full empathy for dear Una...until you've had this problem, you have no idea just how painful it is. I am limping terribly and in constant pain now. It hurts to sit and drive and get up out of a chair. I'm trying to keep the swelling down by keeping it elevated as much as I can. I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday to get a referral to a guy who can fix it.

My beloved is helping me as much as he can. Today we went to a matinee to see a new Sandra Bullock movie...sweet and funny. Then we came home and had breakfast for supper, since neither of us really very hungry, we just had eggs and toast. Beautiful orange large yolked brown eggs from my chickens and a wonderful 8 grain bread, toasted to perfection.

Everywhere I look, I see the elegant blessings of a sober life. Filled to the brim with love and laughter and service and joy. A life I could never have imagined for myself. A life that is the gift of taking some simple steps and staying away from the drink, one day at a time.

"holy is the place I stand
to give whatever small good I can
and the empty page and the open book
redemption everywhere I look
unknowingly we slow our pace
in the shade of unexpected grace
and with grateful smiles and sad lament
as holy as a day is spent.
and morning light sings providence
as holy as a day is spent."
(--Carrie Newcomer)



Andrew said...

Good to see that life goes on in corntown. I've been working a lot and taking care of business myself.

Has the county started water line installation yet?

Love to you

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Beautiful!!! The word sultry is a wonderful word to roll over the tongue and the gorgeous squash photo just makes the whole thing even more beautiful. Thanks for the awesome update and the encouragement that even with pain, right movement continues to bring blessings.

I pray for healing for your pain and for continued prosperity in your life!

Prayer Girl said...

As for me, I love the blue print on white background - very easy for these older eyes to read.

I too pray that the pain in your knee will soon be history. (I'm praying on your knee right now.)

I can actually smell and taste those eggs and 8 grain bread. Yum!

Prayer Girl

Steve E. said...

Annie, we miss you, Babe! And your Peeps at the meetings.

Ha! Andrew call it "Corntown"...and what else? Corntown, with a bunch of kitty cats, dogs, and fish in the lake, and birds, and...and, almost time for bed.