Monday, June 1, 2009

MOnday MOnday

Ai yi yi...I am constantly amazed at the way the time passes so differently in the winter and the summer. Cold seems to slow the clock to a crawl. Sun speeds it up. lol

It was a wicked busy weekend. Saturday we worked in the yard and recuperated from Friday. Sunday we went to dinner at a friends house, with 4 other friends in attendance as well. It was delightful. Just no other word for it. Arrived there at 2PM and didn't leave until 8:30. By the time we got home we were shot. lol

This morning himself was off to work and I was up early to get a head start on the mowing. The temperatures hit a whopping 92 today. I finished the front and side yards by 11, and it was already about 89 by then. Took a bit of a break, didn't feel too bad, so I started in on some yucky chores that needed doing. Cleaned out the chicken coop and scrubbed the floors down with a bleach and water solution. That's a chore all by itself. I cleaned all the serving dishes (waterer, feed trough) and sat them out in the sun to dry while I finished the coop. WITH MY LEATHER GLOVES ON, I put fresh straw in and had it all sparkly. (Did not, BTW, see another snake). lol

Then I filled all the bird feeders, hunmmingbird feeders too, as I had made fresh sugar water for them this morning. The feeders were completely empty, so they came in the house, got washed up and refilled.

I walked out to the road to fetch the garbage can, and it was reeking to high heaven, so I put some soapy water in it and scrubbed away. It took a bit, but it was finally clean and odor free, so I sat it out in the sun to sanitize as well.

I started mulching the gardens with straw, especially the squash and pumpkins and tomatoes. Got started on the potatoes, but suddenly got a little dizzy, and realized I was seriously overheated. I'd made sure to drink planty of water today, but made my way inside the house and took the rest of the day off. lol

BBQ'd some pork steaks for dinner outside on the grill, served 'em up with leftover potato salad that I took to dinner Sunday and made a nice little salad of onions and cucumbers with vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper on them.

This day is over and I am tired. Getting off to bed and some sleep before taking hubby to work in the morning at 6. It was a good productive day, and I am feeling especially blessed to be able to do what I can do today.

Also got a call from a long lost sponsee this afternoon, and it was so good to hear from her. The pain finally got bad enough for her, and she called and we're going to a meeting Wednesday night. God is good.



Steve E. said...

You farm folk sure know how to fill up a day. What a busy time, and you mowed, scrubbed, and on and on.

Even though it's good feeling to get the jobs done...if you die from overheating, etc., it will ALL be done. We'd have to have a wake for you next week. I'd play something sad like "Send In The Clowns". Our new car (BLACK) would fit right in.

It must be bed time, I'm getting morbid. But don't let anything happen to you kiddo, ya heah?

Carol said...

This is the kind of stuff that is making up my day off. Slowing down for the good ordinary stuff. Now I better get back to it!

Prayer Girl said...

OMG, If I had done even a quarter of what you did, I think I would have dropped. No wonder you feel so productive.

God bless,

Zanejabbers said...

Hi there Akannie. I'm posting again. Thanks for your checking on me. You're a sweetheart.