Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sundays Summer Solstice

Just home from the summer solstice celebration out at the La Vista Ecological Institute. It was lovely, as usual. There were incredible desserts brought by everyone as part of a potluck..and one of the most gorgeous Trifles I have ever seen. Me??-I brought a watermelon. lol

We spent most of the morning, early afternoon working in the yard. Mowing (finally dry enough and cool enough)...well, sort of cool enough. The temps were about 89 with a heat index of ONLY 97.... It had to be done, as the grass was up to middle of my leg. I mowed the front and part of the side, and my wonderful husband mowed the back and the other half of the side. We make a great team. I pulled weeds from flowerbeds too and he worked on the picnic table he's building me. Then we cleaned up and set out to have dinner at the Dead Lobster *grin, where we dined on broiled fish and shrimpies and scallops. AND those wonderful cheese biscuits. man, I love those things!! Then it was off to gas up the car across the river, where gas prices are always at least 20 cents a gallon cheaper than they are over here. Then we went up to the Oblate for the solstice celebration. It was a grand time altogether.

It's nice and cool here in the house with the air humid and muggy outside tonight. I have to get up early and take himself to work so I can keep the car in the morning. I'm winding down, thankfully, and should be fast asleep in just a few minutes.

My gratitude list for tonight is short and sweet:

* My husband, who loves me always, no matter what
* My friends who tolerate more than anyone should have to from me
* My Creator, who continually puts the most amazing people in my path
* My gardens, my home, my pets and my sober world
* My blogs, that give me joy and an eye to the outside world



Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Your post helped my serenity quotient for the day. I love your gratitude list.

Carol said...

I feel hopeful when I read a nice post about marraige. Sometime, I hope to have that, I miss grown up accompaniment in chores and celebrations. In God's time, if at all!