Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday tired....

This picture was taken in May of last year. It about what my yard looks like NOW, except that the cherry and apple trees there are full of flowers.


  I mowed the front and side yards today. I didn't do much of anything else, because it almost killed me.  lol 

It was a beautiful day, in the low 80's, and sunny and clear. My husband took a day off work and spent the whole day working in the gardens, turning the manure under, spading it deep into the beds, which look gorgeous this year. We did have to tend to a chicken that is acting ill, and hopefully she'll live through the night and I can get some electrolytes and stuff in her tomorrow morning. She hasn't been laying, I don't think, and seems to have a poopy butt, so we cleaned it all up and she was amazingly docile through it all. The Irishman said he had to pick her up and lift her into the coop tonight when he went to shut them up.  Doesn't sound good...

Ah, all in all though, it was a good day. And we had a huge breakfast and then didn't want much lunch and then were starving by supper.  I convinced himself that we should clean up and go to Mr. Curry's, a local Indian restaurant in Edwardsville that we like. He immediately brightened up and declared it a great idea, and off we went.  I really did NOT feel like cooking anything tonight.  lol  I had a Paneer Tikki Masala that was extraordinary and he had prawns tikki masala.  I absolutely love that sauce, all cream-and-tomatoey...


  We're both sore and tired and he's in bed and I'm heading that way. It's always hard when you do the first hard days work in the spring, after having been on hiatus all winter. lol   I'm hurting in the places where I used to play...as Leonard Cohen so aptly put it. I just took some Alka Seltzer nighttime cold medicine, because I have this naggy little cough that's been bugging me all day, plus--it's loaded with stuff to make your poor stiff tired muscles feel better.  I could really use some of that.  I have a massage appointment tomorrow afternoon at 1...so that will help a lot. Thank Goodness!!


I'm having a political conniption over all this Ultrasound crap and started to write about it and changed my mind. Maybe tomorrow. I don't want to go to sleep with THAT on my mind. Not to mention  that young boy in Florida that was killed. Not to mention ALL OF IT !!!!  The world goes crazier by the minute and I feel like [sometimes] nobody is paying attention ! 

It'll be better in the morning, after a good nights sleep.  It always is. 


  I made banana/black walnut muffins for breakfast this morning. Along with potatoes cooked in big wedges with lots of onions and stuff and fresh eggs. It was a feast, by any standards. Then I heated up the lovely French Onion soup I made the other day for our lunch, along with a little leftover salad that was hanging around the refrigerator, for our lunch at about 2 o'clock. Somewhere in between there, my son showed up to do a little fishing. He caught 4 or 5 beautiful crappie and said he could have caught more if he stayed. I took a break from the mowing to sit in the rocking chairs and chat with him--good timing on his part, as I was so ready for a break. He offered to finish the mowing for me, but I told him no, that I really need the exercise. He said--you're limping pretty bad, mom.  After I was finished, I iced 'er down for an hour...

  It hurts pretty bad.


  Looks like Miss Roxie is wanting something and I guess it's time for me to head towards the bedroom. 6 AM shows up mighty early around these parts, lol. 

I hope you all have a grand Wednesday and  it looks like they've changed the forecast for tomorrow. It was supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, but that sky is clear as a bell, and they've changed the rain forecast for tomorrow too.




DJan said...

I do hope you got a good night's sleep, Annie, and am not coming down with something. Good call after all that hard work to go out and have dinner cooked by somebody else. I always enjoy visiting your house, hearing about your days.

Beth said...

Big thunderstorm here last night but it is sunny and 57 right now. I hope you had a good night's sleep. I am still struggling getting used to the c-pap machine which I would like to unplug and smash against the wall.


Annette said...

The world is a crazy place and it makes me want to keep all of those I love close by. But I have to trust that something bigger than me has it all under control. I hope you feel better today. There is something satisfying about those kind of sore muscles. Unless you really injured yourself!

CiCi said...

I know there is plenty of manure here in this town and the surrounding farms but I will be darned if I know how to get it over here to add to my flower beds. So I turned over the soil, leaving the leaves and stuff in it and hoping for the best.

I have to know how the chicken is.