Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm a new mommie...

6 little babies...sextuplets!!  Sort of.  lol

  The black one is Petunia, the 2 brown ones are Cherry and Eggers, the 3 Buff Orpingtons are Bubbles, Sweet Potato, and  Chinky.  Welcome home, babies !!!!!!


 As you can see, the direct result of this incredible spring weather we're having is that I have lost my mind. lol  I got a call from the Irishman and he says "I probably shouldn't tell you this...."  He was on break and they had a flyer there in the breakroom  that said that the Farm Home Store in Jerseyville would have the first of their chicks on sale today, which is Tuesday, which is a Senior/Military discount day.  How could I not go ?????  He did set a limit on how many I could get (hah!)  I wanted to get 10 and he said that was too many. So, we compromised and I got 6.  Which will, eventually, give me 9 laying hens.  Yippee!!!I have to pay more to get sexed chicks, but I didn't want to run the risk of getting stuck with several roosters (cockerels, the baby boys are called), so it makes it worth it to me. They're a dollar more each... but I got a 20% discount off everything I bought today, so...I bought 3 blueberry bushes too. And baby feeder and waterer. And chick feed- a small bag of all natural.

  I win!   


  OMG, it's gorgeous out there. 81 again today. I'm going to go out and clean up the back deck and put a tablecloth on the table so we can eat our supper outside tonight.  It's going to be some kind of a salad supper tonight...mixed greens and hard boiled eggs and steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots,  green onions from the garden (YES!!) and gorgonzola and whatever else I dig up. Pickled beets for sure, maybe some pickled okra/green beans...I think I have some of both already open in the fridge. With toasted bagels and cream cheese on the side. Then it will finish up those bagels and I can make new ones tomorrow.  yippee!!!

  Well, I did the back deck and sat on the front porch in the rocking chair and ate an apple while looking through the Storey Book of Chickens, as I like to call it.  Just for a little chick-refresher. lol  Having some water now and then I'll get to finding the tablecloth for back there and put some chairs out.  SPRING !!!!!  I have a new tablecloth I got at a yard sale that has roosters on it. Think I'll put it out.

  It's a nice ride across farm country to get to the town where I bought the chicks...maybe 25 miles each way(?).  I drove slow, there was no traffic to speak of, and we had the windows open so Roxie could ride with her ears flapping.   All in all, it's been a nice day, though I wish the housecleaning fairy could have found her way here. (A girl can only get so much done...esp when she accidentally sleeps until almost 9 AM...lol).  That would have been nice.  I did get a place made in the spare room for the chick pen once the Irishman gets it out and into the house. For some crazy reason, he buried it in the shed behind so much stuff I couldn't get it out if I tried. It's a good sized pen, and they'll stay in it until they're big enough and it's consistently warm enough to introduce them to the big chickens.  It's about 4'Lx3'Hx3'W...nice and roomy, enough to accommodate them until they're grown.

  For now, they're in a dog carrier in the little bathroom, hooked up with a heat lamp and food and water. Roxie is living with her nose stuck under that door, dying to get in there and see what's going on. Silly dog. Of course, just to torture her, they are singing their little hearts out.

  Enough for this sunny afternoon. I'm agonna get some eggs boiled and some vegetables steamed and maybe straighten the living room just a tad. Himself will be home about 6, which means I have an hour and a half to pull it off. 

  Whaddaya think?  Can I do it ???   lol



Beth said...

I have faith that you can pull it together Annie!!

The chicks are cute. You are really becoming a farmer.

DJan said...

81 degrees? We aren't even going to make 40 today. I'm so jealous... Roxie must be going mad with curiosity about those little peepers. And I don't have any doubt you will have it all together in time, and in style! :-)

Teresa Evangeline said...

I absolutely Love this post! You sound so happy! Lost your mind or not. :) Baby chicks, Oh, I always helped my daddy bring them home from the feed store in the spring. I love even the sound they make, perpetual peeping.

My God, woman, you spoil that man. I bet he knows how good he's got it, too. :)

Now, I'm even more excited about spring. Thank You!

Annette said...

Beautiful weather it sounds like. I love having chickens. Nothing like those fresh eggs. Your life is filled to brim with blessings today!

the wild magnolia said...

can you do it? yes, you can.

baby peeps, i love them. spring has you by the hand.

peeps in this house, their little cheeps, are so sweet.

thanks for sharing the food, fun, and peeps.

happy week.

Rita said...

They are soooo cute!! I have this picture of them chirping and Roxie with her nose to the door crack on the floor--LOL!
Wow! 81 degrees! We hit 61 and that's kind of like 81 in our neck of the woods for this time of year--ROFL!
I love that you sound so happy. Heck! The dust and dog hair will always wait patiently for you as you glide along the highway, dog ears flapping in the breeze, on your way to pick out babies. :):)

fullfreezer said...

Ooo, baby chicks. Too cute. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Enjoy the weather!

Akannie said...

LOL...Beth-I faked it, and no one knew the difference! Had a wonderful supper outside on the back deck and spent an hour out there, just talking and eating.
Djan- Crazy, isn't it? BTW--we watched a show about a forager that we watch a lot, and she was up in Skagit Valley hunting chantrelles. Made me think of you!!

Teresa--Glad to see you..and glad to be so excited about spring too. He spoils me too...it's a mutual admiration society. lol The more of this monkey mind I lose, the happier I am. LOL

Thanks Annette--I love them too...

Spring always has me by the heart! Wild Magnolia, happy week to you too !

Rita--so true! It always waits for me....and I don't care.lol

Hope your weather is good up there too, Judy. Don't you just love the fuzz of the baby chicks?

Night, all!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

YAY BABY CHICKS (I know that's redundant but I still love the two words together)!!!

you can do it!

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, how I love baby chicks! So full of promise, so full of life, lots of peeps, and so happy and Springy! I loved this post. Made me feel full of life and ready to tackle the world again. Well, ready to tackle dinner and starting a fire in the wood stove! Thanks for your great outlook on life.