Monday, March 19, 2012

Long time, no post...

  Seems like, anyway.  lol  This was Sunday morning's breakfast..Homemade granola with vanilla soy yogurt and some raw cashews on top. Apple slices with peanut butter to dip them in. I love apples and peanut butter....and the granola, even though I over-browned it, tastes really good. Probably just knowing that it's full of flax seeds and wheat germ and sunflower kernels...I'll be more careful with the next batch.

  Part of it is my old gas oven. I have figured out that the thermostat is somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 degrees off, and so I usually set it accordingly. I can't really make myself pay a service call for some man to come out here and adjust it...I just cannot.  lol  So, from time to time, I forget to set it appropriately or can't set it appropriately (for instance : when you are trying to toast granola at 250, and at 200 the damn thing practically turns itself off.)  But still and is NOT (thank goodness) an exact science, and so I manage.  lol

  The other thing that happens, is that more and more, there is so MUCH of me that when I am doing anything on the stove, my midsection is up against the front of the appliance, right where some idiot put all the knobs. (This is NOT a child-proof stove).  So it gets nudged and if I don't look at it, it might suddenly be about a hundred degrees hotter than it was to start with.'s not easy...

  At any rate, the little fancy breakfast was quite lovely and the Irishman said "What a beautiful presentation!" and I remembered why I fell in love with him, lo these many years ago...


    What a busy crazy week.  And apparently I'm not the only one. (Mama Pea). I haven't written a word since last Thursday.  On Friday, I tried to get some things done around here before going to sit with my neighbor so his wife could go to lunch with some of her old teaching colleagues.  After coming home from there, I puttered around a bit and then the Irishman and I went to see The Lorax at the matinee.  It was a great film, and then we ate at the Japanese place again.  And IT was wonderful too.  Then it was home again and I tried to get to bed a little early because I was getting up at a little before 6 to go pick up my cousin.

  She and I went to Panera's for coffee and a scone before leaving to pick up my sister and head down to southern Missouri.  The outing was a little over 300 miles round trip. We had a great time. Met cousins we'd never met and went over family records and then went out for lunch and then to a cemetery where quite a few of our relatives are buried from back in the late 1800's/early 1900's. I learned a lot more about family than I had known...and that my cousin has submitted her information to the powers that be to have certification that we came over on the Mayflower.  How cool is that??  Of course, that two dollars will get you a cup of coffee, but 


  I spent yesterday doing some heavy housecleaning...carpets and stuff. The house looks nice and though it has been in the 80's here for a while, the rains are here the past few days and apparently  all this coming week. So I didn't mop the hardwood floors, figure for a few days I'll just spot-mop, until the mud is down enough that the dogs track in. It's cool-ish this morning,  66 right now at 9:30.  Of course, to call that cool-ish in the middle of March is ridiculous.  But the peach trees are blooming, the clematis grew at least 6 inches yesterday alone...the lilies are getting big already ...all the dogwoods and magnolias are blooming like crazy. 

  AND....(drum roll, please....)  -----  MY SEED ORDER HAS ARRIVED !!!!!!!!  I had them spread out all over the table yesterday, salivating at the thought of getting flats and egg cartons and litter pans and whatever else I can find to use...filled with darling little sproutlings.   I can't wait...I'll probably start tomatoes and squash first, to give them a head start. Then the Chinese cabbages. I want to plant so bad...I bought 3 blueberries to plant, so maybe that will be enough to satisfy me for a little...


  MY goals for today are to get to Petco for fish food and a water treatment.  Get some bean sprouts started in my sprouting jar (I'm going to make spring rolls to take to class on Thursday for a snack).  Love me UP some little chickies (they are so adorable...the Cherry Eggers are really developing color on their wings and are turning darker red all the time).  I have a few things on my list to do, but as a LOOPHOLE, I wrote  Monday/Tuesday  at the top of that list.  The carpet cleaning was a little hard on my back, which was still hurting from all the walking and standing around that cemetery on Saturday...So, I may spend more time than necessary just  being lazy today.  because I can.  lol


  My son was here yesterday too...did some fishing and then put a new light in my living room for me. Naturally, it turned into a bigger job (frustrating) than we/he thought...and isn't that how electrical and plumbing jobs always are??  But he got it in and it looks so much better than the ugly old hangy-down thing that was there. Now it's a nice flush white and gold fixture and I love it. I got it for free, which makes me love it even more.  It's so awesome to have a son who can (and will!!) do things like this for his poor old maw.  I told him, when he finished, that I was so glad I didn't kill him when he was


  Alright...I'm off this machine.  The birds are singing and the sun is peeking through the clouds and it might just turn into a nice day, in spite of the forecast of rain. It feels pretty humid, but it isn't so warm that you'd really notice, except that the floors in the kitchen feel a little sticky, since the windows were open all night.

  But I have high hopes that this is going to be a great day, no matter what turn the weather takes. 

  Have a great Monday, all y'all....



Annette said...

LOL your so glad you didn't kill your son when he was younger.

Oh Annie, I love starting my day with you.

Beth said...

I miss you when you don't post Annie. I have many relatives buried in Missouri too and a good many first cousins I have never met in the Salem MO area.

Rubye Jack said...

My son is good with this sort of thing also and it sure saves a lot of money.

I haven't posted in awhile either. No new ideas, nothing churning, and I don't really do much in a productive sort of way any longer. Watching TV is not conducive to writing you see.

CiCi said...

Having your son close enough to help with the chores like the light sounds awesome to me. My son is many many miles away. I didn't raise him right anyway because when he was a few miles from me he was not the sort to help like that.

Your granola sounds tasty and a little brown is good I think.

LindaM said...

Annie, buy a thermometer for the inside of your oven.....cheapest way to not over cook seem to be enjoying your time off as well as being as proactive as ever!

Rita said...

That looks like a yummy breakfast!
There is so much of me, too, BTW!! LOL!
Sounds like it was a good trip.
Love the little chicks and hope we get to see pictures of them as they grow.
We've been braking heat records up here, too. Just nuts to be sleeping with a window fan in mid March!
Hope you have lots of fun with your seeds. I'd love to see pics of the seedlings, too.
It's Monday night, so I'll say have a great Tuesday. :):)

DJan said...

It just seems so WRONG to be hearing from all my friends about how warm it is. In the sixties? At NIGHT? Sheesh! Something weird is going on. I heard that the cherry blossoms in Washington are in bloom a month early. Mercy!

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