Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Busy Splatterday...

  Been trying to clean up my mess  Vacuumed and dusted and straightened and did not mop, because in the middle of my vacuuming, DH came in and said he was going to get the manure.  If you don't live the kind of thrilling life that I do, then you won't know that when it's manure time on the old homestead, every loose running dog and cat will be out there helping with the poo.  And by helping...I mean, tracking it in and out of my house, eating enough of it to make them vomit, and in the case of Le Weiner Dog, carrying around mouthfuls of it until she gets inside the door, where she adoringly deposits it on my floor. She does the same thing with regular mud, but horse manure seems so much more attractive, for some reason.  And now, DH has gotten the truck stuck in the back yard [again] and is waiting for our neighbor to come over with the tractor. I politely (and helpfully!!) suggested we put him on retainer for the remainder of the garden season.  He did not take kindly to my suggestion, and when I offered (in penance) a freshly baked shortbread cookie, he snapped "I don't WANT a cookie!"  I smiled lovingly and said..oh,. okay.  And went back to my wifely duties.  They are out there now and sound like they're having way too much fun. 

  I do have to remember to mention to him that the dogs don't even bark at the tractor anymore....or not....


   I baked cookies and I made granola bars and I baked hamburger buns today. I have a tray of sweet potato fries in the oven and will make veggie burgers for supper tonight to go with them. We didn't get any of the rain forecast for today, thank goodness, so were able to get the manure on the garden beds.  ON the other hand, we didn't get to attend the Spring Equinox celebration at La Vista either...but we have gone the past four years and so...We'll make the summer one. They really are a lot of fun.

  I've been putting raw sunflower seeds and flax seeds into the veggie burgers when I make them the last few times. It really adds a lot of nutrition, as well as makes them a little more substantial.  I usually saute onions to go on top too. I start with a nature burger mix and embellish it as I see fit. Sometimes I add beans to it for more protein too.  They are very good...and they'll be especially good on the home made whole grain hamburger buns. They turned out really nice today. And the recipe made about a dozen, so I froze half of them for next time I don't have the whole day to play in my kitchen.  :)

  Smells like it's time to turn the sweet tater right back.

 Okay.  Yup...they're about halfway done. The burgers are a quick fix, which makes them nice for a busy Saturday. I thought about making a few batches ahead of time and freezing them too, but really, they're so fast that it would be a waste of freezer space, lol


  Thanks everyone for making me not feel so alone re: the grandbaby thing. I know you're all right and I am mostly always okay about it all...but every now and then it just triggers some primal instinctual thing in me, and knocks me down for a minute.  I am very happy for every woman I know that gets to experience the joy of having a grandchild...I just wish I was one of them.  Sometimes.


  I have a radio station playing today that's been playing all kinds of old beach music kind of's been awesome.  Playing a very eclectic mix of stuff too...and a bit ago was Ritchie Havens singing a Beatles song.  Brings back a lot of memories.  Now it's an instrumental steel guitar kind of thing.  Nice for a change...

  So, it's been a lovely, if busy, day here at Honeysuckle Hill.  My lilacs are blooming, the cherry tree is in full flower too.  The irises are over a foot high and the wild violets are popping up all over the yard.  We planted seed flats last night, and got lots done.  We went to a late morning matinee to see Hunger Games and then to lunch.I was appalled at the number of mothers there bringing their 8,9 and10 year olds, It was a really violent movie.  The acting was great and the  film sported quite a few actors I really like, like Donald Sutherland and Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson.  The star, Jennifer Lawrence was quite good, and has apparently been nominated twice for Academy Awards, and is only 20 years old.


  Alrighty then...I need to go get some supper on the table. It's 6:30 already and himself is getting ready to come in.

  Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!!!!




Beth said...

Annie, you went and done it again, you made me hungry. LOL

I will be having a lot to eat tomorrow though when my son is here.

I hope the rest of your weekend is peaceful and the dogs don't eat too much manure and track it in the house. ;-)

Cloudia said...

you are a sweet cookie!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

CiCi said...

Cute post really. I like that when himself gets ouchy you know when to back off.

The whole manure thing was pretty gross but I can see that it is a good thing in the garden. Especially since you are about natural.

I make sweet potato fries often. Anything with sweet potatoes and I am there!

Rubye Jack said...

Down the street here it's a permanent poo day. Cows. Ugh.