Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oy vey...

  I went to part of a bachelorette party last night for one of the girls I used to sponsor.  I kinda didn't want to go and kinda I made the decision to go and have some fun.  We met at a Mexican restaurant  and had a 2 hour drunken supper. The family and old friends of the bride to be were powering down those big brandy snifter sized margaritas like it was Cinco de Mayo.  They were loud and crazy as  They did all the embarrassing bachelor party things they could possibly do, giant inflated penis, penis lollipops, penis whistles --you name it, they had it.  There were 5 of us out of about 20 that didn't drink.,  so you can only imagine how this got. After supper, we went to a gay bar for a drag show. After standing in line for over an hour, I had to leave. I couldn't finish out the evening (the show wasn't starting until 10:30 or 11:00, and I am just WAY too old for this. Then it turned out that the show was up a big long flight of really steep stairs and there was no other entrance, so that's pretty much gave me the excuse I needed to go home early.  This morning, I can barely walk. Gettin' old ain't pretty,

  I couldn't find her to say goodbye and someone said she was outside smoking, so my friend and I went outside so I could say goodbye and leave and she wasn't out there. Sigh...I sent my love and apologies back in with my friend and I got in my truck and drove home. I hope she isn't mad, but it was time for me to go. There were no chairs to sit down, only those real high bistro stools (and I can't get up on them either) and my back and knee were hurting so bad I could barely stay on my feet. My limits for sitting or standing are about 20 minutes tops...then I start to deteriorate.  So--home I went and let my doggies out and made a cup of tea and tried to recover. lol


  Well, the girls from up the road just came down with their 2 big dogs who came running up into my yard again.  Have I griped about this before??  lol  I can't stop them from going down the road, but they let those dogs come racing onto my property AT my dogs (who are tied up). If there was a fight, my dogs wouldn't be able to get loose or defend themselves. I have asked these snotty little girls over and over to restrain the dogs when they come by here and they never do. Today, I called their dad. Naturally no one answered so I left a civil message about the whole thing. I have tried over and again to give them the opportunity to act like they care, but they laugh and keep going. They are about 15-17...nasty age for girls anyway. Hopefully this isn't going to cause any bad feelings with the neighbors, but I have been silent about it for too long.


  So...let's see...the bagels (after the power outage fiasco)  turned out edible but not perfect. They fell a bit sitting in the cold oven for 4 hours after starting to bake. Still, they are very good and so much better than store bought that it's amazing.  I will definitely make them again. The rye bread recipe..not so much. It tasted very good, the first day. Now, at day whatever it is, it is really dry.  Back to the cutting board. lol  I need to  make bread today. I won't make more bagels til later in the week though, as we can eat these. The recipe makes 8 big bagels. I think I would make them a little smaller next time, and make 10 or 12.  I had one for breakfast, with peanut butter on it.  :)


  The Irishman will be home to eat supper, so I was thinking about making a lentil loaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. Or a quinoa loaf--I have a recipe for that too, though I've never made it before.  His meeting usually ends about 3 and it's a 2.5 hour ride home. I'm going to a meeting at 4:30 to meet someone and will probably get home about the same time he does. If I have the bulk of dinner made, it will be easy enough to eat around 6 o'clock..


  I'm going to do a couple of loads of laundry...make a quick trip to drop the electric bill off at the office...and clean the house up a little. I've been on the phone with Bridezilla and she wasn't the least bit upset that I left, just sorry she didn't get to say goodbye.  I did a little dusting around the desk as we talked (multi-tasking) and need to run the vacuum.  I'll get the bread machine out to make bread and that will take care of itself, freeing me up for other, more wondrous cleaning tasks. I also need to get that dang bookshelf fixed...I still haven't done that. But I sat with my neighbors husband for over 8 hours yesterday at the last minute --so that cut into my get anything done time.  lol

  It's supposed to rain today, but so far it's about 50 and the sun keeps [peeking through. Who knows....

  Alrighty, I'm off to laundry land.  Have a grand Sunday...  



Annette said...

I would love your recipes! Bagels, lentil loaf? Please please.....i wanna be like Annie when I grow up.

DJan said...

That "party" sounds simply deadly to me. Glad you decided to take care of yourself. And you get so awfully much done it continues to amaze me. You are a good friend, as well as quite an interesting character! :-)

Beth said...

Your posts give me hope Annie.

I looked up oy vey on google and woe is me, now I know what it means. LOL

You have a good heart and it shines through your posts.

Rita said...

Hard chairs or high stools and standing are about 20 minutes for me, too. The whole thing actually sounds exhausting and painful...and embarrassing! All the penises would be a bit much for me, to be honest--LOL! I guess I've never been to a bachelorette party with penis-anything or male strippers or anything rowdy. Just boring, silly, Minnesotan ones where people got a bit tipsy, laughed, and talked a lot.

I'm glad she wasn't upset you left. Glad the bagels were edible (imagine the next batch!) and I'm glad you left a message for the parents of the snotty bopper girls. The bookcase isn't going anywhere. Have a quiet day!! :):)

Dirt Lover said...

Annie, you are more woman than me! I wouldn't have been able to handle the party, but you seemed to do well. Good for you. I, too, would love to hear more about your recipes. I'm not adept at all at using lentils, but would love to be better. And I've never made bagels. It doesn't surprise me the ones you are not altogether happy with are better than store bought! I hope you recover quickly from your jaunt into the party scene!!

Kristin H. said...

Even at the sprightly age of 42 (ha!) there is no way I could have pulled off an evening like that. Although, I did try to get Gabi out to the drag shows the other night lol.

Truth told, I'm heading to bed by 9ish most nights. Boring? Perhaps. But definitely well rested.

the wild magnolia said...

you did have a roller coaster ride this weekend. my goodness, i am with you, too old for such she-na-ne-gans. i'm sure your friend will understand.

rude girls, should respect your wishes. i don't blame you here.

bagels. i love bagels and cream cheese. i love bagels for sandwiches.

you a busy girl.

wishing you a fine new week.

fullfreezer said...

Oh my! Those kind of parties are for the young. I don't blame you for ducking out early. As for the girls with the dogs, shame on them. But don't sell out all 15-17 year old girls. My daughter has turned out quite lovely and responsible. Sadly, those girls are probably a reflection of the parents- that's where they learn that kind of behavior.
Have a lovely week ahead.

Akannie said...

LOL..I am quite adept at playing with my food. I experiment a lot and if one thing doesn't work, I find something that does. The quinoa/lentil loaf was a little dry. I think next time I will change the ratio of lentils/quinoa and not use as much lentils. But it was very tasty.

Judy--I didn't mean to lump all girls together like that--should have re-read what I wrote. SOME of them can be quite...un-mindful, I guess. lol I know lots of lovely girls that age too...and I can see that J17 is one of them...

As for the partying--I KNOW !!! I'm pretty much a stick in the mud bout things like this--too noisy, too chaotic and just too, too much for my delicate sensibilities. ;)
Once in a great while, though, I feel like I'm required to make an appearance and this was one of those times.

Mary LA said...

Parties better missed!

That lentil/quinoa loaf sounds good --

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh yum Bagels! I've been craving them for days now!