Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I wanna take a nap, but there's granola in the oven...

I'm not sure what's happening here, but I've had to  restore this graphic too many times.  It's getting on my last nerve.
Old hippies shouldn't have to go through these kinds of gyrations...we're too fragile.

OK-I'm gonna just write and go back and put it in as an afterthought.  I'll show 'em.

I made whole grain bagels today. They don't look real pretty for some reason, but they surely taste good.  After that was finished, I made a new batch of honey almond granola, and now it's in the oven, finally almost finished.

There are a couple of things I don't like to do. I don't like to bake cookies for the same reason I don't like making granola. At least, thank goodness, the granola lasts a while.  It's that every 10 minutes crap of stirring or putting new ones in over and over and over again. LOL

 So now it's finished and I left it in a little too long, so it's overly browned. Damn.  Oh well. It'll be fine.  Once it cools, I'll put some dried cranberries and raisins in it and then put it in gallon jars. It's got oats, almonds,flax seeds, coconut, sesame seeds, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, honey, blah blah blah...Done.

  I still have a couple of things to do, like run the vacuum and get the new babies pen cleaned and in the house.  Right now I am so hot from running that oven that I'm about to fall asleep.  I should probably go do the pen first since it's outside and I can cool down and wake up a little. 


This morning I took a trip to the county seat, to go to the Market on the Square.  There's a blog I follow called 2 Acre Farm, and Nathan and Aimee are the proprietors of this lovely market (and blog). They operate a small CSA  and also sell stuff there.  Nathan wasn't there today, but Aimee was, and she was delightful and so helpful.  I bought some local coffee and some local-ish Havarti cheese and a jar of stone ground mustard.  Almost everything in the store is from Illinois. I puttered around wasting a lot of time, so I haven't got quite as much done here as I'd hoped.  But I'm really glad I went and I'm really glad to have met this lovely young woman.


 Thinking we'll have leftover lentil loaf for supper tonight. I'm not in the mood (right now, anyway) to do anymore cooking. Or...maybe egg salad sandwiches and salad... I was going to bake some shortbread cookies, and I still might, but don't hold your breath. lol Might make a Hawaiian pie instead, if I have crushed pineapple....not sure if  I do or not...pineapple, coconut, mmmm...pina colada in a crust! That sounds like a summery dessert to have on an 82 degree day in MARCH, doesn't it??  (And there's no baking involved...I bought a pre-made graham cracker crust.) I swear--we're having Florida weather up here... It's spooky....


OK--I need to get that pen in here. So, off I go, traipsing around the place like I own it.  Oh, wait....LOL




Annette said...

Does homemade granola have less fat than store bought? I love granola in my yogurt, but it adds a lot of fat and calories. But protein and fiber too! :o) Enjoy those babies.

Rita said...

Yes, us old hippies are too fragile for computer shenanigans! ;)

That homemade granola sounds interesting. I've never tried to make that. My DIL does, just for nibbling.

That's nice that you got to meet Aimee and visit a little. :)

I hope you got the babies pen in if nothing else. Hope your day was good! :):)

Mariodacatsmom said...

I'm always so impressed with all the wonderful cooking you do. I don't enjoy it at all anymore, and it seems like we eat the same old meals week after week. We do switch from summer to winter things tho.

Beth said...

The Hawaiian pie sounds delicious Annie.

You never fail to amaze me with what you accomplish in the kitchen.

the wild magnolia said...

Whew. You wear me out. The Hawaiian pie sounds reeeaally good. Bagels are a favorite, I've never had homemade.

Shopping local is so fun. The food you eat, or products you use, are meaningful.

Happy happy.

Kristin H. said...

I hear you on the cookies. Way to much oversight for this girl. I like a baked good that I can throw in the oven and walk away. I excel at breads. I do not excel at cookies lol.

DJan said...

You're so funny. You run around and accomplish so much more than any other human I know, then complain about not getting more done!

CiCi said...

It is always a joy to meet another leftover hippie. Your lentil loaf sounds good.

Petit fleur said...

Just popping in to say hi!