Saturday, March 31, 2012

The tail end of the March of 2012

  It's really hard to take pictures of uncooperative chicks.  LOL So, neither of these pictures is particularly good, but it's what we got.   You can see how they are getting gangly and less cute than they were a week ago.  BUT, we love them


  So today is the end of March and I just realized that I have laundry hanging on the line that I completely forgot to bring in.  Oh well.  It's 61 degrees out there right now (midnight) and tomorrow is supposed to be 88 and Monday 90.  They'll dry.

 We had a busy day today, sort of.  I mostly puttered, but got lots of little things done AND baked 2 loaves of artisan bread.   My son was here and did a lot of cleanup out in the backyard...took the chainsaw and cleaned up several big branches that have been laying around back there for too long, and then cleaned up all the debris too.  He was out there for a good 4 hours.  Then the Irishman  came home with a truckload of composted leaves and they spread those out on the potato bed and started in on the other beds.  I did a little shopping--needed soy yogurt and some green stuff like cucumbers and parsley and spring mix. And bird seed.  Can't forget the bird seed.


  Made a beautiful pasta primavera for supper, with a nice green salad and slices of 7 grain bread. I've been using Bob's Red Mill 7 grain cereal in my artisan bread and it is awesome. A dense, chewy healthy bread. Anyway, it was perfect with  the angel hair pasta and all the veggies. After supper, we watched some goofy movie on tv and now it's winding down. Ready to go to sleep and wake up to a fresh new month.  April. Mmmm...can't wait.  lol


  Some of the seeds we started are finally coming up (I am so impatient) and I am more than ready to get going on some real dirt planting. Himself has been all impatient about getting things going, and I've had to remind him  more than once that it's still early in these parts, that we are right on time, and that it's all going to be okay. lol  He has come home from working his 10 hour shift a couple of nights and wanted to go out and work in the garden before eating supper.  lol


  One of my friends is coming home this next week sometime and she's been gone for 4 months almost. It'll be good to have her back.

  I have had a new chiropractor recommended to me and think I will call them on Monday.  I am having a lot of trouble with my neck lately. A new pair of eyes to look over this problem will only be a good thing.  I have been procrastinating about doing this and need to just stop it and go.  I really am tired of being in pain all the time. Same with the knee.  sigh....


  The chicken seems to be getting better. I got some vitamins and electrolytes to go in the water and today she was looking a little better, and ate some chickweed and scratched in the dirt a little.  (CiCi- this update's for you.)  lol  She actually went into the coop by herself tonight, so that's a good sign.

   The babies are eating me out of house and home. lol  I refill their little feeder at least twice a day, and have been giving them little bits of kale and spinach too. They are gobbling up everything in sight. It's such a joy...

  I cleaned their pen yesterday and all the surrounding floor and anything else in that room that gets covered with the fine dust they seem to generate.  Between the chicken feed, the bedding inside the pen, and their little constant dander , it gets pretty dusty.


  My cousin had knee replacement surgery a couple of days ago. Not sure if they did both--that's what they were talking about. He's still in the hospital, and I will call his wife tomorrow.  I think it all went well. He's a plumber..and I guess that's part of the job hazard.  I'm worried that's what I'm in for too...I don't think there's much else they can do, at this point, since he took 45% of the cartilage out last time.  Not a lot left to work with...(and that was my second knee surgery in 10 years).


  Guess I'd better hit the hay. Tired and ready for a good nights sleep. Sat with my neighbor's husband 5 hours on Thursday and then for 2 hours on Friday. Got a lot of housekeeping done in between, as well as finishing up 4 loads of laundry.  Couldn't pass up the opportunity to strip the bed and wash those linens and hang them outside.  Sooooo nice.  Also did the dog blankets, as they were getting pretty stinky too. The Irishman can never smell them, and I can smell them across the room. As usual..the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.  lol   But I washed them anyway, and hung them out to dry.  I might do the slipcovers tomorrow or Monday...Monday I guess---see?? I've already forgotten (since last week) that I am taking Sundays off. I change them out or wash them about every other week..maybe not quite that often. Depends on the weather...if it's raining a lot, the dogs stink up the couch and love seats like nobody's business...


  Okay...night all.  Hope your Sunday , this first Sunday of April, brings you lots of sunshine and flowers. All the lilacs are in bloom around here and the smell is heavenly...lilac has to be my all time favorite smell. And vanilla.  Oh, and rose.

Never mind. I've obviously gone around the bend...

Sweet dreams !!!


 There is no hope for me.  lol


Rubye Jack said...

Can you believe it is April already!
It seems like everyone is getting chicks lately. I guess this is the time of year to bring them in. I'm in heaven with our weather. Just loving it! Time for me to hit the hay also. Night Annie!

Cloudia said...

all the best!

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral



< ° ) } } > <

Mariodacatsmom said...

You get so much done - you put me to shame, That bread sounds good,

Rita said...

Wow! And you get all this done with a sore neck and a bad knee!

I'm glad to see pictures of the gangly chicks! They are looking good. Happy that your hen is still alive and hanging in there, too.

Very best to you, lady!! Have a great day. :):)

DJan said...

Your chicks are so cute! I can just see them gobbling up everything you feed them. You really are like a whirlwind, getting so much done and then writing about it! I so enjoy your posts, Annie, and Happy Spring and April back at you! :-)

CiCi said...

Thanks for the update on the chicken. So glad she is doing somewhat better. I came to your post and scrolled down to see if you had any news about her, so I appreciate your update. Going into the coop by herself is a very good sign.

Today is April 1st already and the grass is green and plants full of blossoms here too. It is going to be a very warm day.

Enjoy your Sunday, hope you do have some time off. You are constantly in motion. Busy.

the wild magnolia said...

i love to hear all about the chickens.

march leaves and april comes to us read for Easter.

i love Easter.

happy weekend, though it is almost gone.

Beth said...

You are such a busy lady. I do remember being that way when I was your age. Now I do what I want when I want and sometimes I don't want to do anything. ;-)

Your bread sounds delicious!

I hope the neck person can help.

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, aren't you super busy! I love reading your posts. They usually put me in gear to get stuff done myself. Glad to hear your chicken is doing better, and your chicks are coming right along. Such a gangly/teenager-ish age!

Petit fleur said...

If you're going round the bend, I'll meet you there!

I feel like I've caught up on your life. I wish I could have had some of that pasta and bread.... Great, it's 11pm and now I want pasta! Thanks!

Hope your garden is everything you want. xo