Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Springeroo !!

A beautiful prelude to the beautiful season of rebirth.  Woke to an amazing 65 degrees at 7 AM ...outside the birds are singing and the skies are blue.  I was out back tending my small flock of chickens when I saw the bluejays and cardinals visiting the birdbath over to the side of the yard.  It's full of rainwater...pure and clean...a perfect beginning to their morning. Right now I can hear a seriously industrious woodpecker drilling away across the road and the squirrels are chittering their little hearts out.

 It's as if everyone knows that spring has sprung. lol  The clematis continues its climb  and the lilies have turned into huge clumps over night.  The Eqyptian walking onions have suddenly filled up their little area and yesterday I went out to see if I could cut enough kale to make Susan's (e-i-e-i-omg!) recipe for massaged kale salad...and the bed is overflowing with beautiful dark green baby kale.   Some not-so-baby...and all extremely delicious. And the salad, btw...was to die for !!

  It's really beautiful out there. Our windows have been open day and night for almost 2 weeks. The weather has been gorgeous...but I keep waiting for a freak snowstorm or something. lol  Somewhere I have a picture of the first day of spring where we had about 4 inches of snow!


   Today I am going to rip this office apart and clean it and re-arrange some things. There's not a lot of room for anything major in here...it was originally a very small child's bedroom with a monstrous walk-in closet. (Which makes no sense to me, but....)  Now it is an office/meditation room with a monstrous walk-in pantry. The walls got painted last year a buttery yellow color and it's the haven for cats and blogger girls. lol  But it's gotten a little disheveled and is in dire need of a reno and massive cleaning/dusting. There are 3 tall bookcases in here that need culling and dusting and straightening...since there are about a hundred more books than there is really space for. Those cannot be relocated, as they are on the only solid wall in the room. There is an old black rocking chair that my husbands mother used with all 5 of her children (she died when he was 18, and he's the oldest) .  There is an old cabinet sewing machine that used to be the bird cage table, but is topped full of incense, Buddhas, prayer beads and flowers.  There is a long sofa table that my computer tower sits on (at one end of it) and the rest is full of crap. There is a metal file cabinet by the window that could easily trade places with the sofa table, and then it could go under the windows on the south wall. If I put it there it will become a "cats-laying-in-the-sun" table. But...that's okay too, I guess. lol  MAN...I'm getting myself motivated here!!!  (I'd better go lie down a minute....LOL)


  There's a really nice station on satellite tv here that has all piano and guitar music. It's playing now, and it soothes my soul. I love instrumental music. I love classical music, but this is not that.  It's not so soothing that it makes me want to lie down and close my eyes either.  Once the work starts around here today, I may have to switch it to some more lively stuff. There are about 20 stations or more of every kind of music you could want. I always like reggae to work to...or salsa.  Both are on there.


  Tonight after supper (and NCIS) the Irishman and I will start seeds. He wanted me to just go through and see which ones I want to start ahead of time. We bought a lot of seeds and so it will take some thinking. lol  Not squash, they grow too easily and too fast here. Direct seeding for them. I'm planting butternuts and maybe a yellow summer squash this year. I have 3 different kinds of tomatoes, including a Purple Cherokee, that I am very excited about. Those definitely will be started. And the Chinese cabbages too, I think. One packet of them for now and then another packet to plant for fall. I'll have to figure it out...I'm really glad he is taking more interest in things around here than he ever has. He was always peripherally involved, don't get me wrong. But the past year he has gotten a lot more excited about a lot more things. Yay! And he wants to be involved more...before he would let me do what I always do and then kinda come on the scene after the fact.  He also wants to start cooking more...and I suggested that he cook the meals on Sundays, since the other days he works and Friday we usually go out and Saturday is his day to spend doing his "thing"...hiking, playing music with his friend Jerry , etc.  I told him to think about what he wants to do and let me know what he needs and I would make sure he has the ingredients. He liked the idea and so we are set.  lol  We'll see how long it lasts....he's a pretty spoiled Irishman....


  Okay. Time to turn this box off and get busy.  I'm going to be making bagels today too...almost half of the last batch got moldy because they were in the bread box instead of the fridge.  :(   And it turned into summer in March.  Sigh....interestingly, it's only the whole wheat that molded...the one plain flour bagel that was left did not... (yikes).

  Have a grand first day of spring everyone.  I'm itching to get going here....



Beth said...

This post made me so homesick for garden at home. It is so much fun to plant things and watch them grow. I will try my hand at a potted tomato plants again this year.

Rubye Jack said...

It's so good to ready about open windows as we go into our second day of flood rains here. Oh well. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful! Okay, I'm off to watch the rain.

Petit fleur said...

Yep, Spring has definitely sprung here too. My FIL just sent a message that they had a freak snow storm in AZ. Good thing they actually needed the moisture. Now temps are back to normal spring temps... odd.

I hope you enjoy your week! Happy Spring!

Rita said...

I even had windows open day and night for several days. Today it was back into 50s for the high so I finally got chilly enough to close it up. Really sounds like summer your way!

Have fun with your seeds!! I just love organizing and planning. ;) Have a nice evening.

Cloudia said...


Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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Carol said...

It certainly is quite a Springeroo! And I also have a recipe for massaged kale salad. Wackie, huh?

CiCi said...

The kale salad sounds so totally delicious. My friends with gardens have been telling me they will share with me this year. Oh yeah. I am blessed.