Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter's back !

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We don't want no more stinking winter.....

Several days in a row of 40+ degrees and now we suddenly have a winter weather advisory all over us again. sigh...Looking at a possible 4-6 inches tonight and tomorrow...and I have to be at the doc at 9 AM to have the sutures removed. Luckily, the Irishman is off tomorrow and will be home to drive me. His Wisconsin genes come in real

Woke up sick this morning and hurled a few times throughout the day. Very icky, but tonight I am better. Not 100%, but better than I was. YUCK! I rested a lot today and napped a few times too.

I made a quiche for supper tonight, we have a surplus of eggs,. as the chickens suddenly started laying again out of the blue, after 6 months without a single orb. Mysteries of the Universe. I had a tiny chunk of bacon in the freezer, and coupled with some spinach,onions and sun dried tomatoes, it made for a feast. I tried something new with the crust too....and tomorrow you can read all about it at Dragon Womans Kitchen. I promise. lol I even snapped some lovely pictures.

We watched a marvelous documentary called A Man Named Pearl tonight. Pearl Fryar is a man in Bishopville, SC who does incredible works of topiary art. He watched a 3 minute demonstration at a nursery one time, thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen, and went home and started a magnificent living art display on his 3 acres. It's a heartwarming testament to the spirit of a man...I rate it A+++. Netflix has it. I'm sure you can google him and prepare to be amazed.

I'm tired and going to bed early tonight. Plus I have to be up by 7. The critters are all snuggled in, sleeping here and there, and everyone is in for the night (I hope). Have to do a head count before I turn in....My knee is itching like crazy and I cannot wait to get these stitches out. I took a shower tonight and shaved my legs, even. lol I halfway wrapped up the knee and didn't care...the dang things are coming out first thing in the morning--so what if they get a little damp? Just for good measure, I dried them with a hairdryer after I finished. LOL

We're considering the concert that I won tickets doesn't even start until 10PM...and we are old. LOL The Irishman still thinks he's 20, even though he'll be 50 on Monday...but he's also the one who's asleep by 9 PM, so we'll see what happens. He wants to go, we're there. I googled the club it's in and guess what??--NONSMOKING!!! YIppee..So, it might be doable. It is in the heart of St Louis, and we are just dumb old country folk, but if it happens it happens and if it doesn't, it doesn't. It's right around an hour away...IN THE CITY. That's probably not
a big deal to most of you , but it's huge for me. lol

Sayonara. I'm toodling off to dreamland....



DJan said...

I hope you make it without too much trouble to get those stitches out. And to me it sounds really late to go to a concert! I AM old, no almost about it. Fifty sounds like a teenager when you're 67!

TechnoBabe said...

Oh wow, this so sounds like us. Soooo glad to hear other people live like this too. oh yes, it snowed here yesterday, is still snowing today. Hubby shoveled snow by himself today. When you make quiche, do you make your crust from scratch?

Prayer Girl said...

I am .... ROFLMAO ..... picturing you using your hairdryer on your leg stitches. Just too funny.

Hope you get to the doctor O.K. to get those stitches out.

Love and prayers,

Carol said...

Dragon Woman whosis is by invitation only, can you let me in?