Monday, February 15, 2010

My furry world

This is a picture of our lab mix, Lucy. Lucy came from the local shelter. She had been born in a snowstorm to a mother that was tied up and left outside(with no food or water) when her owners moved. By the time the neighbors called the Animal Control people and they came to the rescue, the mother and 3 other newborn puppies had frozen to death.  Lucy and one other pup survived.  It was everything we could do to not take them both. 
Lucy also goes by the Big Goon and Lucy Goosy. Honestly, if you have a cookie in your hand, she will answer to anything you want to call her. lol

This is Miss Molly McGee [AKA Molly Mayhem]...our Jack Russell Terrorist.  She was purchased by my dingbat  brother at a pet store for his 2 year old daughter. Anyone who knows JRT's knows they are not good children dogs. Except my brother, who said that the lady who took his 350 dollars said, oh yes---they're great with kids!!  (I told him I had a bridge I'd sell him too).  He begged and pleaded with me to take her as she was mowing down the toddler at every turn and running away and terrorizing the neighborhood every chance she got to jump the fence.   We brought her home 4 years ago, a couple of months  after having to put my beloved cocker spaniel Sophie to sleep, due to liver cancer. We live in the country and she runs like crazy here.  She's mellowed out a lot in the last year, but she will always be a Jack Russell.

This is little Caylee, back when she first found us and came out from under the back deck. She looked like a little polar bear cub.  Also known as Cooder Brown, and Caylee Baylee.  She is coming on 2 years old now and is the sweetest dog in the world. She loves the snow, and lays on her back and makes snow-dog angels (I swear!!).  She is a barker and a runner and she always kowtows to Molly, who is the Alpha dog. She stays out in the cold for ungodly amounts of time and is a happy happy dogglet. Here's a more recent, grown-up picture of her, playing with her best friend, Lucy:

  I guess I've trotted out these pictures because tonight we watched the movie Marley and Me. It was  a heartwarming and heartbreaking story.  I had to put Sophie to sleep, and I held her until she was gone, bawling like a baby the whole time. That damn movie had me crying  my eyes out.  Every animal I have ever had that something has happened to, has nearly killed me. And every time I say "That's it! I can't take this!! No more more..."

  So I'm feeling a little melancholy and a little hopeful and a whole lot blessed tonight. Because I have 3 great dogs.  And I have had other really great dogs in my life...and there's just nothing like that unconditional love. That trusting, fun, acceptance that you only get 24/7 from your dog.  I have had dogs in my life as long as I can remember and I probably always will.

  I'm just blessed that way...



Enchanted Oak said...

We're blessed with three dog pals, too. I know what you mean. We also have two young cats now, rescued as newborn kittens after their feral mother vanished. Those human-raised kittens came here at eight weeks and have been raised with the beagles. It's all one big furry family here. The vacuum cleaner works its heart out.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I haven't watched Marley and Me... yet.

I made the mistake of watching Eight Below by myself one night a couple of years ago. NOT COOL MAN! Someone should have warned me about it.

I sobbed and sobbed. And the poor GROG and Bailey dog's were just lookin' at me like "Mom, what the heck?"


I hate to think of them growing old, but I love to have them with me for as long as they'll stay.

DJan said...

The cruelty of some people toward loving animals just breaks my heart. And I hear you about wanting to take both of those beautiful puppies. Lucy is one lucky dog to have you AND a great family. Hope you're all better now. I love your posts, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is a beautiful post of lovely animals who got a second chance because of your open heartedness.

I too watched that movie and cried my fool eyes out and held my old doggle Elliot and I know when the time comes I will hold him and love him as no other.

These are gorgeous pictures and thank you for sharing your oggle doggles with us too...they are every bit a part of my recovery today.

xo G

TechnoBabe said...

Little Caylee grew up into a large dog. They look like they are all great and each individual personality. The story of Lucy made me sorta choke up. What is the matter with human beings that they would abandon animals like that????

Anonymous said...

Blessed you are, indeed. That little polar bear is too stinking cute!

Cloudia said...

You ARE blessed, AND Blessing!!!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Prayer Girl said...

I have always had dogs. At one time we had three at once. I loved them all. 2001 I lost my last dog and decided enough was enough. I have daughter's dog and we adore him.

Love animals so much. Love my kitty too.


Andrew said...

Those dogs are such a big part of you.

Love to you and them.

Janna said...

How weird; I coulda sworn I commented on this post last week, but my comment is gone.

Maybe I imagined it.

I wanted to say that Caylee is my favorite, and that I think "dogglet" is one of the cutest words ever. :)