Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Party's Overrrrrr.......

 Here's a picture of the  strawberry trifle I made for the dinner party tonight. It was fantastic! I would definitely make this dessert again, only took about 25 minutes to prep and assemble. And everyone loved it.

Well, I almost pulled off the surprise. Right down to about 2 hours before, when some goofball called his phone and said they were sorry they couldn't make it to his party.  He was out, and so when he got home at about 2:30, he comes in and says  "Were you thinking about having some kind of a party?"  I said, uh,-what?   LOL

In spite of the terrible weather today (we have gotten about 4 inches of snow in the past 6 hours), 14 people showed up for dinner, plus the 2 of us.  I was worried about having too much food, in the event that people started calling and cancelling at the last minute, so I was holding off on the pasta cooking, but had already made a punchbowl sized salad. I made a dutch oven sized pan full of the marinara, and dumped all 8 dozen meatballs into it,  and a big bowl of the aglio e olio. Well, there is about 1 serving of salad left over! Whew! Most all the bread was eaten, ALL of the Aglio e Olio was devoured, and I have enough spaghetti and meatballs left for a couple of lunches for the Irishman and one more main dish for us at supper. There's about 1/3 of the Trifle left too.  It was delicious, btw. There was lots of good conversation, good friends and good eats.  Perfect combination.

I am exhausted.

I got up early and got almost every thing done...mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms,vacuumed furniture, dusted, cleaned the birdcage....made the salad, made the Trifle, ---OMG!!!  I've turned into Wonder Woman !!!!     *grin

I'm gonna take some cough syrup, put some Vicks on the bottoms of my feet AND my chest, have a glass of water, and go to bed.  I did pretty well tonight as far as the coughing , but the later it got, the more I was coughing.  Laying in bed is the worst, anmd I even have a pillow setup that keeps my head and neck somewhat elevated.  But all in all, I feel better than I did a couple of days ago, so I have high hopes of a quick (ish) recovery! lol

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day!



Andrew said...

I'm glad the party was fun!

Rest up now and be well.

DJan said...

You really ARE a Wonder Woman, you know: rushing around and cooking, cleaning, and coughing... I get tired just reading about it. And everyone must have loved it, since they ate it all up. Why don't you try resting a little bit today? You deserve it.

TechnoBabe said...

Wow, I am so impressed and so hungry to taste it all. I know it was a great party. I have never made a trifle. I will look it up on google.
You did good!

Enchanted Oak said...

Thank God! If people love you, neither rain nor snow will keep them away. I believe you are Wonder Woman.

Hope said...

It sounds like a great evening!
I hope you are feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

I totally want a piece of the trifle.

The Irishman sounds like a great guy. You're cool. Match made in heaven.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Glad the party was a success.

Sorry you're not feeling well, healing prayers going out.


Carol said...

Trifles are crowd pleasers but expensive for me as I only do them once every 5-7 years, discover my glass bowl is missing, buy a new one, serve and repeat!

Dianne said...

Thanks for the picture of the trifle.

worth a thousand words.

I had to travel 4 hours to california snow, but the skiing was worth it.

maybe we're out of our drought.

feel better, Dianne

Kathy M. said...

Sounds like a great party. You sound like a wonderful host. I'm sure the Irishman feels loved, surprise or no. Hope you feel better. xxoo