Sunday, February 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

  What makes your heart sing??

  The simple things in life that I love...things like homecanned food lined up on pantry shelves.  Compost piles. Perfect large brown eggs under a hen.  The look on my grandsons face when we find the turtle eggs in spring.   The soft snoring my husband does when I come to bed late at night.  The smell of lilacs wafting across the yard. The sight of forsythia, when nothing else has started to bloom.

  Things like this make me happy. The sounds of silence out here.  Bubble gum. The way my youngest dog lays her head on my knee and watches me. The sound of my son's voice on the phone.

  Today has been a loving and peaceful day. The Irishman and I went to lunch after the morning fellowship, then went to see a John Travolta movie called, From Paris, With Love.  It was great.  We came home and read and later made some guacamole with the 39 cent avocados I bought. It was marvelous.  I had some very stale whole wheat wraps that I sliced up, sprinkled with olive oil and salt and baked to use as chips with the guac.  Heated up some tomato soup and called it supper.

I'm turning in early tonight, have a couple of errands to run tomorrow before the snow comes, hopefully. Have to pick up the taxes, go see my sister, stop by and see a friends new granddaughter and then hurry home. lol 

 Need to run over to Enchanted Oaks blog and see how the Haiti fundraiser went.

 Am having a brainstorm of an idea to throw a surprise bd party/Valentine's Dinner for the Irishman. His bd is tomorrow,  We have a few single friends who always feel left out on this goofy holiday, and a few couple friewnds who cannot afford to do much...sounds like time for a party to me!!!  Will be short notice, will be how it will be.  He's turning 50...he needs a party!

  Gonna go make some Evites to get out tonight.

  I'm on fire, baby....




Enchanted Oak said...

I loved your favorite things, those simple elegant and funny and sweet blessings that surround you. We've come up with 102 posts, so over $200 for Haiti. Plus a matching anonymous donation. Awesome! Have a busy, beautiful day tomorrow.

Ronda Laveen said...

Baby, you are on fire. We had tomato soup for dinner tonight too. We had the avocado for breakfast but it cost nearly 5x what yours did and I live in California where they are grown.

Loved your simple things list.

Prayer Girl said...

Well, just don't burn yourself up. LOL
I know that your fire will spread outward to warm the hearts of others.

Say happy birthday to hubby for me.


Anonymous said...

I think, invited or not, I would totally crash that party. Cuz you and the Irishman sound like a blast.

Happy Monday darlin'.

DJan said...

Hey, you fixed your margins! Looks good, and you and I have many favorite things, although my Smart Guy will stand in for the Irishman in my house. Blessings to you!

TechnoBabe said...

Love the graphic!!
Oh yeah the dear sweet soft snoring.
A birthday party! Your Irishman is still a young thing. Sounds like you are inviting a good mix for a birthday get together. I like how you are ready to accept the outcome: "it will be how it will be".

Nishant said...

Awesome! Have a busy, beautiful day tomorrow.

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Gabriella Moonlight said...

As I sit and drink my Tulsi tea I wish to live next door to you, to share in your parties and your eggs and somehow your life...I just love reading your blog and being reminded how I am apart of life in its whole and we are all truly connected.


Kathy M. said...

What a lovely list and a lovely day. I come to your blog when I want to feel serene. It never disappoints. Can't wait to hear about the party. Hugs.