Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday musings...

 Here are a few things I absolutely LOVE...

  • Old fashioned flowers, like hollyhocks and rose of sharon, and lilacs.
  • The smell of coffee brewing, first thing in the morning.
  • Embroidered dish towels.
  • Vanilla cream,. lattes, hand cream--you name it!
  • The feel of a baby in my arms.
  • Puppy breath.
  • Vintage clothing.
  • Vinyl record albums.
  • Journaling-in pretty journals.
  • Laughter.
  • Bird song.
  • Hand made rag rugs.
  • The feel of silk against my skin.
  • Poetry.
  • Being at one with God and nature.

 And it's been a long day and I am ready to sleep...perchance to dream...of spring??  In a week or so, I can start the process of starting seedlings for transplant into my gardens.  I'm going to try a 2 stage transplanting method I've been reading up on.  We will sit down next weekend with journals and paper and start planning the bounty.

  On Friday we are going to the St. Louis Art Museum and spend the afternoon there, and wind it up with a free concert being given by a group called  the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  A 3 person group , accomplished musicians who play primitive instruments and jug band type stuff...they are remarkable.  The woman, Rhiannon is a trained opera singer. The 2 male members of the band are classically trained musicians as well. Their music is wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to the day. A great date with my best friend...

  I have a dear friend who is moving to St. Croix the first of the month.  I'm so excited for her, and everything is just falling into place like magic.  I am amazed...there are people in her life who are beating her up about her decision to make this change in her life. ..what is it with people? Jealousy? Fear?  Most are people who have never had any adventures in their life, and/or are living in the same town doing the same thing they have all their lives.  I am her biggest cheerleader.  I have always believed that God gives us opportunities to spread our wings and soar...all we have to do is find the courage to make the leap.  I will sure miss her...who knows? Maybe this is how I get to go visit the Islands??  lol

    I am feeling so grateful and so blessed to have the life I have today.  There is more love surrounding me than I have ever had the honor of experiencing all the days of my life.  I have a small and modest home in the country, with lots of trees and flowers and beauty.  This morning I awakened and reached over to feel the Irishman beside me.  "Listen", I said..."do you hear that??" He smiled.  Through the rain falling outside, you could hear the song and voices of many birds, for the first time in months.

  Spring is coming.



Mary LA said...

Remember the sweet thin scent of petunias before hybrid varieties appeared?

Envy is such a destructive emotion, so often masked as concern.

Hugs to you Annie.

järnebrand said...

Spring is coming. :) Yay... A whole lot of snow will just have to melt first, at least over here. I heard some birds sing this morning too. Optimitic birds. Gotta love 'em! :)

järnebrand said...

I was meaning to say "optimistic", typing a little fast there... ;)

DJan said...

What a wonderful post about things you love. I think silk on my skin is also wonderful. And I've also heard Riannon and enjoyed her performance! It was many years ago... I hope you got a good night's sleep, dear friend. I love your posts.

Akannie said...

Good morning, world... lovely to see you. Yesterdays rain FINALLY melted the last of our snow here. I'm in the middlemost section of the States...we got about 5-6 inches last snow.

Djan--Not sure if this is the same girl...she looks terribly young. Google CCD and see. lol..I'm thinking that many years ago-she was possibly in diapers. lol

Hello, dearest Mary. So good to see's the house hunting going??

TechnoBabe said...

I read about the Carolina Chocolate Drops on another blog. Sounds like it will be a great day, art museum and then concert. I say go for it to your friend moving the St. Croix. It is lovely there. You and I share many items on your list to love: Coffee aroma; flowers; embroidered anything; vintage clothing; laughter; bird song; hand made rag rugs!; poetry; being at one with God and nature. Quite a few, huh? I love your open spirit, open to people and life's experiences.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the situation with your friend and St. Croix:

I was taught early in sobriety that "you can't go to hardware stores to get oranges." Meaning, essentially, going to people who are living in fear and expecting them to relate to our fearlessness. It simply doesn't work.

I applaud your friend. That sounds like a great adventure.

Carol said...

I do think puppy breath is very nice, even my dog's breath which is a little more seasoned.