Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 50th, Honey

 I am always glad to see pictures like this. Good to know I'm not the only person in the world who has cats sleeping in the most inappropriate  places....


   I spent a good part of the day cooking. My knee is feeling it too...too much standing.  But by the time the Irishman got home from work, I had his favorite meal cooked, the house all lit with candles, and some soft jazz playing. I oven roasted a Boston Butt pork roast, with onions, carrots,  potatoes and celery all cooked with it.  I served a simple salad of mixed greens and pistachios, topped with a  home made mustard vinaigrette and gorgonzola bits crumbled on top. I made yeast rolls served hot with butter and a peach cobbler made with peaches from our own trees and a soft sweet biscuit topping for dessert.  It was delightful, and he was very impressed.  He's my biggest fan when it comes to cooking, and I am blessed to have a man who will try anything once. He's not a picky eater...rather adventurous, actually.  I love cooking and he loves's a match made in heaven! lol

   The snow started first thing this morning and then stopped, just to tease us I guess. At about 8 PM, it started again, in earnest this time.  They're predicting 4-6 inches and there must be 3 out there already.  I don't care. I have nowhere to go.  The kerosene heater is in place in case the power goes out, and I have hurricane lamps and candles.  I have books to read,  batteries for the radio, and am charging the cell phone even as we speak.I have a gas stove, so I can always cook and heat water for tea.or coffee. I have the equipment to make coffee without electricity if I have to. It's cold enough in the mudroom that if the power goes out for an extended time, I can store foodstuffs out there from the fridge so they won't spoil.  My big freezers are in my unheated garage, so they'll be okay too.  Bring it on, Mother Nature...I'm ready!

   Went out to read the electric meter (we belong to a rural  electric cooperative , and we read our own meters.), because hubby read it on the first (I was laid up, post surgery) and when I was paying bills this morning, I looked at the numbers he wrote down and thought--That doesn't look right.  Out I go, and the meter was sitting dead still. AND, the numbers had rolled back from last months final reading of 00595 to before the month befores reading of 99768.  IT read 99742. I watched it for a minute and realized that it was not running at all. I came in and called them and they said they would come here and change out the meter, that this stuff happens, and for me to make a note on my bill receipt saying I had called in the problem..  So, I guess I'll be getting a shiny new meter any day now....hopefully it will be easier to read than the current one.  lol

   The furnace has not worked for several days, I tried and tried to get it running but the pilot would not ignite. This morning I asked for some help and it started the first time I tried. It has been running just fine all day.  I went to town and picked up our taxes. We are getting money back from state and Federal-yippee. Not an exorbitant amount or anything, but it will be enough to pay for furnace repairs and a few other things we need.  Mostly I am dancing because last year we had to pay the state some money, and that hurts me.  lol  

 After supper tonight we watched The Milagro Beanfield War.  If you haven't seen this gem, do.  It's charming and funny and a  wonderful. Thanks, Robert Redford. It was made way back when...1988...his directing debut, I think.  (Guess I should check that fact...)  Stars Ruben Blades, Sonja Braga, John Heard and Christopher Walken  Big time thumbs up~!

  Time for me to consider  hitting the hay. It's late and I am tired in a really good way. The dishes are done, the floors are clean, and not enough sleep can make me mean.  (Hey! I'm a poet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)*snork

  On that note, I'm outta here.......



Garykfc said...

What a nice life you have, winter and all. (I'll pass on your savage cold!)

DJan said...

Wow, now that was some wonderful meal! Yes, the Irishman is very fortunate to have found you! Hope you stay warm and cozy through the snow, with your knee healing and your books all read!

TechnoBabe said...

Nice birthday dinner for your husband. Cute picture of the cat taking a nap in the glass pan.

Akannie said...

I do have a nice life, don't I ? Nothing fancy, but all of it glaringly REAL! lol Good to see you Gary--how's the new endeavor coming along?

DJan -we only got about 3 and a half inches, but there's more to come tonight. Yea-winter! (NOT). lol

Technobabe- It was one of those winter evening comfort food meals. The man from Wisconsin LOVES his potatoes and meat, but wondered how I could not have made him GRAVY. I told him-you're 50 now. Gravy is off your menu. lol

Dazzlingly white out there!

Ronda Laveen said...

That picture of the cat is so funny. Sounds like your birthday dinner turned out great! Stay warm and glad to hear you got your furnace running. Happy birthday wishes to your hubby. Mine turned 60 this year.

Ina in Alaska said...

Hello and thanks for your kind comment and visit to my humble little blog!! I hope you are having a fantastic day and "enjoying" the snow. It is just lovely here, I feel like we are on the cusp of Spring, even though it is February!!! Gotta have hope!

Anonymous said...

Your optimism is infectious!