Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday's child has far to go....

Isn't this beautiful? Somebody worked on this piece of needlework for a long time...I found it at a flea market for one dollar. It graces my office wall. 

  As you can see, I didn't get on here to post this morning. lol  Maybe tomorrow.  But don't count on it.  LOL.  I started painting kinda early and between that and other chores, I didn't even get on here for a while. 

  Had a great gathering of girls tonight at the Thursday 7PM... several that normally don't attend, 2 of whom are very new to the game. It was quite lively and the time passed so quickly. I didn't get home until close to 10...

  Made bbq ribs for supper and then ate and paying for that now.  Burping like crazy. Not sure if it's the ribs or the garlic mashed potatoes... Had a good day today, a number of interesting coincidences showed themselves, and it was gorgeous weather. Hit 65 again today. Very sunny and just a tad breezy, but nothing too bad. The tornado watch petered out and we did get some thunderboomers. One of them, just as I was going to bed last night, was a doozy, and lasted close to a whole minute.  Exciting stuff!!  It even woke up the Irishman.

  More seed catalogs came in the mail today.  It has me wanting to plant something sooooo bad.  But my new mantra is ..."It's TOO early, it's TOO early..."  The month of March cannot be trusted, this much I know is true.  Even April is dicey...but by the end of the month, I will be starting flats. That should take the edge off it for me, lol.

Thinking about buying some baby chicks and seeing if I can't fool one of the hens into thinking they're hers. Then she'll protect them. It might not be a problem since there's no male anymore. Roosters are known to kill and eat baby chicks, so you almost always have to separate them from a new brood. Since there are only 3 hens, it might be an easier transition. Only one way to find out, I think.. The thing is, if the hens won't accept the babies, they will freeze to death out there.  If I keep them in the house until they're bigger, the hens won't accept them. sigh... I gotta tell you-chickens are some freaky critters....

  Gonna hang her up and go to bed.  It's a tad past midnight...and already I'm hoping I don't forget to turn the clocks forward Sunday early AM.  I am so ready to "SPRING forward" !!!!!



TechnoBabe said...

"The month of March cannot be trusted." So true, I keep telling hubby that. He wants to pretend it is almost spring and then it snows again like yesterday and more due here today.

Prayer Girl said...

Love your wall hanging.

Thanks for the reminder that our clocks change this weekend.


jozien said...

Hi! great reading, but lots of questions arise, and you can just answer me by saying, scroll down and read my blog:)
Anyway, what kind of office do you have, what do you do? What are you painting? And what is -Gathering of Girls-!?
By the way i love your flash 55 post.