Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Friday, Friends !

  My the time flies when we're having fun!!  Here it  is, Friday once the earth moves 'round the sun, and the sands of the hourglass trickle down....we find ourselves again in the throes of a thrilling day of 55 word fiction. Traveling around the world to read the good words, from the UK to the Yukon, from Michigan to Switzerland.  Another delightful day of lexicography awaits!

  Here's the deal.:  write a piece of delightery in 55 words, then go over and tell Galen that you've got it going on !  Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

IN's mine!

When all else fails…she muttered, fumbling with the needles.  This was turning out to be a much bigger deal than she had anticipated.  She was running out of time. Rummaging through the basket, she looked over at the dismembered body.  How to fix this?  

Raggedy Ann has lost a leg and soon Sissy would know.


Prayer Girl said...

Simply love this 55. Of course, I got to the 'dismembered body' words and thought, "Annie writing about murder and mayhem????" "No way!" THEN, I saw it was poor Raggedy Ann.


Alice Audrey said...

Better put in some sutures. Should be some in the sewing kit.

TechnoBabe said...

Whew, sewing needles. What a relief. And poor Raggedy Ann.

Monkey Man said...

Funny....glad is wasn't a sock monkey. My 55 is HERE .

Brian Miller said...

teehee. fun 55. have had to repair a few superheros along the way with my boys....they take quite the beating.

my 55 is uP!

Buzzard said...

Very good.

Was my dog at your house?

He is known for his skill at dismembering.

My 55: A Familiar Face

DJan said...

this is a very good 55. Soon RA will be fixed!

Steve E said...

Can't talk right now--preparing for major surgery. Raggedy Ann has lost a leg...she'll be good as new in a half hour.

You are always so good on these "55" thingies, Annie!


~ Tabitha ~ said...

Have a great weekend :)

g-man said...

Ya know...
I think that there is a market for amputeee dolls...Really!
Excellent 55 Annie..:-)
I loved your story today, and a absolutely love your Friday enthusiasm.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G