Monday, March 22, 2010

Mondays Moments

This is a new Goodwill find...caught my eye and spoke to me, so I ponied up the 2  dollars for it.


  An interesting day today around here. I went shopping for a few groceries as a girlfriend is coming for lunch tomorrow. Bought some things like fresh asparagus and artichoke hearts and mushrooms to make a yummy quiche. Found fresh mozzarella and some lovely spring lettuce mix with raddichio and arugula and all the good stuff in it. Bought a cantaloupe and some more pineapple as well, as the price was right.Some butter and some half and half and my fridge is stocked !

  I made a couple of decisions today concerning some things that were important to my well being and unfortunately pissed a couple of people off.  One was very snotty to me on the telephone and practically hung up on me. She doesn't have a lot of social skills it's hard to tell if she was hanging up on me forcefully or simply being her usual self.  The other had asked me to do something that was uncomfortable to me, and I declined.  She wasn't very happy either.  It's funny how people will expect you to fulfill their requests without ever thinking that maybe you won't.  lol  I'm not exactly a'd think the people in my circle would know me by now.  The most interesting part of all this, was that I really wanted to call the first one back and give her my opinion of HER and her behavior.  I picked that phone up twice...and put it back down. I called my sponsor instead. (And she hasn't, BTW, returned my call.)  But like most of the rash things I think about doing, when I let it lay for long enough to try to call my sponsor, I changed my mind about calling her. It wouldn't have accomplished a thing and I would have felt bad about it later. Maybe much later, but still...*grin. Sometimes I can actually take the time to ask myself..."How important is it, anyway? Will it matter in a month, or a year or 5 years?"  Most of the time I can lay it down and leave it there.

  I've been feeling like a change of venue may be in order. I live in an area where there are lots of meetings in different areas that are all about the same distance from me, travel wise. Each areas meetings are about as different as they could possibly be. To the north of me is rural and things are much  calmer and peaceful.  To the south of me is a college town, and the meetings there have their own flavor, I hesitate to say intellectual, but they are in a way, a different class of people. To the west of me, which is where I have been going the majority of the time,  it's more working class, and hard core.  I'm feeling a bit burned out and wanting to isolate. And I'm thinking maybe I need to get out and about a little more and switch my recovery neighborhoods around a bit.  Just feeling like maybe things need a little shaking up.

  It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day today. I opened up the house and let the breezes carry out the staleness of winter.   I think it's supposed to be like this the rest of the week.  I hope so. It was nice. I walked around the yard and checked on the plants. The forsythia are just on the verge of bursting into their magnificent yellow blooms. The lilies are all coming up like gangbusters and the sedum is looking good, in fact it's so interesting looking that I think I'll get out there tomorrow and get a picture of it.  My Egyptian Walking Onions (remember them from last year??) are up and looking good at about 6-8 inches high. And they have spread out nicely in the little plot I planted them in, looks like there will be a nice patch of them this year.  The shasta daisies are coming up too, little green mounds of leaves.  I forgot to go look at the asparagus patch. It should be showing some signs of life as well.

  It got me all fired up to start planning the gardens. 

  But, first things first. I have to get up early to get things ready for my lunch.  Which means I have to go to bed. Now. I'm making a concerted effort to get to bed earlier and get more sleep. And believe it or not...midnight IS an improvement (for me!).

  Happy Spring, everyone.  We have an equinox plan for Saturday and a potluck at the CSA gardens for Thursday. Life is good...



Hope said...

I like that plaque - I would have ponied up two bucks for it, too.

Life is good. I was looking forward to beginning to think about playing in the yard but we have winter back again so it will be a little longer yet before I can dig around in the dirt.

TechnoBabe said...

The goodwill plaque is a good find.
Interesting to read the description of the various meetings. I always choose calm places. I gravitate toward calm and kind people. Not kiss ass people, just kind. What a shame that someone is not able to take NO for an answer.

DJan said...

Sometimes people ask for something that they actually already have decided you will do, and when you throw in a monkey wrench by saying no, they have no place to go except getting angry. Good job standing your ground, I would probably have done it and fumed inwardly, getting angry at myself instead.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Just a quick thank you! The path wouldn't be as golden and glowy without you!

drybottomgirl said...

One of the first things my sponsor did with me is plan a new meeting schedule. My life is crazy busy and trying to get to a meeting everyday was costing me at home. We chose four very good and very different meetings that I attend every week and if the opportunity arises to get to more I do. But I can say I like the diversity of them all and sometimes I get more quality with less quantity. Great find at Goodwill!

Kathy M. said...

Good for you for not making that call--even when you couldn't reach your sponsor. I find I'm better able to do the things you wrote about today (reach for my tools) than I used to be. Used to be that I felt I had to act on every impulse. These days I have a lot fewer amends to make... lol

I still feel the need to shake things up sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if it's the old me, addicted to chaos and change. Not used to calm. Spring seems to trigger that for me. But you seem grounded and focused and happy in your life.

I think finding the right meetings is important. I just read an article about that in the "Forum."

Spring sounds lovely as you describe it. It made me think of spring in New England. Spring feels very different here in the southwestern desert. I still miss forsythia, lilies and Shasta daisies. Thanks for conjuring those memories.