Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday again... lol

Somebody told me that they are predicting snow showers on made me cry.  We have been having temps in  the 60's. ..

  I know that today is Wednesday. I know it for sure. By the time anyone reads this, however, it will be Thursday. I will be meeting with a pastor of a church that our womens group is moving to in the morning, thenm I will go meet a friend  for lunch and THEN, I will go to my sisters for a bit. It will be another full day, much like the last 3 days have been.  I am tired. Friday is more of the same.

 I was up at 7 AM caulking this morning and got it all done (yippee!!). After I got back from the running I did today, I started working on putting things in order in here and I am almost finished. The wing back chair that I wanted to put in here will not fit through the doorway!!!  We struggled with it at every angle and in every direction we could and it was just not meant to be.  Dang! I told the Irishman..."But-- I have a PLAN!!!!", the Bentwood rocker is in here instead. All the books are back on the bookshelves, most everything is cleaned up and put away except for 1 more box of stuff that came off the desk.  The desk itself is almost clean too!! I took some pictures of the almost finished project...It's nothing fancy, but it looks a lot better.even though I sure wanted a more comfortable chair in here than that rocker. OH well. Rocking chairs are nice too.

My son called this morning early and asked me a typical boy question: It went like this:
"Hey mom. Whatcha doing?"
"Hey mom--I have a question-what do they do for a broken toe?-Nothing, right?"
""I can just tape it to the toe next to it, right?"


He is back at the martial arts gym and has been grappeling, I guess that's how he did it. He said it doesn't really hurt or anything, and no, of course it isn't gong to keep him out of the tournament next weekend. He was especially proud to tell me that for the first time when he was grappeling with his instructor, he made the guy tap out. From what I understand, you tap out to save your life when somebody's got you in a hold that you can't get out of.

  I'm not real crazy about this contact sport stuff, but he really likes it. The discipline is probably good for him and the exercise and diet regimen certainly is. He assured me that this isn't like the kickboxing he was doing before. THAT was hard to watch, even though he is very good and always got in more kicks than he took.

(Why couldn't I have just had a girl who got married and settled down and gave me lots of grandbabies????)  lol

Okay, I'm off to bed. I have a wayward kitten that refuses to come in and I'm giving her one last chance and then I am done.It's almost 1:30 here and I have an early day ahead. 

Happy Anniversary  ((((Steve))))  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  36 years is a long time....Thanks for lighting the way....



Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

We just moved a chair from living room to bedroom, I didn't think it would fit, but it did, tightly.

Just can't quite give it up... yet.

Akannie said...

LOL...Jess...I know, RIGHT ?? I haven't completely given up YET...I had just found a gently used gorgeous cover for the chair too, that fight perfectly with the colors in here!

DJan said...

I just had to laugh at your description of the phone call with your son... are they ALL like that? Anyway, I think he's right: tape it to the toe next to it, but I might be hurting for a long time. Sheesh! Thanks for all the smiles and congratulations on the End of Caulking.

TechnoBabe said...

We had a couch we couldn't get into a room from a narrow hallway so we had to get help to lift it up to the window from outside. Is there some way to take the chair apart and then put it back together in the room? We took a door off one time to a room and it gave us enough space to get something into the room. I hope you get it in there!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Sounds like we're all working on our spring cleanings and such...I managed to switch around the dining room, clean the cobwebs, the dogwebs, and move my plants to better locations...I think they will like their new views. I have not painted a thing and doubt I will get any big bug to do so until summer LOL!

Love you and sounds like a lot of good stuff happening your way.

Kathy M. said...

Congratulations on your room. Will you post pictures?

If it makes you feel better, I had a daughter and often thought a son would have been easier. lol.

Be well.