Sunday, January 8, 2012

You don't bring me flowers....any.... more....

Remember that song? I think about it when I think of the movie The Way We Were, with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford.  I was pretty young when that movie came out, 1973. The song itself was actually recorded in 1978, 5 years later. But those years are all a bit fuzzy and glopped together in my mind...maybe that's why. lol

  Anyway...I thought of it today when my darling husband brought me a dozen long stemmed roses. Just because. Now, don't ask me why I thought "you don't bring me flowers" when he does and did today bring me flowers, because if I think too hard about it, my head might explode.

  Hard to get a good picture of them...the vase and roses are so long...and it's after midnight and the light is bad.

  But I was so touched by this amazing man I love....when I said hey--my birthdays over, he said--they're not for your birthday. They're just...for you.  Just because.

  A lot of the time, these days, I think I must be living someone else's life.


   So it was chilly today, still warm for January, but not 70. LOL  The sky was sunny off again, on again. I took Miss Roxie to the park when I went into town to go to the market. Thankfully, it was on again then. I went to get some lettuce and tangerines for a big salad I was making us for lunch, as I didn't have enough romaine and hoped to get more, but alas, all they had was iceberg. So...I only got tangerines. I fleshed out the salad with baby kale from the garden and it was awesome.

  I didn't take a picture of that gorgeous thing, but it was made of romaine and baby kale, frozen chives from the garden, reconstituted dried radishes and carrots (FTG),  sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (yup--I dried 'em), tangerine segments, pecans,  and chunks of chilled chicken. Dressed with a poppyseed dressing, it was magnificent!  I woke up this morning, hungry for salad. It made a great lunch and I took some with me to MissB's for my supper too. Then we had a slice of cheesecake with fresh frozen raspberries from back in August.

  All in all, a meal fit for royalty. 


  I have a busy week ahead and have laundry going right now to try to stay on top of things. Tomorrow I am driving 45 minutes south to meet my sister-in-law for  lunch. She's taking me to Olive Garden where we will probably pig out on their soup, salad and bread sticks.  If we don't succumb to something really decadent, like the portabello mushroom raviolis with the smoked cheddar sauce. Or something equally rich and wonderful. LOL   On Tuesday I have a dr appointment and on Wednesday I am taking off work to go down to my cousins old home for the Memorial service which will be held on Thursday for my aunt. I'll stay the night with my brother down there and celebrate my darling niece's birthday that night and Friday. I have a massage scheduled for Thursday that I am going to call tomorrow and reschedule [hopefully] for Wednesday morning. Then sometime Friday night I will head back home to my fur babies and that adorable Irishman of mine. He's going to stay home and caretake the critters. Then I have a sponsling coming out on Saturday morning to start some step work.  Then it's back to work on Saturday afternoon. 

 Man. I'm tired just typing that.  Somewhere Tuesday-Wednesday I have to try to get this house cleaned up a little. If I don't it will be a disaster by the time I get back.  Also need to get some kind of food made for this man to eat while I'm gone.  Maybe a casserole and a pot of some chili. That should take care of him. Not that he can't cook for himself....because he can. I have just gotten him so spoiled that he doesn't. 

  I need a wife.  lol


  I have some bills to pay too and get in the mail tomorrow...most of them I pay online, or EFT, but there are a couple of floaters out there that I have to actually write checks for. And use STAMPS on.'s like the dark ages.  lol

 I am going to buy a new phone this week. It's time for an upgrade and I have decided to step out of the cave and buy an iphone.  I have dug my heels in and refused to do it for the past few years, but I think the time has come.  I can get the phone for almost nothing and I think it's another 15 dollar/month  charge for the internet service. I need to do a little more reading and make sure I have the facts right.

 God--what's next??


  Alright my dears...I am going to hit the hay here in a bit. It's after 1 AM and I have been doing a pretty good job of not staying up so late all the time. The past few days I have been in the sack before midnight. I'm not sure I really feel any better, but I have got to do something about this sleeping thing.  

  I am hurting pretty bad tonight. When Roxie and I went to the park, we walked the perimeter of the place all the way around without stopping to sit once!  (That may not sound like much to you, but for me it is. Between this bum knee and my general bone damage, it's a deal.)  I want to try to walk her there at least five days a week as part of my new and improved rehabilitation/physical exercise routine. I have a set of Zunba  dvd's that I want to use, but my body is not quite ready yet. Soon...


  Adios, friends.  Until tomorrow....



Kristin H. said...

Oh, lordy! New iPhone means Bloggin on the Go. LOL.

A lucky lady you are, indeed, to get just because flowers. Those are the best kind.

Here's to hoping you have a flawless week.

LindaM said...

That salad sounds delicious. I might try that soon here. I have been craving a good salad.
I think those flowers are gorgeous and you are married to a very sweet man. But you deserve it! You do!

DJan said...

My guy brings me flowers because he knows I love them, but he's NEVER ONCE got me long stemmed roses. Lucky you. And your salad sounds incredible.

I pay all my bills on line these days, which really makes things simple. When I have to write a check it seems really strange. Once I went three months without needing to write one.

Please keep me posted about the iPhone, since I've also been thinking along those lines but hesitate.

Beth said...

The flowers are lovely Annie and I think you deserve them.

The salad sounds wonderful!!

Judi said...

Just because is the best reason ever to get flowers!

Rita said...

Just because you're you!! You deserve them. I do remember that sad song, too.

Your week sounds very busy. Don't overdo it. I hope you stay pain-free over this hectic week. :):)