Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Look For A New Year? We'll see...

  Okay, okay...I know we are already wayyy into the new year, but it's only today that I played with the look of this bad boy.  I don't know if I like it or not.

   Been a quiet morning here at Honeysuckle Hill.  Warmed up enough finally for the dogs to go out.  17 when I got up and about 25 now.  And sunny. With blue skies.

   So, the sick plot, not only have my brother, his daughter, my sister-in-law been sick, but about 9 more people for sure that were all at the Memorial Service for my aunt have turned up sick too. All within hours of the service..all with the same crazy symptoms. Diarrhea, vomiting, chills...very flu-like, yet not. My SIL came up with the idea of a Norovirus from the restaurant, but over half the sick people didn't eat there. My brother and I and my other brothers wife who did are the only 3 of our group not sick. It must have been someone who came through the service, hugging and kissing everyone.  I was probably the least social of the group. lol  Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that I don't come down with anything...eating extra kimchi and taking my vitamins.

  I found a small package of 2 or 3 chicken breasts (boneless/skinless) in the freezer, and am trying to decide what kind of simple supper to make with them.  Thinking maybe a kind of a primevera pasta dish, with egg noodles maybe?  I've only got an hour and a half before I have to leave, and still need to take a shower I'd better get on the ball.

  I came on to see if I'd be able to get on the computer today....wasn't sure what the big guys were doing exactly. Mozilla is one of the ones taking part in the blackout.  Whatever that meanhs. lol

  The stew turned out good...the Irishman loved it, even if he did get a mouthful of peanut butter that wasn't quite dissolved completely. lol It surprised him more than anything...It was seriously filling and satisfying...

   I'm not sure why I'm posting here today...I really don't have anything to say, and there's not much happening here on the old home place. The chickens are out happily scratching the dirt, the pond is frozen over, the skies are blue. The dogs are out front laying around in the sun,. and little Roxie is here in the office, lying in a pool of sunlight.  I'm thinking that in my next life, I want to be a dog...sleeping and playing, eating and pooping...and doing it all over again. No responsibilities, no worries...just a good quiet life. Get plenty of pets and snuggle up to someone when it's cold.  Be amazed by everything, every day.  Love unconditionally.  Lie right on top of the heater vent on the floor if you feel a little chilly.  lol  


   Maybe I'll finish this tonight.....later, taters...

  Okay, so it's later...much later. After midnight actually.   The chicken breasts (2) turned out to be sweet and sour chicken that went over the top of the leftover brown rice. It was magnificent, if I do say so myself. Simple, with only a few carrots, and onions and multi-colored bell peppers in it. And pineapple, of course. And Chinese 5 Spice and ground ginger, and soy sauce.  And celery seed.  LOL  But you can trust me when I tell you it was as good as any I've made.

   I am tired tonight, the end of my week, and am so looking forward to being home. I do have to take Miss Molly the Jack Russell Terrorist to the vet tomorrow at 4, but that's okay. It's time for vaccines again. But the whole rest of the day is mine...woohoo!  It amazes me that I used to work 65-75 hours a week for years and it never fazed me...I must be all used up.  Getting old ain't for sissies, as my  buddy used to always say....he was right.

   Going off to meet the Sandman now...sending sweet dreams your way too....




DJan said...

Oh, that picture! Is that Roxie? What a sweetheart. I would only want to come back as a dog if I could live in a house like yours. Hope you had a good night's sleep and are all rested up from your busy week. :-)

Beth said...

When I went back home last May to put flowers on my husbands grave my daughter and I went around visiting many of my old friends. I got so many hugs and kisses. Two days later I came down with something that took me well over a month to get over, including trips to the doctor and antibiotic. When I visit the grave this year I think I will just call my friends on the phone.
I hope everybody gets well soon.

LindaM said...

Your new look is very spring like.
Jut reading about peopke with stomach flu makes me feel sick! LOL! I hope everybody mends fast and you continue to avoid it.
I think I'll take a dose of elderberry elixir nowz, We ran out of kim chi! Horrors!

Rubye Jack said...

People need to quit with all the kissing and hugging in my opinion. I'm not much of a hugger anyway, but in the winter it spreads the germs like crazy.

Cloudia said...

enjoyable post!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Teresa Evangeline said...

I love and can so relate to the image of the golden at the door. And that little sweeetie-pie with the bandana...adorable.