Sunday, January 22, 2012

Has the world gone crazy ???


  Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!!

  It's the year of the Dragon. 

My year.



 It's crazy out there.  I just checked again because between the time I let the dogs out and then let them back in, the temperature came up another 5 degrees. It's now 51.  FIFTY-ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Do you see how crazy that sounds??)  lol  We have been having thunder and lightning and rain and warm. And it's January, people!  

  It was so foggy on the drive home tonight that I couldn't see 3 feet in front of the car. Had to drive home about 30 mph all the way.

  And it's supposed to be very windy and drop back down to the low 30's tomorrow morning.

  I am absolutely flamboozled by it all.


Something is wrong with our Bella...she wouldn't take a cookie this evening and she wouldn't even eat a Good& Plenty (her favorite snack). She came in here wanting to be put in her crate and she's acting all strange and I hope it's something that will go away tonight...She went out for a little while but didn't want to stay long.  She seems to be sleeping it my fingers crossed...


I am taking my Oreck in to the shop for a cleaning and tune-up in the morning. Then I'm meeting someone for breakfast that I haven't seen or talked to in a while...looking forward to that.  Then I'll mosey back home and take care of a few things. Then it's off again...


 Got a lot of housecleaning and laundry done today while the Irishman was gone...vacuumed everything since the vac will be in the shop a day or two.  Maybe that's why my neck and back are hurting so bad tonight...I cannot for the life of me seem to get comfortable. In the midst of all the cleaning, I managed to cook an oven fried chicken supper with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. A real midwestern fare. lol  My husband was like a little boy--Oooo--GRAVY!!!!   lol--I don't make gravy very often, and he loves it.  We had a quick meal together before I left for MissB's. 


Still trying to learn how to use my iPhone. It's getting better all the time, and I'm sure I've tapped as much of it's potential as I have my own brain. lol  But I'm finally easily using the keypad, which is a big change from the one on my old phone, and which took a while to master. I'm not great at it, but I am a lot better.  I've taken a few pictures and I'm learning to navigate it a little better.


 I am really feeling weird. There's a low humming in my head/ears. I'm faintly nauseous and stiff as a board in all my joints. Strange....


 Time for bed, I think.
 This too shall pass.





Rita said...

We just got our first snowfall that was just enough for the plow to come for the parking lot. (In a normal winter he wouldn't have bothered for 2 inches, but times have be rough for the plow folk.)

I hope Bella is okay--and you, too!

Mmmm! Gravy!! ;)

LindaM said...

We are in an ice storm. No driving anywhere today.I hope you wake up feeling better and that Bella also sleeps it off!

DJan said...

Poor Bella. I know how she feels when you just don't feel good. And you too? But your activity level is back to normal, for you.

Hope to read everything is fine next time. Thinking of all of you and your weird weather. :-)

Dirt Lover said...

Flamboozled!! What a totally cool word. I will try to use it today, and think of you. I hope both you and Bella are much better after a good nights sleep. Be careful out there in this crazy weather we've been having.

Annette said...

I love how you said after dropping the vac at the shop you would "mosey" home. I am constantly rushing trying to get as much done in a minute as is humanly possible. I am going to try to mosey sounds so relaxed and calm vs. rushing.

Beth said...

I hope both you and Bella are on the mend as you are reading this. The temp has been falling all morning and is 34 degrees right now.