Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post Birthday Bliss...

 I just want to know one thing.  If there can be 12 days of Christmas...why can't there be 12 days of birthday?

  I'm here to tell you..THERE CAN BE !!!!!

  And today is Day 2. (or 3, if I start the day before my birthday) Doesn't matter. Once again, it's something I'm going to do until I don't want to do it anymore. (The story of my life).  lol

  It was a wonderful Epiphany. I got up and the Irishman made my breakfast. Then he drove me to town for my 10:30 massage appointment. After I was completely rubbed and squeezed into ecstatic submission, I wandered down the stairs to find him at the desk, chatting up my masseuse.  Turns out he had not only paid for my massage, but paid for the next one too. What a guy, huh?

  Afterwards we went to the Dead Lobster (my affectionate nickname for the restaurant)  for a shrimp-y lunch, which we enjoyed immensely.  Then it was back home to rest up and get ready to make the pilgrimage to the veterinarians office. The Honey Badger had to get her post-bite exam and be micro chipped and we also used the opportunity to get Miss Caylee rustled in for a rabies shot.  This is no mean feat. She HATES riding in the car and was terrified, but the Irishman was able to manage her and we got there and back and everything was fine. Thing is, every time she gets in the car it's because of trauma and so she has connected those two things. We try and try to get her in the car to go to the park like the other dogs love to do, but he will not.  Anyway, it's over for another year.


  now then.  Dear Kristen, from Jilli Java, has sweetly awarded me an award.
 I am supposed to award it to 3 people whose blogs I read and then tell you 7 obscure facts about myself.  I want to acknowledge Jozien  at Keeper of Wild Places, for always giving me another magnificent way to look at the world around us. Her writing, her art...she is wonderful.   Then there is Linda at Hello,It's Me.  She's really something--talented, intuitve and inspires me more than she'll ever know.  And last, but not least, is the ubiquitous Rubye Jack (aka Linda) at Blue Skies, Sunny Days. We are sisters under the skin and she opens new doors for me every time I read her blog.  I am blessed by all 3 of these well as many more, but I only get to pick 3 here.  LOL

  Okay. 7 obscure facts about me.  (This could be harder than it sounds, as my life is an open book). (Which only means I am a blabbermouth).   lol

  1)  I am an earthquake "sensitive".  Preceding earthquakes (sometimes for up to a week before, depending on the magnitude)  I experience physical symptoms: frozen neck muscles, headaches,stiff neck and a low hum in my ears. 

  2)  I am a conspiracy theorist, and instead of getting better, I only get worse, as the world gets smaller.

  3)  I have a good singing voice, even though my regular voice sounds like one of those old lady gin-voices.

  4)  I have an amazing ability to BS my way into, out of and through almost anything.

  5)  I have never had an earache. In my whole life.

  6)  I have an ultra-keen sense of smell.

  7)  I was in South America when the Jim Jones Massacre happened. Whatever year that was. I was in a     
       drunken, drug crazed  whirlwind and it's a miracle I lived long enough to get clean and sober.


  So, there you have it.

  I have some things to do before it suddenly turns into noon (half an hour from now)  and I'd better get crackin' !!

  Later, Taters...



Beth said...

I hope your birthday was beyond spectacular!!

Rubye Jack said...

Annie, I was just thinking of what bliss a massage is and then I saw my name. Thank you so much for the award. Today is a good day indeed.

I'm also ultra-sensitive to earthquakes. Did you see the post at Nance's "Mature Landscaping" about HSP? She has a test you can take to see if you are hyper-sensitive. I already knew I was but it's fun to see what others say.

Annette said...

Hey Annie, I gave you a blogger award. Head over to my blog to see it. :o)

Kristin H. said...

I would love to hear more some day about the South America segment of your life.

Dirt Lover said...

Congrats on your bloggie award. Your massage sounds wonderful, and topped off by another? What a wonderful Hubby you have.

Annette said...

Ooops, you already were tagged. How did I miss that??!! Ignore mine.....its fine, really. I loved reading your 7 things here!

LindaM said...

OMG Annie! Thank you! I really didn't know! I'm honored!

We have two things in common!
Earthquake sensitivity and a keen sense of smell!
And also a big Happy Birthday to you! I think you should keep on celebrating because you deserve it:)

Petit fleur said...

You're amazing.

DJan said...

I also loved reading your seven things. Some of them didn't surprise me at all, but being sensitive to earthquakes, I never heard of that one before! :-)

Akannie said...

The birthday was great, thanks Beth and everyone. And as far as the test, RJ...LOL...I went there. I couldn't decide if it was a joke or not when I read my results. (Maybe it was just late at night)

Annette--you're a doll!! Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for reading this drivel I write. lol

Kristin--it's enthralling, believe me. Ends up with me coming back into the states on Super Bowl Sunday, and couldn't get anyone to come to the SF airport and pick me up...BECAUSE THE GAME WAS ON !!!! lol The friend who did, stopped at every small bar between Clearlake and SF to catch up on the game and have a drink. So, in January, I sat in the SF Airport in white drawstring pants, flipflops and a lavendar tube top, waiting for a ride for over 8 hours. lOL

Lori--I am a lucky duck!!!

Linda--I know we're connected!! Except that you are an exceptional fiber artist, and it's everything I can do most days to dress myself. lol

Little Flower...So are you, dear girl, so are you...

DJan--Really? There are actually quite a number of people out there who are Sensitives. And pigs. lol I was interviewed by the local college newspaper and radio station after the 1992 quakes..we had 3 in a 3 day stretch. The first one was 7.2 and I was so sick (nauseous, dizzy and couldn't turn my head an inch) and had to leave a meeting I was sitting in. I had been feeling degrees of this for several days, and I knew it was going to be a big one. Usually, as soon as the quake is over, the symptoms immediately disappear. When they only lessened, I knew there were more on the way. It was really scary. Somewhere around that time I met a teacher in Ferndale who is part of a government project studying people who experience these things, and he made me feel a lot less crazy. lol After the second quake hit, people were calling me and yelling OMG!!! lol

Rita said...

I'm after the fact, but I hope you are still celebrating your 12 days of birthday!!

Karma screams, howls, shakes, and barfs in the car. So, since she never leaves the apartment and hasn't been sick she hasn't gone anywhere since she was fixed, declawed, and had all her shots the first year. I'm sure she hopes she will never, ever have to go in the car ever again.

Loved your seven!
I'm sure glad you were born...and are still here!! ;)

FrankandMary said...

Dead Lobster made this vegan laugh.
Thanks. Linda sent my this way.