Monday, January 2, 2012

The Human Condition...

  I am amazed at the outpouring of love on behalf of my nephew and family.  It makes me truly inclined to believe in the good of humanity and that no matter how far we may sometimes wander off our path, we can always find our way back to our own humanness.  This is not news. We see it happen every time there is a Katrina or a tornado like the one in Joplin.  The earthquakes in Haiti, the famines in Africa...good hearted people doing whatever little thing they can to help another suffering human being.

  I am getting emails and phone calls from people I haven't heard from in years, offering  prayers and good wishes.  They are organizing a blood drive down in Florida, friends and family of my nephew and his wife, as a pay-it-forward kind of thing.  Jeremy had to have almost the entire blood volume of his body replaced.  It saved his life. There are people offering up prayers and support from all over the world, thanks to the amazing Internet.

  He went back in today for more surgery, but they couldn't do much...his pancreas is much more damaged than they originally thought  and I guess the lung is too. So, they will wait a few more days, keeping him sedated and with no outside stimulation...they've barred visitors.  It's frightening and tragic and damn....I cannot imagine what my sister and her daughter-in-law must be going through.  It's hard to be so far away...


  We are having a cold snap (finally--at the beginning of January!!)  Supposed to get down to 14 tonight and the wind has been atrocious.  BUT--Thursday is supposed to be 60. It's crazy, I tell ya....

  I am scattered all over the place. Made a chicken and rice casserole today for supper and served it with some sauteed cabbage and red onions. Yum...good comfort food for a cold windy day. I did a little house keeping and a little laundry and am about ready for bed, even though it's barely 11:30 PM.  All the animals seem subdued as well, and Bella just came in and got into her crate and is asleep. lol  I'm going to take that as a hint and go there myself. 

  The Irishman goes back to work tomorrow and I have nothing planned until time for MissB's in the middle of the afternoon. I can sleep in or get up early or do whatever I want. WooHoo!  (I'm going to be in trouble when the time comes for him to retire, aren't I ??)  lol  Luckily he's young, and still has a bit of work left in him.  lol

  I have one cat outside that needs to come in. I'm thinking that if I just open the front door, she'll probably come flying in out of that 20 degrees out there. Hope so. I am not tracking her down. Not tonight.

  Please take care, everyone. Tell your loved ones they're loved, make nice with the rest, and lets just set this world back on track again. Like some wise woman purportedly said: "Not every one can do great things. But everyone can do small things, with great love."

  You all make my world a better place. Thank you.



Rubye Jack said...

I'm so sorry about your nephew's condition Annie. It's so hard when family members are hurting and there is little you can do.

For some reason it is still warm here with nice sunny days. I'm not complaining.

Mary LA said...

Kindness, yes. I am sending out energies and prayers for your nephew, Annie. Take care, dearest one.

DJan said...

Keeping him in my thoughts. And you, too, Annie. Hope that little kitty came in from the cold.

Beth said...

Prayers for you all Annie and especially for your nephew.

Yes, most people are kind when they are given the opportunity. I have been the recipient of that kindness so many times.

It is 12 degrees here this morning and up to 50 by Thursday. It is always 10 - 15 degrees warmer close to StL where my brother lives.


Dirt Lover said...

Hugs and prayers to you, your family, and especially to your nephew. Just recently, I have been on the receiving end of the mountains of support. One thing that surprised me was how many people we know, and all of them truly care. My analogy~It was like being in the stands while my kid played football. He had to be the one that physically did it, but when I took the time to stop and look around, we had so many people in the stands, watching, praying, cheering. It's an amazing thing. Changed my life forever.

Rita said...

My heart goes out to the entire family and the friends of this young man. Prayers and hugs!

So true--tell your people how you feel about them and make nice. You never know what tomorrow holds and you never know who needs to hear it this very day. :):)

I hope the kitty came in from the cold! ;)

Petit fleur said...

I've been a little out of the loop lately with my bloggy friends. I did not know about your nephew. I am so sorry the little guys is having so much to struggle with... sigh. Of course I will pray for him and the family. Glad he made it through the first round of procedures.

Hope you are holding up.. It is hard to be so far away. Our fam is scattered as well.... and as you know and in keeping with our parallel worlds, I also have a struggling nephew on the other side of the country. (uncanny) Hang in there.

I'll be sending love and healing to you and yours.