Friday, January 27, 2012

What day is it ?

I think I have been run over by a semi...filled with crud.  My body hurts from lying around so much. My throat is sore from coughing so much. My head hurts and my eyes water and my nose ribs hurt and I'm so tired...

  I went to the doctor today (finally) because I have been sick for too many days in a row.  And the coughing is keeping me from sleeping, and it's the weekend and the over the counter cough stuff isn't touching this crap. so the doc did some cultures and some x-rays and came back after way too long and told me I have a bacterial infection in my lungs. The rest of it is just a bad bad cold. No fever, no extreme symptoms (which would point to flu).  He gave me antibiotics and codeine cough syrup and told me to stay at home for at least 4 days and let this clear up before it turns into pneumonia. I took him at his word....I have had bacterial pneumonia, and I sure don't want that again. Because as bad as I feel now, that time I really thought I was going to meet my maker.

 Ai Yi Yi...


 Yesterday afternoon, (in the middle of one of my sleep-a-thons), the vet's office called and said they had a lot of cancellations (people afraid of the predicted weather) and that if we wanted to move Bella's spay appointment up to Friday, they would have her in. In my muddled brain, I didn't even think about it, just muttered yes, sure. So, this morning, the Irishman hauled her 55 pound butt up to the vet's office. They kept her all day, and after he took me to the doctor and brought me back home, he took my prescriptions and headed up to have them filled and pick her up by 5. (The closest pharmacy is 15 miles to the north, right on the way to the vet's office). Bless his heart.  He is a good man, and I am one very lucky woman...
  She's still pretty wonky...and in some pain, I would guess. Keeps moving from one blanket to the next, one room to another. We just put the water dish down for her--they said after 8:30 and no food til tomorrow.  She keeps trying to vomit, but there's no food in her belly since midnight last night. She looks so pitiful....she'll be better in the morning....


 Dear sweet Beth Marie has honored me with  a blog award. And now, in my run down condition, I have to try to think of 5 blogs to hand it off to. (just kidding)  It's this one:

 Growing up in a German farming community, I know that Liebster means beloved ... and there are several blogs that fit the bill... 

  It's for us bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers and each must link back to the blog they got it from.
 (May I have the envelope please.???  drum roll)

 1) Lori, at Beyond Dirt, my Creative  Journey  because she thinks like I do! lol  

 2) MEEMSNYC  at  Gardening in the burroughs because she continues to amaze me with her blog and recipes and everything in between!

 3) Linda, at Hello, it's me  Because I admire her so much, her fiber art, her heart and her courage. xoxoxo

  4) Judy at  My freezer is full   She juggles the farm, the job and the family, as well as all the stuff in between.

and finally....

 5) Dear Wild Magnolia. Her blog is a thing of beauty, as is she. Reading her is sure to brighten your day!


  Wow. I did it, and my head didn't even explode. Although I do feel like it's time to lie down again....this stuff is kicking my butt. My house is a giant disaster. The laundry is piling up. And my kitchen is a mess. (That's the hardest thing-to me). I try to never go to bed with a dirty sink, but it's happened twice in the past few days...and may happen again tonight.  Hopefully the Queen of  England won't be coming by for a visit any time soon.  (An old joke--I have always been a little whack about cleaning, and my mother once said, "What?- Are you expecting the Queen of England????" ) 

  Alright, my darlings...I am off to the bed again. I pray that you all stay well and happy....and take care when out and about in the inclement weather (which we are supposed to have coming in again tonight).  Whether you're walking or careful!!




Annette said...

I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself. You deserve it. <3

LindaM said...

Oh Annie
I am so sorry you are sick but so happy that went to get it checked out. Sleep as much as you need!
Thanks for this award too. I'm deeply honored.
Keep us updated on how you are!

Beth said...

Annie, I am sorry you are still feeling tough. The prescription cough syrup is a good idea. If you have any left over, keep it in the fridge. I hope you feel better soon.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Hope you feel better soon. It's okay to pamper yourself - you deserve it.

DJan said...

Glad you finally went to the doctor to get some antibiotics. I got a cough this past summer and was sure it would clear up, but after so many weeks and it didn't, I went to the doctor and got antibiotics and found that the original bronchitis had become a bacterial infection. Cleared it right up.

You know how to take care of others, so I am sure hoping this means you are taking good care of yourself, too. Big hugs and hoping you're better soon.

Rita said...

Oh, you poor thing! Take it easy and glad you have some meds and a reason to lay low for four more days to heal. Sleep as much as you can! Hope puppy feels better soon, too. *hugs*

the wild magnolia said...

So happy to hear you are following doctor's orders. Being off your feet for a few days is never easy.

Sending feel better prayers and good bright and shiny energy.

Thank you for the Liebster Blog Award.

Take care of you.

Mister is going to grill out tonight. I love grilled hamburgers.


Kristin H. said...

Awww, honey. I'm so sorry. If I was your neighbor, I would totally come by and clean your house while you slept. Then you would awaken and think faeries had been there!