Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yee Haw...I think the drought is over.

  This  is the Rose of Sharon that I planted the first year we lived here. There was a huge rotting stump in the yard, so I planted about 10 ROS twigs (of different colors) all around the stump. Over the past 8 years, the stump has composted itself and the ROS have thrived.  Every fall or early spring, I get out there with my big loppers and cut it down to about a foot tall. It grows back with a vengeance and flowers beautifully throughout the summer.  Unfortunately, the Japanese beetles also love it.  

 This is all the stuff I cut out, making it's way to the backyard. (Look how green everything is !!!)

  I also did the monster Wisteria, which in one year grew from a small plant (the year before it was a 50 cent twig I got at Aldi's)  to a monster that ate the Arbor.  LOL  I cut that bad boy to the bone. It will either grow back like crazy, or it will be stunted from my ignorant lack of horticultural skills and knowledge. I really don't care which.  lol

The irises are about a foot tall...the lilies are all magnificent, and everywhere I look there are  buds and new leaves and flowers galore. 


 Yesterday, we were under a tornado watch all day. It started out gloomy, and as the day went on it cleared up and the sun came out and the temps soared into the high 70's.  That's when I decided to drag my sluggy butt outside and try to shake off the malaise by getting busy doing something.

  It worked.

  Mostly.  lol

  By the time I finished wrestling that wisteria to the ground, I was exhausted. So tired that I came in the house and sat down on the couch and fell instantly to sleep. I napped for about 45 minutes.  lol

  Last night it started to thunder and rained some. This morning it looks like someone left the floodgates open. Torrential downpours, mixed with thunder, lightning, and just regular hard rain. Constantly.  AND we are under a tornado watch again. It might be over by now, but it was on until at least 10, if they didn't extend it.  Life gets pretty exciting out here on the prairie.

 I managed to get outside and let the chickens out between downpours.  It gets really nasty inside that chicken run in the rain...slippery and muddy and stinky.  And the girls do NOT like all this rain. I need to get out there and get them some greens and check for eggs too.'s 63 degrees out there. But I'm still in my nightgown...


  I thought about a short shopping expedition today. Maybe a nice little meal out. I'm thinking there's leftover beans in the fridge, and wouldn't that taste good over a piece of buttered wheat bread??  With some onions on top ??  And I don't really NEED anything. So...why would I go out in this ?  I suspect that on the outer ends of our road (and especially down by the bridge that goes over Macoupin Creek) there is lots of flooding.  It's been raining pretty hard all morning. Earlier they were saying that we had about 5 inches of rain already and that was around 7 AM. It's now 11 AM and it has rained a lot since then.

  It's so easy for me to just stay home and isolate myself out here with my critters and my gardens. If I could arrange it, I'd have my groceries delivered. lol  Not that I need a lot in the way of groceries, but you know, paper goods and dog food.  The times that I do have standing appointments to be somewhere (like PT has been ) it makes me crazy.  I'm not agoraphobic or anything.  I just like being home.  And not having a schedule. lol  For years (most of my life) I had stringent schedules that had to be kept, was never without a watch, lived a lifestyle that was packed to the gills with things to do every waking minute. I haven't worn a watch in over a decade now.  I have slowed down considerably. I am rarely EVER on the run.

 I like this so much better.  

 And what better time to relish it than on a rainy rainy day, with dogs and cats curled up snoozing to the patter of rain on the roof.  With some soft jazz playing on the Bose. And beans in the fridge, calling my name.



Cloudia said...

How sweet :-)


Mariodacatsmom said...

Wow girl - you did a lot again. So glad you took out time to enjoy the rainy day in the company of animals. I'm sure they enjoyed it too.

Beth said...

You have worn me out again Annie!

Yes, I do believe the drought is over for now. ;-)

Mama Pea said...

By golly, I think you have the right idea of how to structure your days! With your wonderfully optimistic attitude, how can you go wrong? Love your posts talking about your everyday life.

Lo said...

I'm with you, just being at home and often spend the day in my nightshirt, even when I am digging in the garden.

I dreamed of this for years and now it is a reality....wheeee.