Sunday, April 21, 2013

...the world is LOUD...

 It is around here today, anyway. And it's mostly all my dogs. sigh... Motorcycles, dirt bikes, tractors... anytime any of these want to drive on our road, these dogs go crazy.  It's only really bothering me right now because I'm sitting at the computer, taking a break. Waiting  for a portion of the laundry room floor to dry so I can move things over and mop the other part.

  A beautiful day here at Honeysuckle Hill.  The guys have been mostly gone all day, and I am having a burst of housekeeping.  lol  Got 3 loads of laundry on the line, flapping in the breeze. Got the burnable trash all taken care of, as well as some of the smaller branches that got knocked down in the last few storms. (And yes, I did that first, just in case the wind was blowing the wrong way, lol)  I need to finish these floors--they were such a mess. It was time to vacuum again, but I kept putting off mopping because it was so muddy out. Pointless endeavors are not my forte. Even so, the dog hair was rolling like tumbleweeds across the floor and I had lots of good reason to vacuum.  This time of year it gets bad--between the muddy boots and dog feet, the seed pods that are falling everywhere,  and the people dirt and the dog hair--well, I really haven't got a chance. Yet, I carry on.  lol

  My son is down at my brothers, finishing up some tile work around their front door and fireplace. My husband is at a District Meeting.  It has been a peaceful morning. The Irishman surprised me by coming home at lunch, when I thought he would just stay down there until everything was finished.  Seems he forgot to print out the agenda for the meeting, so while he was here, I fed us and then he was off again. It was a nice little break. (Kinda like this one, lol) 

  My big windchime out front is playing it's soothing tunes in the breeze, the birds are singing, and the vacuum is quiet for a minute.  Maybe I'll go finish that and then come back. I think we are having spaghetti and salad for supper.  Himself has expressed a need for some spaghetti sometime this week, and since I don't have anything else planned for today, and I am dying for a nice salad....there ya go.  There's lots of chickweed, dandelions, onions, kale and violets out there to round out a bowl of greens. I haven't seen any wood sorrel yet, but I could look closer. I have some radishes, and will throw a handful of sun dried tomatoes in there too...maybe even some cucumbers, If I can find them. may have finished those off--they are such a great snack! I salted them before I dried them (because I LOVE cucumbers with salt!)  and they turned out pretty good. Very snackey--just like the dried tomatoes. YUM!

  Be back later, taters... 


  And here it is, almost 10:30.   Between  finishing the vacuuming and mopping all the wood floors and bathrooms...and taking in the laundry and fixing supper...and then watching a movie with my I am. Later than I had hoped. lol  I put clean slipcovers on the loveseats  after vacuuming the old ones.  I made the mistake of pulling the cushions off the couch to vacuum and the base part of the hideabed was a mess--I don't think it's been THAT long since I vacuumed there, but GOOD HEAVENS !!!!  So that turned a 10 minute vacuuming job into about 40 minutes.  But--it's clean now.  I cleaned off the dining room table [again] and put a new tablecloth on it. What is it with tables anyway ?? They're like giant magnets that catch everything that comes in the front door !  I turned off the furnace and opened the windows and turned on the ceiling fans, blowing some fresh air through here. It gets musty and stuffy from the rain with the dogs. I even burned a little incense, put on some pleasant music and  now it's all nice. For a minute. 

  We had a little alpha dog thing happen here tonight, and the poor little Jack Russell Terrorist, who has always been the boss...was put in her place by the baby dog, who is now bigger than everyone. It got a little ugly and the Irishman had to break it up. But now Miss Molly McGee is acting all bummed out and as a special treat, is sleeping in our bed tonight. sheesh...She's acting very put out, and doesn't want to breathe the same air as Bella dog.  She was hiding out in here for a while, and then made it to the couch to sit on her daddy's lap.  Now he is showering and she's in the bed, waiting for him.  She probably won't stay there all night, but she needs a little extra attention.

  The spaghetti was really good...made a caramelized onion and garlic sauce with all kinds of stuff in it: black olives, carrots, mushrooms.  The salad was wonderful too, I was really hungry for that.  Topped it off with a baguette fresh out of the oven and we went to town.  The Irishman was out planting potatoes for about 3 hours...planted 37 hills and still have the boxes to plant.  Kennebecs and Red Pontiacs. And 2 kinds of fingerlings: Ozette and  Ruby Crescents.

  I just turned the furnace back on because it's feeling a little chilly. Not getting too cold tonight...41 I think they said. But enough to make it pretty chilly come morning, even with all the windows  closed back up. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70, I have PT at 2 o'clock, and am going to attack that guest room. Maybe.  Might have to wait and see how I feel, because I am hurting pretty bad right now from doing a little too back and knee both. I think it was from hauling that 50 gallon garbage can down to the burn's just enough of a slope on that part of the yard that it's difficult walking.  And then there was all that vacuuming and mopping too. Anyway, I took half a muscle relaxer, so maybe that will be enough to let me sleep and feel better in the morning.

 Time for this one to turn in...



Mama Pea said...

Where do you get all your energy? Is it the salted cucs or dried toms or wild foraged things you put in your salad? At any rate, I want some.

I've had a hankering for spaghetti lately, too. Baked a turkey Saturday and that tasted pretty good. The best part is all the leftovers in the freezer and the huge pot of broth made from the carcass.

Okay, now I'm hungry for breakfast. I'll be gone all morning so won't get done what you get done in a day although I am on my second load of laundry already. It's Monday, you know!

DJan said...

It's obvious from your description of the day that you are back to normal, or close to it. What an exhausting day! And you're a little tired and sore? Hope that muscle relaxer did the trick and you're ready for another day, Annie. :-)