Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday in spring...

 Sigh....I could use a miracle or two.  lol  Actually it's nothing but emotional short circuiting and that's a seemingly commonplace thing for me these days. Is it my age?  Is it my health?  Is it...the world around me?  I don't know.

   I do know that it is an absolutely gorgeous day out there already, temps are 50 degrees at 9 AM.  It's sunny and the birds are singing and the it serves to remind me that every day I get to walk this earth is another miracle and I need to remember that.  I went out back to check on my chickens and the cats are lying about here and there, the dogs are lolling in the sun,  and the chickens are scratching around and got really excited when i came out. They know I'm picking greens for them, and those girls do love their greens. This time of year it's a good way to pull things up by their roots and clear the garden beds, none of which are planted yet.  Well, except the onions and garlic, which we put in last fall.  But still, pulling grasses and chickweed up by the roots gives them a little bit of buggy dirt to peck at too, and they love that. I really wish I could free range them, but it just isn't possible here. We keep talking about building a chicken tractor, but haven't done so yet.  It will probably go the way of the bee hives, which he informed me yesterday were "too much work and I'm not doing it."  Damn.  Makes me think I should find out about local beekeeping club/classes and do it myself. I'm tired of paying for honey, when the side effects of having bees would be so beneficial to our gardens too.  We have the hive boxes and supers.  Stacked right up in the garage.

  Last night a dear friend of mine died from cancer. He was home on hospice care since Thursday past, and he died in his sleep, thankfully.  But he got to be home, which tickled him to death.  I talked to him once in the past few weeks, and was planning to go see him as soon as I got over this bug. And now I can't. Blessings on your journey, Dick.  You are loved.

  Last night was also the benefit for my sister-in-law. Her daughters friends rallied together and put together a fund raiser to help defray some of the medical costs associated with the cancer treatments.  We drove the 45 minutes down there after I finished sitting with my neighbors husband for 10 hours, so I was a little weary.
But, I had relatives that drove up from Mt. Vernon that I wanted to see and I wanted to be part of it too, naturally, so we went.  The place was jam-packed and it looked like the donations were flowing freely.  She was looking pretty tired, but otherwise it was great. I think it was pretty overwhelming for her.   She is truly one of the best people I know, and I told her so when she expressed surprise at the turnout. I said I wasn't surprised.  Not a bit.

  My ex-motherinlaw also died this past week, and the service was on Friday.  My son was a pall bearer. I think everyone was as relieved as I know she was. She wanted to die...her quality of life lying in bed in a nursing home was nil. I'm sure my ex is relieved , even in his grief, that it is all over. Love and blessings to the family.


 I'm trying to map out my day.  I have a list, naturally, lol.  About half of the things on it are done, and I'm at a crossroads as to whether I stay put and do the few more things that need doing here, or head into town and run a few errands, and then come back and be here the rest of the day. Big decisions. lol

 The Irishman has gone and will be gone most of the day today, so I'm on my own.  I have more seeds to start and a cluttered house to straighten. I've already opened all the doors and windows and turned on the ceiling fans and turned off the furnace. It's supposed to hit 77 today and stay sunny. I have laundry too that needs doing...and if I get busy, I can hang it on the line. Probably do it all in just 2 loads...not an all day deal or anything. 

 I don't feel real motivated. I feel a little bereft, actually. Glad that the people who have passed are not suffering anymore, but sad for the hole in my life because of their absence.   That's life, I guess.  I've apparently reached that place in life where your friends start leaving this earthly plane.  I don't like it.


  Okay.  Enough wasting this beautiful day. I think I'll get out there with my hedge clippers and chop away at the wisteria and the Rose of Sharon. Neither of them have started to bud yet, though lots of things are, and so that window of opportunity is still open. I'll chop those bad boys down to about a foot and a half high. Maybe clear up a few other things too. Biggest problem is my wheelbarrow is coming apart. But I think I can still use it for this light weight stuff, before it comes completely apart.  I hope.  lol  I cannot BELIEVE how expensive wheelbarrows are these days !!!!  So, I am trying really hard to find a use one and not buy a new one.  OO-Oo...maybe I should spend the day at flea markets?  And just wait and do all the chores tomorrow....

 It is truly a miracle the way things have greened up since our Wednesday night tornadic storms. It's almost like somebody waved a magic wand over the yards and trees and POOF!  There's still a little brown hanging around, but there is so much green you barely notice.  I'm going to have to mow before long.

 Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. 



Beth said...

I am so sorry for the losses in your life Annie. No more pain for your friend. I felt that way when Jim died. Cancer is very cruel.

I hope things begin to be better in your life.


Rita said...

I lost my BFF soul-sister recently, so I have that feeling of a sweet piece being missing. I'm happy for her. so went unexpectedly and swiftly--and that is the way to go. :) But I do miss her.

I can't imagine 70 degrees. I can hardly see out the windows right now for the white-out snowstorm/blizzard--LOL!

I say--find a beekeeping person or class to learn all about it. Then if you want to do it--go for it. (I do worry about our loss of bees!) You do have a lot on your plate already, but I really envy you your independence. To me, you are living the dream! Gradually getting off the grid would be like heaven. A LOT of work, though.

I have to ask--what is a chicken tractor?

The earth does love a good storm. Enjoy that yours left it green!! :):)

Carol said...

I don't know what a chicken tractor is either. I don't know what 77 degrees is either all I know is 50 degrees with a stiff breeze! It feels disorienting to me when people die, it throws me off!

Anonymous said...
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Mariodacatsmom said...

So sorry to hear about all your losses of family and friend. Even when it's a blessing for them, it's still sad for us. Hmmm, a chicken tractor! I must say I have no clue what that is. You are looking at an old girl here who had lots of relatives with farms and I spent a fair amount of time on them. Would love to hear what a chicken tractor is - or are you pulling our wings! he he

Akannie said...

Okay...a chicken tractor is a small coop like structure on wheels, so you can move your chooks around from one part of your yard/field to another, and they're still contained. It's got a fence part and a coop part...and it's mobile.
Brilliant idea, no ??

Akannie said...

MDCM--it's kind of a new concept...Really helps to keep the chickens from eating all your garden. lol Gives some of the benefits of free ranging your chickens, but none of the dangers.

Ashling said...

Bereft seems pretty appropriate under the circumstances. You've had a bear of a time these last couple of months. Let the sunshine and warmth and earth do their healing, and soon you'll feel more like yourself.

Akannie said...

Thanks Ashling are so right. Another lesson for me in slowing down, I think. On several levels....