Wednesday, April 10, 2013

 When the forsythia blooms, you can pretty much bet that spring has arrived.  I got out in the yard the other day with the camera and snapped some pics of flora and fauna happenings around Honeysuckle Hill. Just so you know--this is this years picture of the forsythia. 

These are the blackberry lilies planted outside the back deck. Lilies are showing up with a vengeance all over the yard. We have a few different kind, but lots of Stella de Oros and blackberry lilies. The latter have a fragile little flower, beautiful to look at. I have a picture somewhere easy to find ?? (Of course not)..sigh...

  Anyhoo...there are beautiful delicate blossoms on the peach trees suddenly as well, and buds galore on the fruit trees (apples and cherries).  Still no sign of the asparagus, but it should be showing itself soon. 

 The potted plants are refreshing themselves-some of the ones I left out last hens and chicks nd another succulent in these pots -can't remember what it is...

All in all, it's looking good out there. Things are greening up nicely. 

We're supposed to be in the path of some severe weather today, so we'll see how that happens. They've been predicting it for 4 days, and so far it clouded up once and then dissipated, and this morning right before I woke up it rained for 5 minutes.  There is thunder rumbling in the distance, so it is possible we could get some action at some point.  We'll see...

  I'm slowly slowly recovering.  One day I feel halfway decent and the next I lay around all day.  Not desperately sick like I was...just not okay. Icky stomach, headachey. Blah.  I made a trip into town on Monday and it nearly killed me. Felt like I'd run a marathon.  lol  Yesterday and today, I'm just hanging out and laying low. 


  I have a project in the doing..time to make the family reunion fliers and get them all mailed out. Every year that means sifting through addresses and making sure everyone who moved gets updated, anyone who got divorced , etc.  That's the hardest part to me...I still want to let the ex's know they are and will always be part of this family.  Their respective ex spouses don't always feel that way.  (ahem).   Anyway, I got the flyer made and am now addressing and stuffing envelopes. The grand event is the first weekend in June (ALWAYS), but one year I didn't send out fliers and they all went ballistic. sigh... Sometimes it's a tough thing for me to remember to do...I have to reserve the site way back at the first of the year, to make sure we get the same day use facility every time. It's nice, covered, big--right on the beach. By March, I've forgotten all about it. lol

  I send out about 55 fliers every year. It's a job. Last year I said I wasn't going to do it anymore. I've been doing it again the last 10 years.  Time for somebody else to step up...but no one does. While it's true that I am retired and don't work at a job...and most of the rest of them still do...I have a pretty busy life too.  Just sayin'...I shall put it out there again this year. Who knows? it could happen...I kinda like being the matriarch in charge of it, honestly...but it's getting old and I need a break. And maybe I'm just especially tired this year...


  Here's a picture of my big ole goofy Bella dog...enjoying the sunshine. 

Hamming it up for the camera.

  Have a grand day, y'all...I'm going to get off here and get something constructive done !! 



Mariodacatsmom said...

OMC - there is hope for Spring. Look at that beautiful flowers. ha ha - a far cry from the pictures I posted this morning! Class reunions are wonderful, except for the poor person who has to organize it. I haven't gone in 10 years. it's a long story, but I was a child of divorced parents and the Family Reunion is on father's side. Thus I don't feel close to anyone to go. Dumb - yes.

Beth said...

You are ahead of us in central Illinois. Nothing is blooming here yet.

I hope you feel better soon.


DJan said...

I am so glad to hear that you are slowly, slowly recovering from whatever it was that took you down. And that you are well enough to blog for your followers (that's me and a few more than me). :-)

Rita said...

Oh goodness! I've been remiss on reading blogs for so long--so very sorry to hear you were so terribly ill and are still recovering. I had a bad couple months and it took quite a while to feel human again--and it wasn't even the flu. But I felt every day like somebody who was beaten and kicked to a pulp in one of those violent movies. Sucks! I can imagine you are NOT feeling up to the 55 flyers. It's a big enough project when you feel well. I hope somebody steps up this year.

We're having a snowstorm right now, so your pics look so colorful to me. ;) And your darling Bella!! Ahhh!

I hope life is treating you better and better. :):)