Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday morning

 A rainy warm Saturday here on the hill. Been interesting so far. In a goofy and weird kind of way, lol.

 This bioregion of mine can't take too much more water. The rivers are flooding and levees are breaking and all the lowlanders are in trouble.  We are okay--higher ground and all. But the garden beds are squishy wet and no planting is going to be happening any time soon. Well, I take that back. Something could happen. It looks like the forecast for the next 5 days has temps up in the high 70's and 80's with no rain, thus far. It seems like everytime I look at the forecast, 15 minutes later they change it.  lol  So, we could be planting some stuff by the middle end of the week, if it does indeed stay warm and dry.

  All this rain has made the grass go crazy. It's a jungle out there. The Irishman has been spring tuning the mower, and if he doesn't hurry, we're gonna be in trouble. The grass over the past few days has grown to over 5 inches high. That's only the front yard. The back grows much slower, and has much less grass, because of all the garden beds and chicken stuff.  Some years, I have mowed the back about every 3 times I mow the front. Depending on conditions, of course. Last years drought kept things slow, which was nice. 

I was going to leave the house and go to a meeting this morning, but regardless of my best intentions, it wasn't in the cards. I started top leave and opened the door and there was a sudden deluge of water from the sky. I backed back in the door and thought--no way.  Took my jacket off and then thought--STOP IT--it's just a little rain.  Put jacket back on, got in the car and took off. About the time I got out to the highway, I realized I had forgotten my phone.  Plugged in to the charger, sitting on my desk. Considered going back for it, looked at the clock (the meeting is a 35 minute drive from my house) and was running out of time. Then thought--bad driving conditions, car with 135K miles on it, arthritis wreaking havoc with my knee this morning ,  husband 3 counties away--No. I better go get it.  

  By the time I got back here, I decided it was a sign that I was supposed to just stay home. Away from all the sickies and hand holding and hugging, with me just getting over this bug.  I had plenty of things that needed doing here...isn't there always?  And by the time I got down there, there would be about 15 minutes of meeting left. I am.


  I have swept the floors, including both bathrooms. Cleaned the toilets, mopped the big bathroom floor, and have laundry going. There's not much, maybe 2 and a half loads.   I put a pork loin roast into the crockpot and set that bad boy to cooking. I'll use it for pulled pork sandwiches, for tomorrow probably. The Irishman called from the feed store, couldn't remember what to get. lol  He said since we can't do any outside work, we should go to a matinee today.  Sounds good to me. Have to call and see what's playing, and maybe we'll go to our favorite little Japanese place and have an early supper. Our favorite waitress has to have had her baby by now, maybe we'll even get to see pictures !  I suspect she'll have the baby there and be working. She's a tiny little Asian woman with a crazy work ethic.

  I do have a couple of Netflix is Moonrise Kingdom, starring Bill Murray, which I can't wait to see. The other is a comedy called Our Idiot Brother, that looked funny to me. The Irishman doesn't seem particularly interested in seeing either one.   I might plug one in and watch some...or wait until tomorrow.  lol

Sounds like the dryer has stopped.  That's my cue----



Beth said...

No rain here today but some is forecast. I am ready for some dry days and sunshine.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Sounds like you made a wise decision friend. Sorry about all that flooding. Feel so bad for people involved. I don't know how you ever recover from a flood except to pitch everything. Perfect up here - sun, temp around 60, blue sky. It's finally spring.

DJan said...

I've been watching the weather and all that rain up there. Glad to hear you are getting some dry weather. I hope you let me know what you think of Moonrise Kingdom. You will either love it or hate it, nobody is in between. :-)

Carol said...

My idiot brother was fun, I am a bill fan but haven't seen moonrise yet.