Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Snowday

 This picture was from around 9 was beautiful, the road was still clear and most of the driveway too.  By 11 we had over an inch and a half.  By 1 we had about 5.  And now we're hovering between 6 and 7.  The Irishman is out there clearing the bottom of the driveway in case the boyo tries to come home. He's in town at a friends house, said the interstate was a nightmare.  I told him I had bbq ribs in the he may or may not try to come home.  

  We had a short (about half an hour) power outage, but the crews got it right back on. My oven won't work with no electricity, even though it's gas. The top burners will, so I was debating whether to take some of the ribs out and put them in the cast iron skillet and finish enough off for supper.  Just when I'd about decided, the power was back. Yay !

  It's really beautiful out there. They are predicting anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow for us.  Happy Spring.  lol  We really often get some snow in early spring, it's not that weird. I am supposed to go in to PT tomorrow and get my final; knee injection, but I seriously doubt that it's gonna happen.  I will not go out if the roads are bad. Can't risk having to walk any long distances (or wrecking my car !!)

 These are early pictures still.

I should go out and take some updated photos.  lol  


  It's just all so pretty....

  Alright...I'm gonna get off here and finish up some supper.  We had a late breakfast and we'll have an early beans, red potatoes cooked in their jackets, and bbq ribs. Yesterday I made a strawberry of those ones that you melt butter in the bottom, mix up flour, buttermilk, soda, salt and baking powder and sugar and pour it on top, then put whole (or big chunks, anyway) strawberries and dice up 4 oz. of cream cheese and sprinkle on top of the berries.  We had some last night, of course and boy--is it good.  mmmm...the crust cooks up from the bottom, but there are still berries poking through, so it looks real pretty.

  Let it snow.  We don't care !!



DJan said...

I do hope you stay home and don't try to get out in all that snow, Annie. With all that good food, being warm and cozy, why risk it? You are surrounded by all your best friends anyway (thinking of all the four footed ones). :-)

Akannie said...

Oh, I'm not going to, DJan, trust me. lol I just went out back to check the chickens...we officially have 10.5 inches of snow ! It was an ordeal just slogging thru it to get to the backyard.

I'm just worried about my injection, but not that worried. And it's not til tomorrow afternoon, and ANYTHING could happen between then and now.

Beth said...

And to think I had just put my snow boots away!

Stay safe Annie!

Akannie said...

Beth--did you get much? We got over 15 inches here. Sheesh !

Rita said...

Oh, Annie! It is gorgeous! I love a fresh snowfall and how the branches of the trees and bushes get coated with snow. I don't imagine it is all still around by now (Easter). So glad to be able to visit again. Have missed you!! :):)