Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harummmpity Rump Hump Day

This looks like me.  Sort of.  Not quite so wise, or thin. Or beautiful. But almost as grey.  LOL  (Really I just loved the picture).


  Well, they've gone and done it, elected a new Pope. I always wonder what kind of power he really has ? Can he make sweeping changes in a religion so mired in ideology and ritual that it might actually work again in this century ?  Can he save the face of the Vatican, steeped in scandal as it has become? Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has renamed himself Pope Francis.  Unfortunately, one of  the first things he said was that allowing same sex couples to adopt was child abuse.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?????  That took brass balls to even allow those words to come out of the mouth of a Catholic, after all the pedophilia and sexual abuse of children that priests have been guilty of all these years.  I was shocked.  But not really.  Just disappointed. Anne Rice said something today about  St Francis of Assissi, that God said to him "Francis--rebuild my church".   For a minute I thought that might actually happen. But not really.

  I am not catholic, but my husbands family is and he was raised Catholic. He doesn't attend Mass anymore, save when his parents come to visit. Or probably when he goes there.  But he's been ex-communicated, because he married me after being divorced from his first wife. BOOM!--you're out !   LOL

  Personally I find it all rather like a Masonic Lodge kind of a deal...funny hats and secret handshakes.  I don't mean to poke fun at anyone's religion, but you have to admit...well...maybe you don't.


  It was a sunny and clear hump day today.  But still chilly, I don't think the mercury hit the 45 degree mark. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow, with a slight chance of some showers. But then 65 on Friday, to make up for it all. I am so ready for spring, it's not even funny.  AND--my potatoes are supposed to be here on Friday.  That's a SURE sign of spring !

  I'm sitting here with the ice packs on my knee. It's been feeling so much better I'm afraid to say so, in fear of jinxing it. lol   Had PT today and it went pretty smoothly.  I go back tomorrow and then home free until Monday. woohoo!

  Getting ready to order a set of cd's from The Great Courses on Mindfulness.  I can get the whole set of 24 lecture titles for 19.95 plus S&H...Because we bought the  Optimizing the Brain set, I got a new catalog with a 20 dollar off coupon.  I'm going for it.

  Today I hit the health food store and bought some Bromelain, some Borage Oil and some Valerian Root capsules.  I already have Omega 3's and Evening Primrose Oil caps, and these were recommended for treating inflammation. Also B complex and Vitamin C, both of which I already take.  I'm hoping it will help with the bursitis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel.  Wish me luck.  I downloaded a set of guidelines about diet for reducing inflammation...and thankfully, most of it is foods I eat often, although I may have to punch them up a bit. There are a few things I may have to forego that I have been eating, but nothing I can't live without.

  Monday the doc told me that the tendons on either side of my knee are calcifying, and that when he hits them with the needle they are hard as bone. This is apparently a result of inflammation and injury and age. I don't think it can be reversed, but maybe I can prevent it from continuing.

  BTW--the Valerian Root is just to help me sleep better, lol.  Nothing to do with anything else, that I know of. I haven't slept well in 12 years. And that can be a problem on so many levels.


  ANYWAY...Life meanders on here at Honeysuckle Hill. Nothing too exciting, nothing too depressing...just living in the middle, which is what I strive for, and rarely attain. lol  It almost feels boring, but then I remind myself that it's really not.   It's just peaceful. 

  Just the way I like it.



Dirt Lover said...

Ahhh, peaceful. Such a wonderful place to be. Love the picture. It's how I envision what you look like, in a sort of dramatic way. If that makes any sense. Earthy and beautiful.

Cloudia said...

"ANYWAY...Life meanders on here at Honeysuckle Hill"

Life is a Meanderthal?

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

DJan said...

I'm glad to hear you are trying all that stuff for inflammation. I do hope something helps. Now if you get a whole lot better, you won't know what did it and will have to continue everything, when maybe only one thing worked! :-)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I love your post - and I too was flabbergasted that the pope could possibly make such a statement - in view of what is sanctioned - yes, I said sanctioned, and allowed by the church.

Good luck on your attempts with your herbs and diet changes - those can help so much.

I must tell you, our house is Honeysuckle Hill also - I should take a picture of the little sign I have. We are at the top of the hill in our neighborhood - and, you guessed it, have honeysuckle growing, both wild and domesticated.

Petit fleur said...

Hey you,

I have been taking Aloe juice for inflammation and it seems to help. Also, you probably know about this, but when I was getting severe joint pain I would take Glucosamine Chondroitin. That stuff rocks.

Hope you are feeling better soon.