Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's a sunny day

But still pretty cold.  36 and heading for close to 40.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 50 and then 60 on Saturday.  Could be it's warming up to spring.

  This was mid March of last year.  I am so ready for some warm weather.

  I am also ready for some gardening, and some planting of blueberries. That will happen tomorrow I think. I go again...I'm ready for not hurting so much. And not feeling like a whiner and crybaby.  This morning has been rough, last night was rough. I have been yelling at the animals.  They won't shut up (bird--squawking his idiot brains out), they won't stop running in and out (dogs) and blah, blah, blah.

  I am grouchy.

  I didn't sleep well, although I was so exhausted I was in bed by 10:30.  I got up at 7 because a cat was outside my bedroom door yowling.  That started it. lol

  I haven't eaten anything this morning either, it occurs to me.  And it's now 11 AM.  I've had 1 cup of coffee. Almost.

 When I went out to let the chickens out, they hadn't been shut in last night. Luckily (?) they are all there and all okay. I actually got an egg today, right place at the right time.  I have never in my years of chicken raising had such a problem with them eating eggs like I have this past winter.  I went back out a little but ago and cleaned the coop and put down new fresh straw and ground cobs, no sign of any more eggs, but I'll go out again before I leave for PT.  There was almost no straw in there...the Irishman cleaned it last, and apparently didn't have the energy to walk around to the garage to get wire cutters to cut a new bale of straw, so just didn't put any more in than he could rake up. ARRRGGGGGHHHH. One more thing to add to my list.  That straw helps keep them warm too, so it makes it even worse.

  So, I've been stomping around swearing and acting like a complete ass.  In my sweatshirt and long johns. (I thought it was warmer out looked so SUNNY).

  Any minute now, I expect the sirens will sound and they'll come and get me and lock me up.

  In the meantime, I've made a list of some things to do before I leave for PT, but am having a hard time getting any of it done,.  In fact, here I sit.   Hungry. 

  Will I ever learn ?  I'm still having that pulled muscle in my back, and actually put a pain patch on it last night because I could barely turn my head.   This has been going on since Monday, and I'm about done. Maybe seeing the chiro today will help.  I have a one hour massage scheduled for tomorrow after my PT...surely that will help. It's certainly something to look forward to.

 Alright. I need to eat. And I need to vacuum, but I might not. I still have last nights supper dishes in the sink, and maybe I'll at least do that. I do need to throw the big fleece blanket in the dryer to de-hair it...all the critters have been sleeping on it and it looks like Mohair.

  I'll feel better any minute now...I just know it.

  Love and sunshine to you all.  Happy Thursday.



Mariodacatsmom said...

Thanks for telling it like it is. You are a girl after my own heart. I once had a friend tell me I was negative much of the time regarding my health. I promptly told her I was a realist and would be lying to myself if I tried to pretend everything was okay when it clearly wasn't. You are feeling miserable to say the least. Sure wish my magic wand would work again!

Beth said...

It is hard to be positive when you are in so much pain. I have been there before.

HUGS and prayers for you Annie!

Ashling said...

It's not whining; it's expressing your reality, one that kinda sucks right now.You need to be kinder & gentler with yourself. Eat, vow to finish that morning coffee before feeling a need to be productive, allow yourself to acknowledge the pain, and do what you have to in order to heal. May each day bring you closer to being better.

DJan said...

I've noticed that it's hard to concentrate on anything when I'm in pain. All my energy is going into my grumpiness. I do so hope that you will be feeling better soon, that the chiro, PT, and massage all help!

Carol said...

It will get better.