Monday, March 11, 2013

"Normal" --just a setting on the dryer...



  It's been a pretty normal day around Honeysuckle Hill. Normal for us, anyway. Chilly, windy and grey.  The chickens didn't want to come out of the coop this morning,  one of the dogs stood in a corner growling at her own shadow for over 10 minutes,   the oldest of the cats insisted on going out in the mudroom (he usually stays in--hates the cold) and then as soon as I would close the door, insisted on coming back in immediately. And by "insisted" I mean the butthead would sit there and yowl until I opened the door again.

  Thank Goodness, I had to leave to go to PT and was gone for almost 4 hours. God only knows what they did while I was gone (conspire, probably) lol.

  Tonight the dogs have all 3 been acting crazy...something must have been traipsing through the side yard, and they wanted out  to get it, but then in because it was 32 degrees. lol  Out and In and out and In and finally I told their slave to stop putting them out!!!!  The Irishman glared at me and I ignored him. But they were up on the back of the love seat that sits in front of the picture window, acting stupid and making everyone nuts.  I threatened their lives. The next time he let them out, Bella's collar fastener broke, and she bolted out the door and was gone for 2 hours. I wouldn't worry, except there has been a lot of coyote  activity and lots of pups yapping...she's not smart enough to leave them alone, and I was worried she'd get into an altercation.  But--she didn't. I went out again and whistled for her and she came bounding from around the house, muddy and happy. She's sleeping here at my feet. 


  Good news on the PT front: I am making such progress that starting next week I will only have to come in twice a week instead of 3 times. YIPPEE !!!!  He also prescribed 4 more 15 minute massages. WooHoo!!  I can tell I am stronger and that the PT is working and I am very glad.

 The 3rd injection in my knee was today as well. It went smoothly with a minimum of pain.  He did say that he thinks the tendon there is calcified. Apparently a by-product of the inflammation. He said he kept hitting it with the needle and it was hard as bone.  I've been studying up this evening trying to find out what to do for inflammation. Inflammation is bad in my right wrist change is in order and I will take necessary steps to try to manage this stuff without any more surgery.  Wish me luck. 


  Got a sweet pictuire of my great nephew Reef today. Picture of the little booger laying on the blankie I made for him. I'm thinking about taking all the pictures of all the blankets and making a collage out of them. Here is his little Hiney-ness...

 When I made this blanket, we didn't know whether he was a girl or boy yet, so I played it safe and went with a jungle babies print.

 Isn't he gorgeous ??  Just like his mama.

  Okay, it's after midnight and I need some sleep. Sitting for my neighbor tomorrow and have to be up at a reasonable hour to get everything done so I can go.

  Sweet dreams all...




Mary LA said...

Love that jungle blankie!

And I hope the wrist does ease up with warmer weather and diet changes. Do take care my friend.

DJan said...

So glad to hear you are beginning to feel better, and that the knee is beginning to ease up some. I've never minded getting a massage for any reason. :-)

Beth said...

Your nephew is adorable and so is the blanket.

I am glad you are feeling a bit better.

Mama Pea said...

I add my comments to the above that you're feeling better. Isn't it remarkable that the whole world seems better when we feel better physically?

Our granddog has been acting weird lately, too. Maybe the animals "feel" the change of the seasons more than we (dumb? ;o]) humans do!

The time change doesn't usually affect me, but I've been tired and logy since this weekend. Can't seem to get dinner on table on time either. Makes me think I was going by the light outside more than the clock inside!

Mama Pea said...

P.S. Okay, my brain seems to be functioning on only one cylinder this morning.

I meant to say in my first sentence above that " . . . I, too, am glad you're feeling better." When will I learn to take the time to proof read?

Ashling said...

Wishing you luck, luck & more luck!

Adorable blanket! (and the Reef is pretty darn cute as well!)