Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ich habe schnee nicht gern.

 But, regardless of how I feel about it, it's coming down again.  We have about a half inch of accumulation in the past hour and a half. Whatever THAT translates to. (It was 50 yesterday).

 The title up there ?? THAT translates to the first German sentence I learned in the 9th grade elementary German class with Mr. Shonkwiler. He would try to make us say "Ich habe schnee gern!!"  But I would always shout out--Nicht Gern !!  Ich habe schnee nicht gern !!

  I took 3 years of German in high school. I could read and write it when all was said and done. Until about 2 years after the last class. Then POOF !!  it was gone.  Well, most of it. I have some fractured German memories, just like I have some fractured Spanish too.  All swirling around in that cavernous  and mysterious black hole called my MIND.  That place where I can't find car keys or peoples names or algebra.  That wondrous place that I keep memories, however, of my grandmothers flower print housedress and the way it swirled around her ankles when we were out in the garden, or picking gooseberries or pawpaws. 50-55 years ago. Sure, that I remember. But, WHERE THE HECK ARE MY CAR KEYS ??


  I'm going through a bit of a snit today, for some reason.  I've just fed myself a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast and gravy (because it was there, that's why.) I ate about half of it and Cayleedog helped me with the rest.  I thought maybe this pissiness was a blood sugar problem. I might have been wrong.  lol

  I got my 2nd Hyalgan injection yesterday. While it went MUCH better, it still hurt.  I also got the results of the upper EMG and the news was not good. Not surprising, particularly, but nevertheless, not good. Seems I have severe carpal tunnel in my right hand, as well as ulnar tunnel syndrome. The left hand has carpal tunnel as well, but not quite as bad.  My hands go numb mostly at night and now and then in the daytime when I'm here (computing) or doing something repetitive. I am not actually dropping things yet.  I've been dealing with this issue a while...always expected I would, because I worked in restraunts for years, and that is where it is seen alot. They actually used to call it Waitress Disease, a doc once told me. Secretaries of course get it and now everyone else on the planet. lol  Anyway, I went to bed last night with my knee really aching because I came home from the PT and started supper and was on my feet for an hour and a half nonstop. In retrospect, that may have been foolhardy.  By the time I went to bed the knee was really hurting. I took some naproxen and went to bed.

  Had to get an ice pack somewhere in the wee hours of the morning.  It's not swelling or anything, just hurts to stand on (or move).  I switched off with ice and heat for a while and it eased up a little but is still painful. I also managed to somehow strain a muscle in my back, probably in my gyrations to find a comfortable place to sleep.  I put the tens unit on the knee this morning after I got up, let the chickens out and fed them, and had some coffee.  It helped some. I'll put it on again in an hour or so.  I tried to reach that nefarious spot on my back with the Ben Gay, but of course, it's JUUUUUUSSSST  out of reach. I'm thinking a little lie down on the heating pad might fix it right up.

  So...the snit is likely more about being INFIRM today. And now it's snowing like crazy and that means if I have to go out to deal with chickens again (and I will) I have to be sooooo careful not to slip and fall.  Days like this make me angry to be old. 

  And of course, that's ridiculous.  I'm grateful to be old. I'm just not happy about all the aches and pains that go with it. And the betrayal I feel towards my body.


  After 2 days of sunshine and rainbows coming out of me, I regret posting this schlop. No...I regret FEELING this schlop. lol   I am a grumpy old woman today. Instead of my usual self.  *snork*  here's a self portrait I did recently:

(Acrylic on card stock).  lol

   OKay. I'm gonna haul this old bag of  [defective] bones off to lay on the heating pad a little while. maybe I'll watch a movie.

  Let it snow.  Why should I care ??



the wild magnolia said...

to not feel well is a pretty mean phooey for sure.

i am sending good energy your way, of the healing kind, and a prayer.

do hope you are soon better.

Beth said...

The snow is coming down like crazy here too and I am darn sick of it!

Annie, it is my prayer for you that you might feel better.


Cloudia said...

Thanks for commiserating, Sistah.

DJan said...

Dang, those knees sound really painful. Can I insist that you sit down, or better yet lay down, and not get up for awhile? Please? Let somebody else do it for a change, you need REST!

Lo said...

So sorry you are hurting.
Here is a tip which may help getting BenGay onto your back. If you have a back scratcher or even a long handled kitchen stirring spoon, put a dab of the ointment on the BACK of the back scratcher or spoon. You should be able to reach the spot and rub it in that way. You get better at it with practice.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

Carol said...

Ouch, I am in no position to judge, ever, really. Right! I also was looking at seed choices. The time change is coming!

Mariodacatsmom said...

move over, I'll bring my heating pad and ice pack and join you. You are entitled to a snit every now and then. Most of us can relate to it.

Willow said...

Yes pain and incapacitation can bring on the glumdrums ...this too shall pass, along with the weather. I smiled at your sunny self portrait :) but we all have the right to have our down days. Hope your spirits are back up soon.