Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday in the rain

 It's a beautiful day in it's own way...rainy and slow...overcast skies and  temps hanging right around 40 for now, but destined (so sayeth the weatherfolk) for 60 today.  The rain is supposed to subside any minute now and then turn warm and not rain again until the wee hours. We'll see.

  In the meantime, I have laundry going. The first load just stopped and I need to get it in the dryer. I was looking at weather forecasts for the coming month, and it looks like winter may actually be over. Temps in the 50's and 60's for the rest of March. I commented to the Irishman that after this weeks laundry, I might actually be able to hang things out on the line to dry. I can't wait!  He smiled sardonically and said --I guess it really is the little things, eh ?

 It really is.

  I had a good day yesterday.  PT was better. I was better. AND--I had a one hour massage, that made my brains better, not only my body.  Then my husband took me to dinner at Mr. Curry's, our favorite little hole-in-the-wall  Indian place.  It's really a brick house, but inside is just dingy enough to feel authentic and just clean enough to pass health inspections. lol  And the food is outta this world. First, they bring you a cup of dal, which is a lentil soup, mildly spicy. It comes with an order of pappadam, a lentil flour crisp, seasoned with caraway seeds and baked.  We had a Coconut Chicken Curry and a Paneer Tikka Masala. Wonderful rice, as usual. We also had a vegetable samosa, which is a little pie turnover filled with sweet potato and garbanzo and cilantro and lord knows what else.  We ALSO had an order of garlic naan, just for good measure. All this and the bill was under 23 dollars. My kind of place. It was delightful. Our waitress is about 14 months pregnant and she was a delight. By the time we finished and boxed up our leftovers (not much, sadly) I was nearly in a food coma. LOL 

 It was a nice day yesterday, a little on the cool side, but sunny. The Irishman finally was able to get his Valentine's Day Blueberries in the ground. He was checking planting books and going back and forth and finally came in the house and said, "I can't think of anyplace to put them that is as ideal as the front yard."  I said, so? Put them in the front yard. Who cares??  Grow food, not lawns.  lol  I have an unfulfilled dream of planting a front yard full of cabbages. Just because.  We already have 5 fruit trees, blackberries and a small garden plot in the front and side yards.  Don't get me wrong--I have lots of flowers, almost all perennials--and hollyhocks and honeysuckle and roses. But I have a lot of unnecessary yard too.  Plant it all, I say !!

  The recycling got hauled off to town.  The poop patrol was done. The chicken coop was cleaned Thursday and everything refilled and spruced up.  I got a little vacuuming done and a couple of other things before I left for PT.  All in all, gently productive. Of course, the Irishman did a lot of that stuff yesterday, bless his heart. As he should.  lol

  He's heading off this afternoon to a town about 2 hours south of here for an assembly tomorrow. He'll stay the night in a motel and go to a speaker meeting tonight. He asked me to go, but I'm afraid to sleep on a hotel bed as hinkey as my back has been. I'll just stay home and enjoy the solitude. I can't handle  4 hours in a car in 24 hours either. Best I don't go.  I'm pretty much burrowed in...having to drive down to where PT is every other day has been taxing. I'm not used to having to be anywhere and so when I don't have to go, I don't.  I like my little cottage on Honeysuckle Hill.  I'm perfectly content to be here.

  Remember that peach salsa I made last summer? I'm thinking about making some pork chops for a late lunch before he goes and using that as a chutney-type topping on them.  What do you think ?  I'll let you know. I took some of that salsa to my nephew's house last weekend and everyone raved about it. I hadn't tasted any of that I had canned--only the fresh stuff.

  I'm still tweaking the home made dish soap. I don't like it. No suds and I can't seem to get over that, lol.  I have just mixed in some liquid castille soap. We see how that goes.  Hoping the extra peppermint will also change that turpentine-y smell of the tea tree oil and other soap. I'll keep you posted.  The thing is, it cleans good enough, but it takes a lot and I just need suds.  I know you understand. lol

  It's stopped raining, I think, and the sky is starting to lighten up. I was really hoping to open my windows a while today...just to let the fresh air blow through.  It might still happen !!

  Okay. The  dryer stopped, so I have things to fold. Have a grand weekend !!!


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