Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday is my favorite day of the week now...

  And this one was particularly good.  We started off the day with a late breakfast of a delicious veggie scramble, with carrots,onions,broccoli and cauliflower and kale and tomato in it. After we finished I cleaned up the dishes while the Mister went out to the garden to start harvesting turnips. He pulled up roughly a dozen plants, cut the tops off and brought me in a laundry basket full of greens. Then we cut them up, washed them, blanched them and froze them. I got 2 quarts of turnip greens off those plants. We have about another 35 or 40 plants. I'm going to try making kim chi with some of them, and we'll feed the chickens some of them and we'll compost some probably. I'll probably freeze at least another 3 or 4 quarts. Then we'll start on the kale.  :)

 After we finished and cleaned up, our plan was to head for the hills of apple country, about 45 miles from here. Calhoun County is our local apple and peach district... a floodplain area of beautiful Mississippi  River alluvium where the best fruit grows around here. It's really beautiful there and we figured we'd catch some fall colors and eat at one of the fish restaurants on the Illinois River for a late lunch. 

   We did actually see a lot of brilliant yellows and blazing reds too, but I never seemed to have the camera out at the right time.  lol
 The weather was a balmy 60 degrees (maybe) and clear and sunny. Really nice after yesterdays drizzly cold day.  After we had lunch we took the slow road back down the river, stopped at a roadside stand and got some pumpkins and apples and then took the ferry back across the river. There was a bit of a delay as the river was full of barges today.

Here's the view out the windshield of our car, we're right behind bicycle lady.

  And here's one of the big barges that went by.  

The Mighty Mississippi was as smooth as glass today.

We drove on down the River Road and stopped for a minute to take a picture of the Piasa Bird, which was recently touched up and is looking good and ferocious. You can learn more about this native American dragon here :

So, all in all it was a good day. We stopped at the big grocery store in Alton before heading home to pick up ingredients for the 4 soups we'll be making at my workshop tomorrow.  When we got home we hauled everything in and dropped onto the couch and watched some telly like the old folks we are.  lol

  Yesterday my son came over and installed the new sink in my bathroom. It was the typical male plumbing job, complete with much swearing and gnashing of teeth.  I told him I usually leave the house anytime the mister is doing any kind of plumbing work. It was a dismal day, grey and cold and rainy. When he finished up (almost) I suggested he take a ride with me to Rural King, where he could carry some 40 pound bags of dog and cat food to the car for me and I'd buy him lunch. So we did, and then hit the Chinese Buffet.  On the way home,. I asked if he wanted to stop in and see his grandma at the nursing home since we'd be driving right by it and he said yes, so we stopped and visited. She looked much better than last time I saw her and had company...2 old ladies that I knew from my former life being married to her son.  I know he has a hard time seeing her like this, she had a stroke and she just wants to go back home to the farm.  And they can't take care of her properly I guess, or they think they can' in the nursing home she stays.

Well, it's only Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and I'm already behind in my word count. LOL


 I should go write some and then go to bed.  It's already creeping up on midnight....sheesh.

  Have a great weekend all!!



Mary LA said...

How you find time for Nano amazes me --did you get my emails and PMs?

The elderly having little choice is so hard. I'm glad you have a new sink!

DJan said...

I also have some other blogging friends doing the NaNoWriMo and wonder how they find the time. But I'm always glad to read how things are gong in your part of the world, and pictures, too! I am truly blessed today. Happy weekend, Annie...

Beth said...

The pictures are great Annie. I have been to Alton many times as my husband was born and raised at White Hall not far from there. Your whole day sounds wonderful.

I grew up in a big family and we had lots of greens growing up. Not one of my favorite things although I know they are really healthy. You amaze me with all that you get accomplished!!

My fervent hope is that I never end up in a nursing home!

LindaM said...

Hi Annie
Great pictures. I live further north of you just off the Mississippi and love it here. Its one mighty fine river:)

I'll have to get motivated like you and start freezing my turnip greens. We are keeping the turnips in the root cellar to see how long that works but I've shamefully been discarding the greens to compost though the puppy enjoys them.
Kim chi has been on my mind too.

Rita said...

The harvest just keeps rolling in! :)

What a pleasant trip. Great photos. I read the link about Piasa Bird and wondered how on earth they could have removed that for restoration? I'm glad it is back where it belongs.

Sounds like a really nice day with the son after you got him out of the bathroom--LOL! It's really hard to see people change on us. Especially when they age and appear to us to be less than what they were and/or not as happy with their lives. :(

How on earth do you find time for nawrinomo!!?? You just amaze me! And now you're having your soup class, too. You are like the energizer bunny, lady! :):)

Carol said...

Go, go Nano. God Bless!