Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...October's end...

  Kitties love Halloween


    Well the night shifts are over and I'm still alive. Barely.  lol   So glad I don't have to do that too often. 15 hour shifts with an Altzheimers patient are about 13 hours too many.  Got a little more sleep last night than I did on Saturday night, so that's good. I was a walking zombie yesterday.  You know--when I was young I never had a problem working doubles and OT and whatever got thrown at me. lol

  I've been piddling around on the internet this morning and around the house as well.  I need to call the furnace guy to check on my heat--it's not working.  The house is plenty warm and we aren't freezing, thanks to  our old slant Finn electric heater that we bought about 15 years ago and still runs like a champ. So it's easy for me to procrastinate. The way things have been going, we'll have to replace our furnace this year. sigh....maybe not though..Todd has magic hands when it comes to these old appliances. He lives up the road from us and is really good at what he does.

  I keep saying I'm going to buy an Edenpure heater...haven't done it yet though. Our house is a little drafty and the windows leak air. We usually put plastic up every winter and that helps a lot. I put insulated drapes up too and little things like that go a long way. I have high hopes that I will get some window quilts made this year for the bedroom windows.  Every year we price new windows, and after we've regained consciousness, say "Maybe next year".  lol   

  I'm cooking a couple of big pieces of pork butt that I got on sale last week for .99/lb.  I'll throw some bbq sauce on it and smash some potatoes and call it supper. I have some beans in the fridge that didn't get canned yet--I'll cook those too.  It will make a nice supper for the Irishman, and some for me to take with to MissB's at 3 for my supper too. If I'm not real careful I end up eating a lot of junkie fast food type stuff when I'm at her place. I need to make a more conscious effort to not do that.  I really do prefer my own cooking. lol

  I need to get off here and make some granola bars and finish up a few things. Thought maybe I'd get a nap in this morning, but it didn't happen.  Got about 6 or 7 hours of sleep last night, so it's not too bad. The night before was awful and I came out of it with about 3 hours. Not enough...even for this old insomniac.

  Have a grand day all...and remember to be kind.



Rita said...

I'm glad you got more sleep last night. I know I can't go-go-go on little or no sleep like I did for lo those many years. ;)

I hope Todd can fix your furnace. You could use some magic hands!

I think I'd prefer your cooking to fast food or junk food any day, too!! Everything always sounds so yummy. ;)

Happy Halloween!! To MissB, too! ;)

the wild magnolia said...

Happy Halloween.

Beth said...

Oh, I remember nights when I worked for the telephone company. It was awful. I am glad yours are over for now.

Best get your furnace fixed, winter is on its way. Now why did I say that?

fullfreezer said...

That has got to be the most adorable kitten ever!!
Good luck with your furnace- not a good time to have trouble.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Still coming back and saying (every time I read your posts) YUM! what a warm home you create!

DJan said...

Your home feels so familiar to me, I've never seen it but you describe it so well. Filled with love and warmth along with good food... who needs anything more than that? :-)

I simply would be unable to function on three hours of sleep. I'd be dangerous even walking around!

Judi said...

I'm scrolling through Halloween costume photos for tonight to help pick winners for this year. If you had enter the kitty photo, I would have voted for it hands down! So cute!

Rubye Jack said...

Those night shifts must be so rough. Ugh. I don't think I could stay awake that long personally.

Cute kitty cat!

Petit fleur said...

That is one cute kitty!

Happy Halloween!

Akannie said...

Happy October's End, all!!!!!!!