Monday, October 17, 2011

A new week...ready--set--GOOooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  Feeling a little old today, lol.  But grateful to be on this side of the dirt and still having fun.


  I've been out in the garden, pulling up the parsley plants by the roots to hang in the back pantry to dry. Also pulled 2 large brown grocery bags  of basil (2 whole plants of one type) and a lot of small branches and tons of leaves from the rest.  We have some cold weather heading our way this week and I'm trying to NOT leave everything until the last minute.  Still need to get the heat lamp connected in the henhouse, the covers for the beans and peas at the ready, and the last of the green tomatoes picked. The turnips are looking really good, as is the kale. I picked another mess of young green beans today. This cold snap is only supposed to last a couple of days, and then back up to 50 degrees at night. At least that's what they're saying...

  I've been busy in the kitchen all morning, making spaghetti sauce and Italian bread for supper.  The bread is in the pan and will go in the oven in about an hour or so. Cutting it way too close for my liking. I haven't cooked the pasta yet, but will do that in a bit.  I may go to MissB's an hour late today.  There's salad left from last night's meatloaf supper, so that will round it out and make a nice meal.  The house smells like basil and oregano and yeast...mmmmm.....(Of course, my hands smell like

   Had a nice chat with someone today who's going through some personal stuff...--aren't we all? lol  Another friend is marking the anniversary of her son's suicide, and every year, my heart goes out to her.  I cannot imagine that anguish and hope I never have to know that kind of emotional and psychic pain.  I started my morning holding her in my heart and envisioning her surrounded by love and healing light.

   I was thinking today that I have so much to be truly grateful about in my life...when I'm having a rough day, I try to make a list of 10 things in my life I am grateful. That helps to pivot the feelings of powerlessness and loss.  It changes my perspective to focus on what I do have, rather than what I don't have. Today on my Facebook page, someone posted a thing that said:  Don't dwell on those who held you down. Cherish those who lift you up.

  I like it. No reason to waste my time in the negative hallways of this life. What is--IS.  Making the best of what I have, making the most of what timeI have left.  DAMN!  If only I'd known this when I was

  Our St. Louis Cardinals are in the World Series.  They won Game 5 last night against the Milwaukee Brewers and that was that. It was hard watching those guys from the losing team...the disappointment on their faces almost made me cry.  But then, I changed my mind about it.  The team, and their manager and coaches all just walked off the field to their dressing rooms. Nobody came over and congratulated the winning team and I got a little fired up.  What has happened to sportsmanship? The Irishman says he's not sure professional teams do that anymore.  I say bullsh*t.  It's inexcusable.  

  And that's about the extent of the news from here.  Except that I had my panties in a wad yesterday because the man who lives behind me, across the pond, was shooting shotguns for over 3 hours, terrifying me and all my animals.  I was livid.  Patrick says he thinks that he shoots clays over the pond. That was supposed to make me feel better??? That puts it even MORE in the direction of my house. I despise guns. 

  I've heated up the last of the lentil soup from last week and am having that for lunch.  Hope you have something good too.



DJan said...

Right on! I love that sign, I got to see all the best bands, too. I went to a Grateful Dead concert in San Francisco before they were well known; same for Neil Young. I am also grateful to be on this side of the dirt. Another blogging friend had her daughter commit suicide a year or so ago and is just now beginning to smile again... nothing can be as hard as that. Sending light to your friend, too. Namaste, Annie.

Kristin H. said...

Honey, I know its not funny, but your blog labels of 'basil, guns, and soup' just had me rolling.

I check in with you and Louisey just to stir up an apppetite. It always works ;)

Rita said...

We've been in the 30s at night and expect the 20s the next couple nights. Too cold too soon. I hope the hens will be okay.

I could almost smell the basil and the spaghetti sauce and the bread in the oven--ummmm!

Sports have also been taken over by corporations, so it doesn't surprise me. Just saddens me.

Sorry about your friend's son. I'm glad she can talk to you. You're a good friend.

I was thinking...the worst people and the worst situations often teach me the best lessons. May take a long while to see it, but I have always found that they have the most important spiritual lessons for me. Counting our blessings is always an important way to think in general, and especially when we're having a bad day--LOL! :):)

Loved the sign! I saw The Doors, Jimi Hendricks, and Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf was absolutely horrible in person--LOL! But the other two put on spectacular shows--even if I think Jim Morrison was stoned or drunk--LOL! Crazy, fun times.

Have a really good week. :):)

Rubye Jack said...

Whenever I read your posts Annie I always think this is the place I would hang out if I lived in your neighborhood. You have so much to offer!

LindaM said...

Annie, sorry about your friends son.
Can you not talk to your neighbor about how frightening the actual direction he is shooting is for you? I mean, in your direction from what I gather. Thats not just un-neighborly, its thoughtless and dangerous. Most gun owners will find that being more responsible is the right thing to do, unless he is just crazy.

Beth said...

I watched the game Sunday night. It was awesome. I am sure my daddy was looking down from heaven cheering them on.

I felt sorry for the Brewers too. I have family and friends in WI who were cheering them on.

Mary LA said...

I live in a gun-mad society too -- stay safe my friend. And I hope you get the autumn harvest in before the next cold front