Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's here....autumn has arrived

 Leaves of red and gold are showing up all over the ground, the morning temps are in the low 40's and nobody wants to go out in the chill to potty in the dog world here. You practically have to pick them up and throw them out the door. (Once you get them out from under the blankets and throws and pillows they're snuggled under).

  We slept late this morning and the Irishman went rushing out the door with a scone and an apple to try to make it to his morning meeting. I, on the other hand, have had a leisurely cup of cheerios and am on my first cup of coffee. When I finish here,  I am going to start some artisan bread dough. We are out of bread. I made one loaf on Friday and we ate the whole thing with our dinner of spaghetti carbonara. Actually, we ate  a slice earlier when it came out of the oven with butter. Then we finished it off.  In all fairness (to us)  they are small round loaves. And RIDICULOUSLY  delicious.  This time, I am going to make the Hertzberg 5 minutes a day kind, which  will give me dough in the fridge so I can bake some up on the (relatively) spur of the moment. I think it makes about 5 loaves all in all, but I'm not sure. I'll report back.  lol

  Yesterday was the canning workshop. It went from 1-5 and was a lot of fun. There were 9 registrants and we canned a quart or two of green beans each.  I spent a lot of the time talking about food preservation and why it's so important, what's happening in the world today regarding food supplies and problems, and just what I do, old country girl that I am. We talked alot about food safety. We started with the canning beans because of the time constraints and went on to freezing and dehydrating and even found time to take a 15 minute walk around the community gardens. They were a great bunch and really helped make it go well. AND--all nine said they were registering (and bringing a friend) for the Harvest Soup workshop next month.  I'll be doing that one on Nov. 5th. So it felt like a real success (to me, anyway) and no canners blew up and no one died .  LOL   I took samples of my canned goods with me, pictures that I downloaded off my kitchen blog, a recipe for salsa, both my dehydrators and a stack of my most used (and new favorite) books  on food preserving.  I took both my pressure and water bath canners, and talked a lot about the value of both. I talked about building a pantry in your home, and the importance of rotation and stock-taking inventories, and about the trial and errors of learning what things to grow that your family will actually eat and how to figure out about incorporating all your pantry ingredients into your daily meals.

  I was really tired by the time I got home.

 My big plan this morning is to get the bread dough started, get the laundry started , and clean up the living room a little. I need to strip the bed too and change the sheets. And that is probably all I will get done today before heading off to visit MissB and spend the afternoon chatting about days gone by and how different this world we live in is from when she was a girl, back in the 1930's and '40s...

 Miss Roxie DOES NOT like this seasons changing thing at all. She's all snuggled up in her little felt bed right here at my feet...wanting to know why the house is so cold. I haven't got the heart to tell her I don't want to turn the furnace on yet this year...besides, it's only 63 in here. Much warmer than outside. And once I turn the oven on it will be toasty in no time.

 Tomorrow night my meeting is having a potluck and speaker and I am the speaker. I asked my relief if she'd come in early so I can go and she said she would. So, I will be there for supper and then to share a little of what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now.  And mostly about the miracles of not dying from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. That a wretch like me could have this life, full of doxies and neighbors and canning workshops and family...a miracle indeed.

  Okay. I'd best get a move on if I'm going to accomplish anything today. Some cat threw up on the loveseat in the night, so that means I have to strip it off and wash that cover too. Sigh...the gifts just keep on comin'

  Sauntering off into a beautiful fall Sunday...maybe I'll throw a peach crisp into the oven...doesn't THAT sound good???




the wild magnolia said...

Well, you are gettin' out there, and putting your voice out there, this is wonderful!

Wish I were close enough to join in.

You go girl.

It is even cooler here in south Florida.

Teresa Evangeline said...

My gosh, woman, what a wonderfully full life you lead. Your classes sound fun and if I lived close I'd attend. I bet your humor and viewpoint are a gift to all.

Akannie said...

WM--cooler in SFL than here?? Something is wrong with that picture, eh?

I feel blessed to get to do this stuff...sharing passions is always something wonderful, isn't it?
We'd make a great team!! We could turn the world on its ear...

Akannie said...

lol..I was always the class clown! I have always believed that humor might just be the key to everything...and m,y life IS full. And I am especially blessed...

You're not that far away, are you? ;)

DJan said...

I am so glad to hear that nobody died during your workshop, Annie. And yes, your humor adds so much to the already valuable stuff you are teaching others. Like Teresa, if I lived closer, I'd be there, too! I don't think you can say that I'm not that far away, huh? :-)

Your life is truly blessed, but it was your own efforts that have made it that way. With a little help from your friends, of course. :-)

Akannie said...

Djan--you got that (about the help from my friends). And really--in this day and age, nobody is THAT far away-- a hop, skip and a jump. Boom!

Beth said...

It is obvious how much you enjoy life. That is indeed a blessing.

I would have loved to have sat in on your meetings/classes when my children were small.

Rubye Jack said...

Like all those before me here, I would also have loved to have been there and I wish they'd do a similar workshop around here. I was in Walmart earlier and saw a dehydrator and thought of you Annie. They really are not that expensive; maybe next month I can afford one.

Have a good meeting!

Cloudia said...

yes, isn't it wonderful that you & I have such lovely lives?

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

/ )

> < } } ( ° >

Petit fleur said...

That tree is magnificent.

We are getting crisper weather, although it feels like it's just visiting temporarily.. usually we get a few cool snaps before fall actually sets in.

I cannot get over how much cool food and gardening stuff you do... and how you keep it all straight. And you probably have a job too, and you keep the house and make 3 meals a day and and and... now workshops. Congratulations for just being YOU!

Rita said...

You had me giggling a couple of times! I'm so glad the workshop went well and you've already got eager participants for the soup workshop coming up.

LOL@ the dogs and the chilly weather. :)

The bread sounds delicious! Nothing smells better than bread baking on a fall day!

But, most of all, happy for you turning your life around. I would have loved to hear your story at the meeting--just because you are such a shining example of how deliciously delightful life can be after you thought it was so horrible and hopeless. That is something I have tasted and knowing what joy your life holds now brought tears to my eyes. I am sure you touched some souls, lady!

Love the autumn tree. Give poor Roxie a warm hug from me. Have a stupendous week! :)

Mary LA said...

Your food politics are just one of the reasons why I love you.

Akannie said...

Beth- it's never too late, baby. lol YOU are worth it too!

Rubye Jack- You can get really reasonably priced ones, and they all work. I only have the Cadillac model because the Irishman ran out of Xmas gift ideas. lol (AND I wanted another one) But I found 2 at a yard sale and got them for my son at about 4 dollars each!

Cloudia--we are a couple of lucky ducks, aren't we? (And not those plain old white ducks either...something really magnificent and exotic, like a Mandarin Duck, or a Beautiful Ruddy Duck !) xoxox

Little Flower...somedays, it's GOOD to be Queen. LOL (But I don't make 3 meals a day anymore).

Rita--The opportunity to share about hope is always a blessed event, I think. And I experienced a couple of spots of tears last night...and so did some others around the room. Coming back to life from the gates of hell always has a way of making one love life and make the most of it, I think. lol xoxoxo

Mary...I always feel like I could do so much more...and maybe now I get a chance, if I play my cards right...I love you too.