Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OMG!! It might be winter!!

  But I'm not gonna get too excited yet.  The weather has taken a turn for the nasty....43 degrees and rainy.and almost 11 AM, so I think we can be pretty sure it won't get much warmer. Although the rain is supposed to stop. 

  Just for today, for right now, I am content to be in my warm homey house, surrounded by yapping dogs and trying to figure out if I can get my bread starter made. I have to go to town early today, and that always messes up my schedule.

  My son came today and took my car in for a new front tire. He's buddies with the guys at the used tire place. They got him a really nice tire and it only cost me 30 dollars.  The front end on the car was shimmying so bad I could barely hold the wheel. See, we live out on a county road and they never have the money to properly repair the roads.  Potholes and washboards are the order of the day, and this mess EATS tires. So I never buy new ones anymore, it isn't worth it. I do get gently used ones that come off wrecked cars. The Irishman was worried that it was the tie rods, but number one son says it rides smooth as glass now. Thank goodness--the car repair gods have already punished me enough for one year.  lol


  I'm going to start a batch of the artisan bread here in a minute, altering the recipe slightly. I'm adding a half cup of Bob's Red Mill 6 grain cereal to the mix. I had some of my friends bread made this way and it was awesome. She told me today that she just made some with raw quinoa added to it and that I should really try it--it was great.  Maybe next time.  When I stopped to buy the cereal last night, I also picked up a bag of flax seed and a bag of corn grits for making polenta. I love polenta...


  Not much going on around these parts. I did just get a call from my neighbor telling me that the church's pecan sale started and that pecans were up to 9.00/lb this year. I think that's still cheaper than the stores.  And they're beautiful nuts, I bought some last year.  So, I ordered 3 pounds. That might get me through the winter. I'm going to talk to my brother in Georgia too...maybe his wife can get me some nice ones (she owns a restaurant there). Pecans are my favorite--a versatile nut that can be used in a thousand different ways. I'm on the verge of needing walnuts too...


  I am lazy today. Not really doing much of anything besides the bread dough, which I only have to stir together and leave out on the counter until tonight.  Thought maybe I'd vacuum, but....maybe not. Going in to MissB's early today, and not looking forward to that. She is keeping her house at about 84 degrees all the time since it got cool. We all go in and change it and she goes back and changes it again. I keep mine at 69. I can barely breathe in her house, it's so hot. It makes me sluggish and tired and cranky. She is 82 and refuses to wear anything on her feet or a sweater. sigh...I'm going to be as stubborn as she is when I'm that old, I just know it.  lol


 Okay. I'm off to make bread and then go shower. Or...maybe a little nap.....I only got 5 hours sleep again last night and I'm suddenly pooped....

  It's all about priorities, right??



DJan said...

I like polenta, too. It's polenta good. :-)

We are in for a few days of sunshine without much warmth (high in the mid-40s) but lots of blue skies. Not quite normal to look ahead for a week and see zero percent chance of rain.

That bread sounds yummy, wonder how it would be with quinoa. If you make it, let me know...

Beth said...

Winter always comes to IL whether we want it to or not.

Sons are pretty nice things to have I think. I sure love mine.

I got Pecans for 5.99 a lb at Farm and Fleet a couple of weeks ago. Do you have a farm and fleet in your area.

I think you need a well deserved rest!!

Petit fleur said...

Right! Priorities!

ciao bella.

Carol said...

Keep that weather in the midwest where it belongs, y'here? I moved to New England for the improvement in weather, LOL.

Rubye Jack said...

Oh gosh, I really don't know what to think of these Oklahoma winters. Next week it is supposed to be so very cold that I have suppressed the projected temps. Okay, numbers with highs in the 40's. That is inhuman.
California girl here.

Mary LA said...

Our roads are like that too -- hell on the tyres and our backs!

Have a great day (despite cranky old ladies) and I hope the bread rises perfectly.

We get bags of pecans here too, along with almonds and peanuts for salting and roasting.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) mmm bread! Mmm pecans! Mmmm warm comfy house filled with food made with love during wintery days!